Survivor Recap: It’s A Kat Fight!

Last night’s Survivor was clearly ladies’ night, as Tarzan is the only man left.

We learn that Troyzan whispered “do it” to Kat as he was leaving.  Kat is befuddled…does he think she’s going to go against her alliance?  Well, someone’s going to have to do it!  Alicia thinks that Christina’s ramblings during tribal council only show how wishy washy and weak she is.  Alicia thinks Christina needs to stick around a while, but she is starting to feel threatened by the amount of power Sabrina seems to have garnered.  Alicia sees herself as a puppet master, poisoning the other women against Sabrina.


Sabrina and Alicia receive tree-mail from Sprint.  Hey-oh product placement!  The players learn that they have loved ones on the island.  Obviously, tears abound.  It seems to be all parents, siblings, and Kat’s cousin…except Tarzan’s wife is present.  Sabrina is hoping that if anyone gets to see their family member, it’s Tarzan.  His marriage touches her.  Jeff Probst joins the tribe, and he invites the family members onto the beach.  Clearly the waterworks are doubled.  I’m even joining in the cry fest.  Even Alicia seems human.  Kat crawls to her cousin, and they seem to be in their own zone.  Tarzan and his wife have me in ugly cry mode.  Thanks, CBS.

The rewards challenge has the players tied to a tangled rope that is entwined throughout an obstacle course.  Each castaway must make their way through the course, unknotting his or her rope when necessary.  The winner receives a delicious meal and margaritas with their family member.  As always, there is a twist–their loved one will be tied to them.  Kim and Chelsea with their family members are doing well, but Sabrina and her brother are struggling.  Tarzan and his wife aren’t very good at this.  It’s neck and neck for Kim and Kat, but ultimately Kat and her cousin Robby win the reward.  She gets to choose one tribe mate and their family member, and she picks Kim.  When given another pick, she chooses Alicia.  I feel so badly for Tarzan.  There is a twist in the ranks…while Kim’s thrilled to be chosen, she thinks Kat’s choice was selfish.  She should have picked Tarzan and Christina, whose father just had a kidney transplant.  The whispers among the others confirm Kim’s fears.

Kat admits that strategically she probably picked the wrong people, but she wanted to hang out with the girls she feels are her true friends.  Kat does think these girls are her final three.  Kim is quick to tell her sister that these other two girls the biggest fools, but they may her best chance.  She calls Alicia delusional for thinking people actually like her, and Kim believes that if Kat wins she’ll have a reality show touting how she lost a million dollar Survivor prize in a year.  Back at the beach, the talk is about voting off Kat.  Tarzan isn’t keen on that plan, as she’s so dumb, she’ll be someone to take farther.  When the ladies return from the rewards challenge, Kim and Chelsea discuss getting rid of Kat.  Kim wants to get rid of Sabrina before Kat, as she’d be much more convincing to garner jury votes.

It’s time for the immunity challenge, and it looks grueling.  Each participant much hold onto a rope while balancing on a ledge about the water.  Jeff will release the wench every so often, putting each player at a steeper angle towards the water.  The last player standing wins immunity.  Of course, with beach season upon us, it looks like a great ab workout!  After ten minutes, Sabrina steps off her platform, followed by Tarzan.  After few turns of the wench, Alicia gives up after twenty minutes, with Chelsea close behind her.  Christina dives in next.  It’s now between Kat and Kim.  They have been hanging an hour, when Jeff lowers them closer to the water.  Kat remarks that she wants to win, as Kim wins everything.  Kat goes diving into the water, giving Kim immunity.  Kat is crestfallen, and Kim proves once again that she’s a contender.

Chelsea is proud of Kim, but she isn’t sure she agrees that Sabrina should be next.  She wants Kat out of the game.  Just yesterday, Alicia wanted Sabrina gone because she was a stronger contender.  However, after seeing Sabrina give up first and Kat fight to the finish, Alicia wants Kat gone.  Kim and Chelsea are the swing votes, with Kim wanting Sabrina gone and Chelsea wanting to get rid of Kat.  Kim is calling the shots, and Chelsea seems to be on board with her biffle despite their disagreement.  I just have no clue who they chose to go after!

At tribal council, all the jury men enter.  Kat plays her age and naivety as a factor in choosing the girls she’d have fun with on the rewards challenge.  Chelsea doesn’t think Kat needs to keep hiding behind her age excuse.  Sabrina can’t believe that Christina and Tarzan weren’t chosen.  Tarzan actually buys Kat’s reaction…he doesn’t blame Kat for making a stupid and young decision without giving a thought to her teammate’s back stories.  Sabrina finds herself defending her openness as a detriment.  She refuses to not call it like she sees it, and I think that is pretty respectable.

Chelsea and Kim’s votes are concealed, and again, it’s either clueless Kat or straight-talking Sabrina.  I have a feeling it’s going to be Kat, but I am always wrong.  But wait!  Kat gets voted off, and she seems completely blindsided.  Sad, since she loves a blindside!  I am kind of shocked to see that Chelsea’s feelings won out over the all powerful Kim’s.  How is it I am liking these players more and more as the season continues.  With the exception of Alicia and Christina, I would be happy if any of the remaining players win.  Funny…I thought they were beyond worthy weeks ago, and I’ve totally forgotten that Colton was even on this season!

Next week, Tarzan starts to go off the deep end, but there is clearly a method to his madness.