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Chris Brown may be able to capitalize on all of his recent legal issues. At least if BET has anything to say about it. TMZ is reporting that BET has been taking meetings with several production companies and they want to make one thing clear.

If the companies can shoot footage to cover Brown's life after his recent stint in jail, BET will absolutely put it on the air.


All of this drama started over five years ago, when Chris Brown — a popular R&B star — was leaving a pre-Grammy's party with his then-girlfriend, superstar Rihanna. Something happened inside some fancy-a** rental car to set him off, leaving Rihanna beaten to a pulp.

Since receiving supervised probation in that case, and starting out with an exemplary record, he has been on a Lindsay Lohan-like rollercoaster of charges, probation, rehab and jail time.

The scary part is that almost all of his charges have been because of his inability to control his anger. He was reportedly diagnosed as bi-polar. After his latest probation violation he was ordered into a court-ordered rehab. When he was kicked out, he was sent directly to jail. Now BET thinks that Brown's journey after jail is quite possibly the basis for their next big reality show.

The network has gone so far as to hold a focus group, where participants were asked if they would watch a show that followed Chris as he tried to steer clear of beating up women and smoking dope.  The group's response was positive, saying that they would watch to see if he screwed up again. 

I personally think it is ridiculous to give a violent criminal like Chris Brown the ability to make money by capitalizing on his mistakes. Now, if all profits went to a women's shelter, I probably still wouldn't watch. But at least I would feel better about it. I wonder if Rihanna would watch??  Considering they're still on and off again all the time, she probably would…


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