Last night’s Mob Wives seemed to be another calm episode, thank goodness.  Most of the women were dealing with their jacka$$y exes, but there were no screaming matches, no altercations, and no drama.  It was a bit weird, I’ll admit!

Drita D’Avanzo is playing with her new pup Lucky when she receives a call from soon-to-be-ex-husband Lee.  She shares her rap video/bank robbing debut with Lee, and he’s excited for her.  She drops the bomb that she wants to start dating.  Drita is confused at how supportive he’s being, and it makes her remember why she married him in the first place.  She’s thrilled the pair is getting along and can be friends, but she really wishes Lee had never cheated.

Ramona Rizzo and Karen Gravano head to a specialty grocery.  Karen wants to get Ramona’s opinion about reconciling with Drita. Ramona is not at all on board.  At. All.  Karen is only considering this treaty to make Renee Graziano happy.  Ramona warns that Drita will end up getting physical as she’s a “different breed.”  Karen is quick to say that the second Drita gets violent, Karen will end up in jail for rearranging her face.  Ahhh, mending fences…


Big Ang and Carla Facciolo meet for cocktails.  Carla reveals that she isn’t romantic with Joe.  He was around a lot once he came home from the halfway house.  Joe was constantly coming to the house, helping the kids with their homework, and being a helpful partner.  Carla says that he’s really started to phase out lately, and he’s not with the children nearly as much as he should be.  Carla wasn’t prepared to get back with him because of all his previous “indiscretions,” you know, the cheating, the crime, the all-nighters.  Big Ang asks Carla if she’s considered the idea that Joe may have a girlfriend.  Carla is livid.  She doesn’t need some hussy depriving her kids of daddy time.  Amen, sister!

Big Ang takes her son AJ shopping for jewelry for his twenty-third birthday.  On the agenda?  A fancy chain for AJ and some diamonds for Ang.  She puts down a thousand dollars in cash.  Of course it’s cash!  She hounds AJ to find a girl to settle down and marry.  AJ is not looking for a serious relationship.  Is he wearing a Members Only jacket?

Renee is going bowling with her son AJ and his girlfriend Sidney.  She thinks AJ needs family time, as his grades have slipped in light of his father’s recent turncoat behavior.  When Renee tries to discuss his academics with him between frames, he won’t look at his mother.  Sidney backs up AJ by calling Renee’s nagging “annoying.”  OH NO SHE DI-INT!  I have got to agree with Renee for once…when did teenagers get to be so disrespectful?  Seriously, if my teenage self was bowling with Renee, it would have been a barrage of “Yes, ma’am.  You’re right.  I’ll try to talk to AJ.”  Gahhh!

Karen feels like things are going her way…her book is selling, the spa is open, all that is left is bringing daughter Karina back to New York.  Only glitch?  Karina wants to stay in Arizona with her father Dave.  Karen invites Dave to come to New York so he can see how settled she is.  Dave and Karen seem to have a better rapport.  Dave admits that Karina would love to move to New York, but she also doesn’t want to leave her friends.  Dave is committed to leading a crime-free life, but it gets lonely not having companionship.  Karen reminds him that they have wine–cue the suggestive stares, and I really don’t want to know what happens next.

Drita takes Lucky to visit her friend Nicole to get advice on her potential meeting with Karen.  Drita wants Karen to know that she’s willing to be civil, so the pair can be in the same room.  She also wants her daughters to see that she can be a grown-up.  However, Drita doesn’t want to rehash any of the duo’s history.  Plus, she isn’t discounting how much Ramona will be mad mouthing her to Karen.  Playing nice with Karen is one thing, but being civil to Ramona is an entirely different ball game.

EWWWWWWWWWWW! Karen and Ramona are playing pool, and Karen reveals that having sex on a pool table has always been a fantasy of hers.  Thanks for sharing.  She also tells us that Dave has swagger and brings it in the bedroom.  Add that to the list of things I never needed to know.  Ramona needles Karen about not being able to admit her feelings for Dave for fear of getting hurt.

Carla and Joe are working out together at the gym.  While she likes their flirty relationship, Carla doesn’t trust him a lick.  She starts hinting around about how he isn’t making enough time for the kids, and Joe drops the bomb that he’s got an exclusive girlfriend.  Carla is pissed to learn that this chick has already met their kids.  She can’t get over how Joe thinks they are joking around about the subject.  It becomes a full-fledged argument amongst the dumb bells.

Carla has gotten a puppy, so she, Big Ang, and Drita take their new loves on a play date.  It’s three tiny dogs in clothing.  Carla fills in her friends on Joe’s recent lady friend admission.  Big Ang thinks all men straight out of jail are the same.  They joke around about Joe’s girlfriend’s age.  Big Ang wonders if Carla feels bad for casting Joe aside while he was in prison.  Um, no.  Carla thinks that if he can’t be patient enough to work on their relationship, he’s not worth her time.

Karen and Dave head out for date night.  Karen is like a school girl, showing Dave with compliments.  She isn’t so complimentary when Dave admits he’s been dating in her absence.  She threatens his life, as well as the life of whatever girl he’s bringing into her bed.  Karen discusses with him the stressful part of being the only family member (Dave included) that wasn’t indicted in her father’s drug ring.  Dave tells Karen that Karina really wants her parents back together, but he isn’t really considering moving from New York.  Seriously?  Dave then sticks his tongue down Karen’s throat in an effort to say that while he may not want to move, he still likes her.  Gag.

Renee is doing a radio show to discuss all the craziness surrounding her father and Junior’s incarcerations.  Renee hopes that the interview will be cathartic for her.  Her friend is conducting the interview, and Renee is anticipating the questions and being brutally honest with her answers.  Of course, the longer the interview goes on, the more the ol’ crazy Renee surfaces.  Yikes!  She spits at one point.

Drita arrives home to get her mail.  She finds a letter from Lee that states he will no longer be moved to Brooklyn.  Drita is beyond upset, as the transfer would have allowed their daughters to have more of a relationship with their father.  She immediately calls her friend to vent about the new turn of events.  Lee has been moved to a facility that is seven hours away, and he can’t use the phone…only e-mails.  Drita is in tears over her how her daughters will react.  She thinks that the feds have done this on purpose to punish Lee even more.  These ladies and their conspiracies!

Next week is the season finale.  Renee has set up a location for the Drita/Karen treaty.  Drita just wants to call a truce while Karen wants her to “own up to all her lies.”  Could there be a brawl a brewin’?


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