On last night’s Mob Wives Karen found yet another endeavor, and Drita impressed us with her ability to throw down a rhyme.  Also impressive?  That Renee has kept it together for yet another episode!

Renee Graziano exits her father’s status hearing.  She calls Big Ang to reveal how hard it was as her family members and friends ignored her.  Her father was in poor health, but he was happy to see Renee there to support him, which made her feel better about such an icky situation.  I must say I am impressed to see how well Renee is keeping it together.

Big Ang and her sister Janine head to get some Botox.  While she is no stranger to plastic surgery (duh) and injections, it’s her first foray into Botox.  It is much more painful than she could have imagined, but she is beyond pleased with the results.  Her doctor tries to discourage her from getting extra injections, but Big Ang is addicted.  She lurves it.


Drita D’avanzo has made good on her promise to get her girls a puppy.  Lucky is a four-week-old poodle who weighs left than a pound.  Even with the divorce pending, Lee continues to call sporadically, and Drita is happy that the two have forged somewhat of a friendship.  Lee calls and gives Drita the news that he has served his time for the state and will be transferred to Brooklyn to serve out another year for the feds.  Drita is conflicted as Lee has been eight hours away for years.  It will definitely be more convenient for her to visit with the girls, but she is unsure if she wants her soon-to-be-ex in such a close proximity.

Drita heads to a meeting in the city, as she is going to be cast in a rap video.  What?  She meets with Jason Wiley and Nick Storm who are big wigs at Diddy’s Bad Boy records and Blue Flame PR, respectively.  The concept behind the video is a bank robbery with a female lead.  Having been married to a bank robber, Drita thinks it’s a perfect fit.  They want to hear her rap, because apparently Drita has been rapping for years.  This should be something to see…

After the Botox, Big Ang is getting some fancy new hair extensions.  We are schooled in her past relationships with wise guys.  Her poor hairdresser seems beyond interested in the one-sided conversation.  Big Ang admits that she is going to give her recent husband (ex-husband?) another chance as the pair heads on vacation to Cabo to rekindle their romance.  He does, after all, have a pension.

Karen Gravano has launched her book, and now Karen wants to expand her empire to spa princess.  She is working with a renowned plastic surgeon to open a new spa and plan a party touting the new space.  She hopes that this will be the opportunity she needs to bring her daughter back from Arizona.  Ramona Rizzo comes to what will become the spa, and she offers to help in any way.  Karen admits she’s been thinking about taking in Renee to take her mind off of things.

Ramona, Renee, and Karen head to a winery to test wines for the spa grand opening.  Karen strokes the women’s business savvy egos when asking for help with the party and the opening.  Both Renee and Ramona are excited to partner up with Karen in this venture.  Meanwhile, Drita is working on her rap skills with Anthony Acid Caputo.  While I applaud her efforts, it won’t be something I’ll be buying on iTunes.  Drita blames her nerves on a shaky start.  She does better with her free styling and seems to find her mojo.  She has a rap to send to Bad Boy.

Carla Facciolo and Renee are still doing okay after their recent fallout, and the women meet for lunch to catch up on recent happenings.  Renee invites her to the spa opening, but Carla is on the fence.  She isn’t friends with Karen and Ramona, nor does she want to be.  Elsewhere in Staten Island, Ramona goes to see Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey.  They complain about those nasty, unfair feds before Ramona invites Big A to the spa opening.  Big Ang would love to invite Drita to the party in hopes that she and Karen could be cordial.  Ramona shuts that down rather quickly.

It’s cocktail time for Renee, Drita, and Carla.  Renee is thrilled to hear that Drita has been cast in a rap video.  Both Carla and Renee are shocked to hear Lee’s news.  With Renee not being a big bag of crazy, I love to see these three engage in what seems to be a truly genuine friendship.  While Renee and Carla think that Lee will do anything in his power to get back with Drita, she is quick to remind them that she hasn’t forgotten anything he’s done to her.  Renee broaches the subject of the spa party, and Drita asks if she is excited.  Renee admits she would be happier if everyone in their circle was getting along.  Renee praises Drita for (usually) being the bigger person and hopes that she and Karen can work on their “differences.”  Drita is willing to put any of their issues behind her in order to be a better role model for her children.

Karen has her daughter Karina in New York to show her the set-up of the new spa.  Karina relays to her mother that she needs to think about a move from Arizona.  Karina tries to remind her mother of all the things Karina has going for her in Arizona.  Karen isn’t on board.  Elsewhere, Drita is on set for her music video.  She’s unsure as to whether Bad Boys has heard her rap, but she’s ecstatic to be a part of this video.

It’s opening day at the spa, and Karen is super excited…until she learns that Ramona dropped the ball on getting the laser treatment people at the party.  Also absent?  Renee’s gift bags.  No worries though, as Renee will always deliver.  Karen is enjoying her spa grand opening party, and she’s quick to point out that Big Ang and Renee are all about getting some treatments.  Renee takes this opportunity to try to undertake a treaty between Karen and Drita.  Shockingly, Karen just wants to appease Renee, and she’s willing to speak with Drita about their past “situation.”

Drita continues to film the video, and she’s upset that no one has even mentioned her rap.  However, after sweating it out for a bit, Drita is overwhelmed to learn that her rap will be a part of this video.  It’s kind of out of control for Drita, as well as kind of out of control for viewers.  Wow.

Karen discusses Renee’s proposition with her cousin.  Her cousin doesn’t think that Karen should give Drita a second of her time.  Karen just wants to be cordial and appease Renee.  Her cousin is on fire…she wants Renee to crack Drita’s jaw if she ever sees her again.

Next week, Drita struggles with her relationship with Lee, and Karen wants her family to be happy and settled in New York.  Renee isn’t giving Junior any passes, and Carla learns that Joe may have a girlfriend.


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