Oh Mob Wives, you never disappoint…completely. Last night we started seeing the breakdown of Renee and Junior, and not much of anything else.

Carla is trying to teach Drita how to flirt that doesn’t involve her comparing her biceps to those of potential suitors. They go dancing in the city, but Drita is quick to warn any men that approach her that she likes to get violent. Save that for the fourth date, Drita. At least Drita realizes, the guy she hopes to meet isn’t one of the many meat-heads who are watching her dance on the banquette. She is ready to leave after one of her dance partners cops to knowing Drita’s soon-to-be-ex Lee.

Big Ang is dining with Karen and Ramona. All of their crime families go way back, and Karen likes walking down memory lane. Ang has changed her hair. I’m on the fence about it. Big Ang tells the girls about her arrest, which occurred thanks to her friend wearing a wire. I am sheltered. I think to myself that I would be more concerned about being arrested than blaming the people who got leniency for putting me in that situation (however, I’d be mad at them too!). Own up to your mistakes, people! Big Ang kind of does…


Renee tells Junior that he has missed several court mandated appointments. She takes it upon herself to schedule his pre-trial counseling sessions. Renee apologizes to Junior in hopes that they can continue to repair their relationship. Watching this, in light of knowing that he was basically with her to frame her father, is hard. She feels that he is distant, and Renee wants him to be more affectionate. Junior blames her mood swings on his inability to engage with her. She is upset, while he is stoic. He promises that Renee has nothing to worry about (liar, liar, pants on fire!) and hopes that she will be less dramatic.

Drita and Big Ang head to my personal heaven…a legit market and deli. How good did that prosciutto look? Big Ang reveals some things about her most recent marriage. Wait, she’s married? Drita touts herself as someone with no game, and Ang hopes that things will work out for her…but she knows that you can’t go from “a street guy to a regular guy” with no repercussions. Drita finds it hilarious that Big Ang’s husband is younger than Lee.

Renee and Ramona go to lunch, and Renee pays Ramona the ultimate compliment…there aren’t many people who Renee would risk sitting with her back to the door, besides Ramona. Renee admits that she is having a difficult time forgetting about Junior’s past relationships. She is happy that her estranged father still maintains a good friendship with Junior. Yikes. Hindsight really is 20/20, isn’t it? Ramona also doesn’t have a bond with her father, because she married someone who wasn’t Italian. They don’t speak. That is sad.

Carla fills in the recently released Joe that their kids have an upcoming parent-teacher meeting. Over dinner (is this a date?) she tells her ex about Drita’s plan for the girls to go speed dating. For someone who has been in jail, Joe knows a heck of a lot more about the speed dating concept than Carla does. Carla isn’t sure whether she should be happy that her ex isn’t upset about her moving on, or upset that he doesn’t seem to care. He’s basically giving her advice on how to be a good speed dater.

Renee is still struggling with Junior’s impending incarceration. She believes he has distanced himself from her, even more than usual. Perhaps, she should have done a wire check on him…VH1 does a montage of family pictures and Renee is virtually unrecognizable in the photos. She was a beautiful lady! A depressed Renee finally drags herself out of bed to find a note from Junior stating that he has turned himself into the feds. She is beside herself calling anyone and everyone under the sun. She has no clue where Junior is, who his attorney is, or what to do. She’s even lighting cigarettes off her stove. That is hard-core.

Renee calls Ramona to tell her that he’s turned himself in to the feds. Ramona is floored. Renee is even more floored to learn that his charges don’t just stem from small potatoes, but from a weapons charge she had no clue about – she’s crying reading Ramona the letter where he tells her move on and find someone who is a better person than he is. He’s facing an eight year sentence (as opposed to several months) and Renee vows to stay faithful, even if she’s not sure that is what Junior wants.

Drita and Carla hit the town once again to try their hands at speed dating. This should be entertaining! Drita tries to learn the rules–it’s fire fighter night!–which is endearing, and Carla finds it hilarious that the one person she knows who would brawl with a fire hydrant, is terrified about meeting new boys. I can’t say I blame her. Poor Drita doesn’t know what to do with these minute-to-win-it suitors.

Renee calls Karen over and tells her of Junior’s newest seven-year stint. Karen is floored by the letter…she doesn’t know what to think, and she’s quick not to share her legitimate fears with Renee. Karen is front row for a major Renee breakdown. There is peanut butter thrown. Karen doesn’t want Renee to let the federal government win. In an odd moment of clarity, Renee wonders why Karen thinks that the government is the bad guy. Renee clearly knows that Junior did things that warrant his future jail time, but Karen is all about blaming “the man” for the downfall of their family’s lifestyle. While, I know there is a Renee breakdown in my near future, I am happy to see that her head is in the right place at least.

I have to give credit where credit is due–and y’all know I NEVER give credit to Karen–but she’s being supportive and normal throughout Renee’s impending breakdown. Renee is calling every jail under the sun in hopes of finding out where Junior is imprisoned. One of Renee’s friends has taken to finding out his whereabouts, as Renee isn’t stable enough to do so. AJ and his girlfriend run to his room – Renee is upset that her son has to deal with this horrible situation, but I think AJ just wants his mom to calm down and not be so dramatic. Renee’s friend speaks to someone at (some? A?) jail who says she can confirm that Junior is okay, as she’s looking at him during the phone conversation, but she still cannot reveal Junior’s whereabouts. That’s not at all shady.

Once alone, Renee goes into full breakdown mode after calling multiple jails, probation officers, etc. While on the phone with her cousin, she literally goes insane learning that her father is also being arrested. Renee is pacing, bawling, dry heaving, and screaming all at the same time. However, she has yet to put together that Junior’s disappearance and her father’s arrest are in any way connected. I can’t help but wonder how AJ’s girlfriend is feeling, stuck in his room…

Next week, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for Renee as far as Junior being an informant for the feds. Everyone is hesitant to say that Junior’s a snitch, although they know it’s the case. Karen can’t imagine her friend’s life will ever be the same.


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