The Biggest Loser Season 16

Season 16 of The Biggest Loser will kick off in September – less one familiar face, Jillian Michaels, but plus two new faces, Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom

Last week, NBC announced Jillian will not return to The Biggest Loser. "After helping hundreds of contestants transform their lives and inspiring millions of viewers at home, The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels have decided to part ways, and she will not be returning for Season 16 when it airs in the fall."


Rumor has it that Jillian decided to distance herself from The Biggest Loser after last season's controversial end. "She wasn't happy with how last season went," claimed a source. "The shocking weight loss of Rachel [Frederickson] doesn't do the brand any favors and she wants to distance her name from it."  

Yesterday, NBC announced that two new trainers, Jennifer Widerstrom and Jessie Pavelka, will join Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince for season 16.

Jennifer, a women's health expert and former star of American Gladiators, is the current lead female trainer for InterContinental Hotel Group’s new “Even” wellness line. She appeared on 3V Fitness Shorts and Access Hollywood Live.

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Jessie is best known as a personal trainer on Lifetime's DietTribe. He serves as the ambassador of HOOP (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems), a UK organization that helps those struggling with weight management and obesity. Bachelor fans will notice Jessie's last name, as he's Jake Pavelka's cousin.

"We are excited to welcome Jessie and Jen into The Biggest Loser family, and know they will be valuable players on this life-changing show that continues to inspire millions of people to embrace a healthy lifestyle," shared NBC. "We look forward to viewers meeting them and to revealing more great changes we have in store for the new season."

Season 16 of The Biggest Loser kicks off September 11 on NBC. 


Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

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