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Yesterday Kim Zolciak made a curious announcement on her twitter: Sweetie Hughes returns! 

If you recall Sweetie was (is?) Kim's assistant who was the subject of a "Free Sweetie" campaign after NeNe Leakes threatened to pluck Kim's eyes out over her treatment of Sweetie during an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sweetie never appeared on Don't Be Tardy because Kim fired her, then rehired her, and then Sweetie quit to go back to school. Well apparently Kim and Sweetie are up to their old hijinks because they are mysteriously filming something together!



Teen Mom 3 stars Katie Yeager, Briana DeJesus, and Alex Sekella are in New York City to promote MTV's new installment of Teen Mom.  Co-star Mackenzie Douthit, who recently revealed that she's pregnant again, did not attend the press event. 

Teen Mom 3 premieres Monday, August 26 at 10/9c. The emotionally charged trailer reveals deadbeat dads, drug abuse, and domestic violence. Sigh. Same stories, new faces.  Let's hope there's no Farrah Abraham or Jenelle Evans in this group!

Check out Katie, Briana, and Alex's fun-filled photos below.


Bethenny Frankel at her book signing for Skinnygirl Solutions

Back in her early days on Real Housewives of New York she was the single girl trying to be something she wasn't: rich! Of course, Bethenny Frankel wasn't alone. That's pretty much the Real Housewives franchise's M.O. – fake it til you make it! 

In the wake of Teresa Giudice's massive fraud indictment, (for whom Bethenny has said she doesn't feel sorry), she is now complaining that Bravo intentionally hires personalities that are all flash and no cash and slams the franchise as being a bunch of broke wannabes. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you… 

Bethenny says the ladies of Real Houswives are "all show and no go" and are more intent of flaunting faux wealth than actually amassing that money! 

She is quick to point out that while the ladies aren't exactly broke, per se, they aren't representing their real lifestyles or incomes. "It's not what you think it is," Bethenny warns. 



Jenelle Evans went to court Monday morning for her April 23 arrest

Dustin Sullivan, the judge whisperer, managed to get Jenelle's most serious charges – simple assault; possession of heroin with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute; possession of Percocet – dropped. The Teen Mom 2 star pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to 18 months of unsupervised probation.

Jenelle was free to go about her normal day, which usually consists of video gaming, napping, soaking in the tub, and cyber bullying former besties, random fans, former boyfriends, and husband Courtland Rogers. However, she failed a drug test issued by the court, so to the slammer she went for 48 hours. 

Jenelle was released from jail Wednesday morning. What. A. Spectacle.


Virgin America & Sir Richard Branson celebrate New flights

Oh Adrienne Maloof, you silly minx!  You were one of my favorite ladies on season one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, despite your glittery hair threads and questionable taste in clothing.  You seemed down-to-earth and genuine.  Then a little something called "season two" happened…

After a bitter divorce and a cougariffic relationship with Sean Stewart, Adrienne finally graduated from designing over-priced vinyl bags emblazoned with her initials to gypsy jewelry.  Thanks to all of these life lessons, she's clearly a wiser version of herself, and now she's sharing that wisdom with Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice.  I am sure Tre is beyond grateful for her advice in light of the serious jail time she potentially faces on multiple fraud indictments.


godwin jep duck dynasty

Last night was the season premiere of Duck Dynasty, and I must say, I have missed those Robertson boys and their families!  While I'm all about a DD marathon, I love new Si one-liners peppered among Willie's antics and Jase and Phil's dry humor.  The episode didn't disappoint as the crew created a surprise wedding with nary a camo tablecloth.  I'm shocked!  Let's begin, shall we?  CHAW!

Jep and Willie are playing Battleship as their wives watch with eyes rolling.  Jessica and Korie share a scripted exchange about Phil and Kay's upcoming anniversary.  As Willie jokes that the girls will never be able to convince his parents to have a party, Korie suggests planning a surprise vow renewal, and she credits Willie for the brilliant idea.  She admits that the best way to get a Robertson man to do what you want is to make them think they came up with the plan in the first place…well, that and sexy time.  A second wedding, it is!

Jase, Si, Godwin, and the boy are hanging out in the warehouse, and Missy is blowing up Jase's phone with ideas for the surprise wedding.  The men wonder why they need a second walk down the aisle, and we learn that Phil and Kay never had a proper wedding the first time around. Godwin is excited about the idea as long as there is chicken dancing involved.  Willie joins the crew in an effort to escape Korie's party to-do list, and Si can do nothing but Indiana Jones his nephew for being so whipped as Godwin yells CHAW in what has to be the worst whip sound ever. Willie denies being a pushover as he hands his credit card to Korie…



Poor little rookie with the wide nubile eyes, Lydia McLaughlin is having a twinge of regret that she signed onto Real Housewives of Orange County

After surviving (just barely) her first reunion, Lydia admits she isn't proud of her behavior and she isn't sure this environment of "constant attacks and debating" is for her! She also explains why her magazine chose not to feature Heather Dubrow on the cover, but she does offer Heather an apology for being snarky. Apparently the two are still friends… for now!

"So that wasn't fun! The ladies tried to warn me that my my first reunion would be intense, which is an understatement! I don't think you could ever be mentally prepared for a day like that," Lydia begins in her Bravo blog


'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' stars Joe and Teresa Giudice have pleaded not guilty to federal fraud charges.

Teresa Giudice isn't dwelling on the impending possibility of prison.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star reveals plans to expand her businesses – with a new restaurant!

Just hours after her appearance in federal court this afternoon she headed over to Kim DePaola's Posche Boutique to sign books and chat with fans.  Our man on the scene Tom Murro sent over a picture of a small sampling of the fans waiting for a minute of face to face time with Teresa.  Tom says the line was wrapped around the building and police officers were stationed around the outside of the shop.