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I think someone is starting to realize that she may not be mean and scary enough to channel her inner cage fighter, which makes her not the best match for a reality show like Mob Wives. We’ve all seen last season’s spandex wearing newbie talk a big game, but Natalie Guercio doesn’t seem big on the face-to-face confrontations and physical altercations. Of course, that’s not a bad thing (dare I say it’s normal?), but it doesn’t mesh with the actions (and right hooks) of her counterparts.

Season five premiered on Wednesday, and Natalie, at least in the beginning, has seemingly aligned herself with the lovable Big Ang and the foul-mouthed, face crushing fighter with a heart of gold, Drita D’Avanzo. I do adore that pair! Of course, Renee Graziano, currently hating everyone except for Karen Gravano, is out for blood when it comes to Natalie. What does Natalie have to say about things? 


Speaking to, Natalie quips, “Some people that shall remain nameless don’t take [the Italian life] too seriously on the show and beyond,” continuing, “It’s breeding and how you’re brought up.” I’m not quite sure what that means, but I feel like it’s a dig at Renee

The Mob Wives star reveals that this season will focus more on her personal life in Philly with son Nunzio and boyfriend London. We’ll also be seeing a lot of her Philadelphia funeral home. However, there is something we won’t be seeing with Natalie in Philly, and that’s her best friend Alicia diMichele who quit the show after pleading guilty to embezzlement at the end of last season. 

Natalie admits that she wasn’t thrilled with her friend’s decision, but she understands her reasoning. She tells the site, “Personally, I was upset because we started something together. But I get it. It had to do with her personal life and her children. She had to do what she had to do.” Natalie adds that she will still be working with her friend whose boutique is going to feature a new line of pocketbooks that Natalie plans to launch in the new year. 

The fledgling designer is also keeping up with her music, um, career with a follow-up singe to her first song “Delicious.” Natalie describes “Throttle” as having a more serious EDM vibe. Okay. She’s excited about the opportunities that have materialized since joining Mob Wives, sharing, “I’m getting more out of my life. I grew up in South Philly but I’m venturing out now.”

Handbags? Singles? Is she the Gretchen Rossi of Mob Wives


 [Photo Credit: VH1]


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