Pretty Wicked Moms


Confession: I was obsessed with Pretty Wicked Moms last summer. Lifetime described the cast – Emily Boulden, Nicole Noles, Nicole Bennett, Marci Gold, Meredith Underwood, and Miranda Carlson – as six competitive moms breaking the molds of traditional motherhood with sky high stilettos and sassy attitudes. Um. The show was a complete train wreck. And must see TV. 

I liked Nicole B the most, but Emily and Nicole N were the breakout stars of the series. Emily, mommy to Amzie and owner of the fashion boutique Swank, and Nicole, dog mommy to Sommer and Emily's best friend, are self-absorbed and out of touch with reality.  In other words – reality TV gold.  Which is why I'm not surprised to learn that they have scored their own reality TV show.