Well, after a week hiatus from Love & Hip Hop last night made up for the brief break… sort of. It was an eventful episode with Emily contemplating reconciliation with Fab, Kimbella and Yandy hoping for a non-existent apology from Chrissy, and Olivia’s manager Rich giving her some tough love.

The show begins as Emily and her friend Teairra go shopping for a statement furniture piece for Emily’s new place. There is a lot of discussion of how the scrotum should hang after examining a nude statute. Teairra wants to set up her friend on a date, but Emily is reluctant because she’s not ready to get back out there. It’s a conversation I could pay more attention to if I weren’t distracted by the giant stiletto shaped bathtub in the shop.


Yandy and Kimbella go out to dinner to talk about Kim’s party — you know, the one with strippers and pyrotechnics. Olivia joins the pair and is as shocked as the others that Chrissy is still refusing to apologize for the pair’s earlier smack down. Personally, I think Kim just needs to give it up… Chrissy doesn’t strike me as someone who says she’s sorry, even insincerely.

Jim and Chrissy are having lunch with Mama Jones. Of course, Mama is sporting one of her new t-shirts, although I notice this one is spelled correctly. Mama Jones invites her son and Chrissy to be in her “Psychotic” video. To distract Nancy from the fact he’s not totally on board, Jim compliments his mother having the shirt spelled right, and I am just excited to see her fan… perhaps she should loan it to Sheree!

Teairra takes Emily bowling to meet some guys. They are joining up with brothers and Jeris is the man for Emily. She immediately becomes tense when she realizes this is a set-up, and Jeris is neither married nor gay. Emily isn’t ready to be on a date… no matter how cute she finds Jeris. For someone who claimed to be uncomfortable with the situation, Emily is certainly getting her flirt on! The duo bonds over gutter balls while Teairra channels her inner Patti Stanger. Jeris asks her out for a second “non-date” and she’s definitely not opposed to the idea.

Yandy and Jim meet up to discuss his new “lifestyle” that is Vampire Life. Jim wants to host a full-on white people rave for a video shoot that Yandy needs to coordinate in a mere two days. He makes references to Helen Keller, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Yandy can’t sit and listen to his nonsense. She apparently has a rave to plan.

Olivia meets up with Rich to rehash her previous conversation with Wayne Williams. Rich is worried that Olivia is too defensive so she can’t comprehend Wayne’s constructive criticism. She only hears insults. Rich is frustrated that she isn’t listening and the pair share cussing and tears. Rich only wants the world to know the Olivia he knows. The poor purse dogs they are walking seem traumatized, but that may just be because they are wearing silly little sweaters.

Emily invites some friends over to assemble her son’s new bedroom. This should be hilarious! Olivia, Teairra and Chrissy tease her about the night out on the town. Mid-furniture building, Chrissy gets an e-mail from Kimbella regarding the ladies’ unfinished business. Kimbella basically demands an apology (and mutual respect) so the two won’t be throwing sucker punches every time the pair is together. Chrissy doesn’t do well with ultimatums.

Mama Jones has a vision for her video and that vision includes her sliding down a banister. Priceless. Chrissy can’t be a part of the video because it reminds her of when Nancy and her were in a bad place, but she respects her man’s mother enough to give Nancy her decision in person. Chrissy thinks things are peachy until she walks outside to see her longtime friend Freddie ready and willing to participate in the video that she feels is so disrespectful to her. After giving Freddie the finger, the pair talk and Chrissy reveals that she no longer trusts or respects her friend. Harsh.

Yandy is doing her best to coordinate the rave and video shoot within Jim’s allotted time frame. After grabbing a boatload of cash from Jim, she arrives at the venue for the rave. She is less than impressed. She does get a tad excited when she learns that Jim will be driving into the venue and up to the stage. Yandy is starting to like the challenge.

Emily is styling a major show at fashion week and invites Chrissy to come see the finished product. The ladies chat about the opportunity, and Emily admits she’s invited Fab to the show. She reveals that ever since she left him, Fab has been all about her. Shocking! Chrissy tells Emily that she’s done pressing the marriage issue with Jim, but she is fully aware that if she leaves him, Jim will be devastated. Chrissy gets very emotional bonding with her friend over less than stellar relationships. Is it me, or do all of Chrissy’s individual interviews feel like a poetry slam in the cafeteria on A Different World? Where is Dwayne Wayne when she’s getting all dramatic?

The rave is going full force minus one important component… Jim Jones himself. Unfortunately his Aston Martin broke down on the way to the venue. When does that ever happen? Of course, once he arrives all is right with Vampire World. VH1 does a great job simulating his video and Yandy pats herself on the back for a job well done. The next day Jim is playing around with Chrissy who feels slightly like a baby-sitter. Jim tells her all about the video shoot. Chrissy is not willing to give Yandy any credit for pulling together the shoot in such a short period of time. Is it just me, or does Jim seem to enjoy having his lady and his manager on opposite sides?

Kimbella finally gets her one-on-one with Chrissy. Kimbella tries to regulate the pair’s meeting, but Chrissy is quick to take over the powwow. Chrissy, wearing her “Jesus Saves” t-shirt, has no remorse for her actions toward Kimbella. She just wants the two to avoid each other from here on out… Kimbella just wants the girls to have some mutual respect for their men’s sake. Chrissy storms off after Kimbella buckles no longer needing an actual apology. Well, that was productive!

Emily is calm, cool and collected while orchestrating the fashion show. Even with a missing model, Emily is on her game. She receives flowers from Fab leading her to believe he skipped out on the show. The runway show goes off without a hitch and Fabolous is on the front row. Emily tries not to beam when she sees him. After the fashion show, Chrissy approaches Yandy. The girls get into a heated discussion, and Yandy asks for an apology from Chrissy for her past behavior. Yeah, good luck with that!

Olivia, Emily and Chrissy meet for cocktails to relive the fashion show and Emily’s recent times with Fab. The duo has been kind of dating. Olivia wants to be supportive, but she is confused as this is the same man Emily found out cheated on her while she was pregnant. Emily is enjoying her independence, and Chrissy doesn’t have much room to talk, so she’s not giving too much advice. Although Chrissy makes a good point that Emily’s pain will probably ring true more than a fairy tale with Fab. And scene.