On the latest installment of Mob Wives, the ladies have calmed down just a bit — sure, there is plenty of cursing and yelling and threats, but nary a punch is thrown. That’s a step in the right direction, no?

Ramona Rizzo is heading home after her stint in jail. She explains her situation to Karen Gravano, saying she is devastated to learn that she’s fallen hard for a potential criminal. Ramona has always tried to avoid becoming romantic with a shady character, but she was just taken into custody with her boyfriend due to his dealings. Both Ramona and Karen are clearly looking at this logically. Ramona wishes that she had grown up like Karen — knowing from the get-go the rules of this lifestyle, while Karen reminds her “cousin” that regardless of why Ramona’s boyfriend was arrested, he’s still a decent guy and good with her kids. Is she for real?


Drita D’avanzo and Carla Facciolo go to visit Big Ang at her bar. Big A and Drita reminisce about back in the day when a seventeen-year-old Drita would fight in the bar previously owned by Ang. During the conversation, Big Ang shares that her son A.J. has become quite the troublemaker. As if on cue, she receives a text message that her son has been in a car accident. When she questions the messenger about her son’s state, he can’t tell whether A.J. is high. If he can’t tell, Ang is convinced he must be.

Renee Graziano meets with Karen and reveals that she and Carla have somewhat buried the hatchet surrounding their recent hard feelings. While Karen is glad that Renee and Carla have mended fences, she goes on a cuss-filled rant about how mad she is that Carla has taken Drita’s side. Carla had better watch out as far as Karen is concerned. Again, is she for real? Karen is on Mob Wives, but she sounds more like a thug than a lady.

Joe “Junior” Pagan is moving back in with Renee. Renee knows she must be in love if she’s letting him back in the house so soon after their last attempt. She even promises to curb her bossiness, so she, Junior and son A.J. can enjoy quality time before Junior is sentenced and sent back to prison. Sounds like a plan, right?

Everywhere Ramona turns she finds information about her boyfriend’s alleged drug arrest. It is front page news. She discusses with Karen how she should break the news to her four children. Karen convinces her to tell the truth, as it served Karen so well to have her father be honest with her as a child.

Oh yea! Drita and Carla are meeting up with my new favorite person Derek Tobacco (second only to Big Ang, of course). I totally recognize him from the Millionaire Matchmaker. Thanks to everyone who made that connection! Drita wants to get the deets on her balcony brawl with Kramona — its works for Crazy Ramona on RHONY, it can work for Karen and Ramona too, right? Derek pleads the fifth when Drita asks if Karen hit her while he was holding her. Drita is convinced that Karen blackened her eye when she was being restrained making Karen a giant punk in Drita’s opinion.

Renee and Junior are getting settled, but Renee needs him to be a full-time father to A.J. Their son seems to be acting out as he kicked in Renee’s bedroom door, cussed her out and threw a lamp across the room. The pair is discussing his behavior as if he came home with a “C” on his report card. Junior thinks that there must be some girl making A.J. act all crazy and Renee puts her foot down. If this teen hussy exists, she needs to go. Problem solved…?

Big Ang lunches with a young Brian Austin Green her own A.J. to rehash his car accident. Since he’s okay, she moves on to more happy topics like her love life. Big Ang shares that her newest beau was just released from jail after serving twenty-eight years for murder. But he’s getting her a puppy! Aces! He’s a keeper! A.J. says that just because he murdered someone doesn’t make him a bad person and Ang agrees. She really doesn’t want A.J. heading down the wrong path in life, so she’s hoping he’ll start making good decisions. At least Big Ang is being a positive role model with her dating life. Even though this may be the most insane reality television exchange and rationale I’ve ever heard, I can’t help but love Big Ang even more. I mean, look at her hair!

Carla attends a fashion show with some friends as she wants to get inspiration for a potential new line. Maybe she can intern with Sheree Whitfield! Carla talks to her friends about how Ramona has been spreading rumors about her all over town. Let’s just say she’s not Ramona’s biggest fan.

Renee invites Karen and Ramona — and their young kids (I’m guessing Ramona’s kids, as I think Karen’s daughter still lives in Arizona) — and she fills in her friends in on A.J.’s recent shenanigans. Renee goes on a tirade which mainly consists of bleeping and a blurred out middle finger and slamming a dish rag onto the counter. Over what? CRUMBS! GAHH!!! The kids are laughing in the other room and Renee tells the young ones that they need to be quiet for five bleeping minutes. SERIOUSLY? No one is giving a second thought to the fact that these poor kids are a few feet away from all three ladies’ freak outs and foul mouths? I am floored… much like A.J.’s aforementioned crumbs.

At the gym, Carla dishes to Drita about how badly Renee wants everyone to get along. Carla assures her friend that she will not be breaking bread with Ramona anytime soon. Drita blames Ramona for her part in instigating the brawl between Drita and her. Should we be concerned that someone is going to get very injured this season? They are like the Sharks and Jets planning a gang fight!

Karen calls Carla wanting to talk about some underlying “issues” between the ladies. I love that they can be so calm on the phone, knowing that Karen can’t wait to unleash a verbal railing on Carla. The women agree to meet for dinner. Carla is hoping for a drama free conversation. She’s kidding, right? Karen starts off immediately by giving Carla a smug look by telling her that she has hated her guts all summer. Karen’s grammar is atrocious! And that says a lot given the comparisons.

Carla tries to keep the peace and she says that while she will always have Drita’s back, Carla understands that Karen will always support Ramona. Karen starts talking about “wars” and how if Carla doesn’t stop kissing Drita’s a$$, then Carla must be against her. Holy heck, is Karen a bully or is it just me? Carla came to discuss her relationship with Karen, not to spend a meal hearing a bunch of Drita-bashing. When Karen threatens her, Carla is over it and leaves. I think all the ladies should perhaps take note. Or not… Karen follows her out and the ladies have yet another conversation in the bar. Carla doesn’t want to bash on Drita all evening. Carla doesn’t want to talk about Ramona or Drita as they each have their own personal issues with those ladies. Wait what? Karen likes Carla… can they do a shot together? And they do! Paint me confused, party of one. Gracious!

Next week, Carla tells Drita about her dinner with Karen. Karen and Ramona dish to Renee about how horrible Drita is (I think Karen may have talked about killing her, but surely she was joking, right?) and Renee, in turn, reveals to Carla and Drita that she’s heard some gossip that Ramona’s been spreading about her and Junior. Quite possibly Ramona’s biggest mistake…


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