Last night’s Mob Wives had the mobsters coming clean to their lady loves about their prior bad behavior. It was quite the confessional!

The episode begins with Drita D’avanzo heading back into the boxing ring. Her trainer is upset to hear that she’s been fighting again. Drita believes she could curb her street fighting if she was able to rid douchebags in her life. Her memory of beating up d-bags extends all the way back to kindergarten. Her temper is in no way to blame for her penchant for hitting other people. Okay.

Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo meet for dinner. As much as they are willing to invite Carla Facciolo into their inner circle, they blame Drita for brainwashing her. The two respect the fact that Carla is loyal to a fault, even if it’s to Drita. Karen and Ramona plan to change that. Ramona chalks it up to the double-D factor…no Drita, no drama. After all my time watching this fiasco, I can honestly say that Drita may not be the only cast member who stirs the pot.


Carla and Drita are dining together, with Carla requesting a glass of wine before admitting to her biffle that she met with Ramona. Drita’s face is like stone, but she’s not mad at Carla. She only hopes that Carla is able to see Ramona for what she is…a master manipulator in her mind. Drita doesn’t care who Carla hangs out with as long as she’s aware of potential pitfalls.

Big Ang is shopping with her purse pal Little Louie. I assume this pooch must be the gift from her recently released murderer. Ang reveals that said convict disappeared before buying her the pup. She’s done with wise guys and decided to buy the dog for herself so she could spoil him with designer duds.

Meanwhile, Karen has an appointment with a media coach to train her for her upcoming book tour. She is excited that her book has been predicted to be a bestseller. Who predicted this? Karen tells her coach that she is worried that interviewers will call her father a snitch, causing her to go into attack mode. He’s no “escape goat” (really?), he murdered nineteen people. She seems proud of that, and she assures her media coach that she isn’t trying to profit off of blood money. Her coach tries to mask her shock (and probably fear) while asking if Karen is worried any of her father’s enemies may harbor ill will at her for producing this sure to be literary masterpiece. Karen dodges the question…she’s just doing what she’s doing.

Renee Grazziano and Junior Pagan head to couple’s counseling. Too little too late, it seems in light of recent news. Junior is quick to cop to his indiscretions. He tells the therapist that they pair fell hard and fast when they were very young. He admits that he wasn’t prepared, and he cheated and lied. Renee is very mad…how dare he soil the memory of their young relationship. Both Junior and the therapist are confused…isn’t he supposed to be here to admit his wrongdoing and try to get better? Renee blames Junior for her self-esteem issues. Junior is horrified when she accuses him of being the reason for her recent surgery while saying he finally looks at her during sexy times. Yikes. The poor therapist seems speechless as well. Junior, who appeared to come in with good intentions, has completely shut down at this point.

Big Ang and Drita take Louie to the dog park. Ang fills in Drita on her recent dates with the killer. Drita is relieved to be alone. She tells Big Ang about Carla and Ramona’s truce. I do think that if Drita was truly mind melding her friend Carla, she would care a lot more that Carla was fraternizing with the enemies. She wants Carla to do what’s right for Carla. Big Ang wishes all the ladies could bury the hatchet, and Drita says she was fine with that until Karen started bringing up things from their past she thought were resolved.

Renee calls Junior to apologize, but it ends up with him hanging up on her. Ramona leaves her boyfriend’s hearing, and as comfortable she is being in this lifestyle, it’s hard to watch him carted off to jail. Renee applauds her for being a good support system. As much as Ramona tried to avoid a relationship with someone in this lifestyle, it is what it is. She is appreciative of Renee’s advice.

Drita is talking to her young daughter. Her daughter reveals that a police officer spoke to her class and she asked if people who fight go to jail. On the heels of this, she asks her mother if she’s ever been in a fight. Drita tries to deflect, asking her daughter if she’d like to have a Halloween party this year. Girlfriend is smart and calls out Drita for avoiding her question. Drita is literally saved by the bell when the phone rings. It’s Lee calling her from jail. He wants to talk about her divorce filings. She gets teary when he apologizes, and he wants things to proceed in civilized manner. Drita is floored that he’s not denying his wrongdoing or putting up a fight regarding the divorce.

Ramona takes her kids to the park to discuss her boyfriend’s incarceration. He’s been a part of their family. One of her daughters wants to pray for him. Ramona also admits that she spent a few hours in jail as well. Her kids seem very mature about the admission.

Karen calls her ex-boyfriend in Arizona to tell him about her upcoming magazine photo shoot. I think she was expecting him to revel in her exciting news, but instead he rails her about running off to New York while she leaves her family out west for an undetermined amount of time. Karen is initially shocked, but she goes quickly on the defensive. She isn’t on board with his attitude, and she gives him one back tenfold. There is a lot of bleeping. Bottom line, he is struggling as a single dad, and she accuses him of slapping his bleep all over bleeping couch. Without question, they are both just the same old G. What does that mean? I don’t know who hung up on who, but there was a great deal of swearing involved.

Karen visits Mob Candy magazine (talk about a niche market!) to give her initial interview and begin her photo shoot. She’s proud of her father and goes straight into “model mode” once the cameras start clicking. She feels like a Mafia princess while answering tough questions about her father. Her media coach would be proud. A few times she seems to be on the verge of losing her temper, but Karen maintains her cool. The reporter may be a tad frightened of her though.

Carla and Renee come to Drita’s house, and she fills her friends in on the latest Lee update. They are all happy he confessed, as it validates her feelings. This hits home with Renee. Just because Junior was able to admit his wrongdoing to the therapist doesn’t mean she will be able to trust him again. It’s such a pattern, she can’t believe him. Renee hopes that Drita isn’t so stupid as to let Lee back into her and her children’s life. Things seem very raw with Renee…Drita and Renee aren’t the same person, so I doubt they will react to similar situations in the same manner. However, Renee does make a valid point that a man isn’t the best father if he can be so disrespectful to his children’s mother. Hearing Drita’s story is opening some very upsetting wounds for Renee in regard to Junior. Both Drita and Carla are scared for their friend.

Next week, Drita has a Halloween party, so Ramona throws a rival bash. Renee and Junior continue to spar, and Carla is worried that something horrible is about to happen.


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