John Salley was back last night with the second half of the Basketball Wives reunion. There’s more drama than the first half, but it’s just a lot of yelling and cussing about the same old beef. All in all, it was a mediocre end to a mediocre season.

John dives right in, bringing up Meeka’s feelings that the show wasn’t a true representation of who she truly is…and he asks the other ladies if they agree. Meeka is not amused at his attempt to poll the other “wives,” and Evelyn guarantees that Meeka would do another season if asked. Right then and there, Tami vows that if Meeka returns, she won’t. Mmm hmm. Sure.


Meeka and Tami get into it, although most of what Tami says is edited out due to her language. I was able to grasp that while Meeka does negative interviews about Tami, Tami retweets hate about Meeka. That, and Tami is dating a “dude who is Haitian and black as a…” Tami is insulted that Meeka questions her mothering skills and thinks Speedy Claxton got lucky to be traded to his winning team. Tami only respects champions, and Speedy is only getting attention now because Meeka brought him fame by being on the show. No one apparently knew who he was before this mess season. No one is going to take basketball away from her, even if she has to start cussing out the audience.

Tami doesn’t regret resorting to violence at the Italian club, because she didn’t know what Meeka’s intentions were when she put her hand in Tami’s face. That’s her sh*t, and she’s sticking to it. John also wants to clarify what Meeka meant when she called Tami a “bird” before leaving Italy. Apparently, she meant “chicken head.” What is she going to do next? Push Tami down on the playground? Meeka pops bottles, she doesn’t pop people in the face. She sticks to her story that Tami said she and Royce were the only real people on the show. Even Royce and Suzi look very confused.

Shaunie FINALLY speaks to say Meeka definitely had a mess of lies covering other lies. Suzi tries to explain why she ran back to Evelyn in Italy after Meeka confided in her, and when Meeka interrupts, Suzi tries to channel Tami with her yelling and cussing. Copycat. Finally Suzi gets to speak her mind. Royce looks bored and amused at the same time. Tami says she isn’t all about fighting and drama unless it comes to her, and the look on John’s face is priceless…that Tami, trying to avoid the dramz at all costs unless provoked. Meeka has nothing to say to Tami.

Moving on to Evelyn, John brings up her engagement to Chad Ochocinco. She feels she has nothing to prove to the public. This relationship is not a publicity stunt. When asked if she’s convinced that the couple is for real, Royce just says, “It is what it is.” Cue a video montage of the pair’s ups and downs. Evelyn explains that she doesn’t mind if Chad has female friends, she just doesn’t want him being stupid enough to go to places he knows the paps stalk. If a picture of him and another woman surfaces, the gossip mill will explode. Chad’s just a super friendly guy, and while it irks Evelyn to death, it’s just Chad’s nature. Keep telling yourself that. And FYI, Tami isn’t onboard with being friends with exes.

Speaking of Evelyn and Chad, the reunion revisits interview-gate with Jen. After the footage, Jen is teary again. Jen expresses that she didn’t want to see Evelyn get hurt, but as long as Chad makes her friend happy, she’s happy. She admits that she’s met Chad, but doesn’t feel as if it’s her place to get to know her friends’ significant others. Huh? Evelyn is silent and stone-faced throughout Jen’s admission, but she’s excited again after clips of her and Chad’s trip to the fertility clinic. She reveals that she is not preggers with twins…yet. That is the great thing about in vitro. You can pop those suckers in at any time. Presently Chad’s frozen swimmers are in limbo and will most likely stay there until after the couple weds. Evelyn says they are planning to marry next summer.

Suzi’s role as peacemaker is highlighted. Shaunie believes Suzi has the best of intentions, she’s just lousy in her execution. Suzi proves her right when she inadvertently brings up the event which spiraled into a NMF factor. Tami thinks that Suzi comes across to viewers as someone playing both sides, but in reality, she just wants everyone to get along.

Lights! Camera! Eric’s movie drama is now the topic of conversation. Jen calmly discusses why she was so upset with Royce’s behavior. However, she quickly loses her cool and the two get into a fight about tweeting (seriously, twitter is getting a lot of free press tonight). She is going off on Royce for being fake when she remembers she had just planned to ignore Royce, so she quickly asks John for his next question. Jen wants everyone to know that Eric has no experience as an actor or producer, or really anything that would aid him in making a movie for that matter. And I think “Duh” is an appropriate response. She thinks Eric only reached out Suzi and Royce because they were the two ladies he thought would do it to get back at Jen. Evelyn wonders if Eric thinks he’s Steven Spielberg, and it’s pretty funny.

Jen again forgets she’s supposed to be ignoring Royce and goes off on her one more time. Royce is more than holding her own. Evelyn interrupts to announce that Royce has said she won’t be coming back next season, and she’s skeptical Royce will stick to that assertion. Royce is confused as to where Evelyn heard such a rumor. Is anyone shocked when Suzi innocently looks at Royce and says, “I thought you said you were done after this season?” Gracious, Suz…the mean girls are never going to consider you one of them no matter how much gossip you give them. John Salley falls out of his chair. He can’t believe Suzi’s been running her mouth yet again. Royce explains that she said she was done trying to mend fences with the other women, not done with the show itself.

Royce is also done with the drama saying that she wants the show to be about more than just catty women fighting all the time. This is the perfect opportunity for puppet master producer Shaunie to get on her soapbox about how she is anti-drama and wants a more positive image for the show. Apparently there are times when the ladies do charity work and don’t butcher the English language. Who knew? The reunion draws to a close with bonus footage of Evelyn’s trip to Brooklyn along with Shaunie and Tami’s charity work. Of course, nothing caps off the big night better than a sneak peek of Basketball Wives: Los Angeles! I’ve already picked out LA’s Tami. And score! There’s a former stripper in the cast! Can’t wait.


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