Survivor Recap: Mind Games

After last week’s blindside, last night’s Survivor episode assured us that finally-FINALLY-the remaining castaways are playing the game.

After Kat gets the shaft, the women (and Tarzan) are laughing on the beach about her final words.  Tarzan has a master plan he’s unwilling to share, but he approaches Kim about her strategy.  He promises to get the jury to vote for her if she ends up in the final three with Alicia and Christina.  Of course, that means that Kim has to vote off her biffle Chelsea.  Tarzan is all about the mind games.

Chelsea believes the game is three-on-three:  Chelsea, Kim, and Sabrina versus Christina, Alicia, and Tarzan.  Chelsea thinks it is funny that Christina’s trio thinks that Kim is joining their alliance.  Poor Chelsea.  Chelsea tries to sway Christina to further her threesome, but Christina runs back to camp to relay everything she heard to Kim and Tarzan.  Kim, of course, tells Chelsea that Christina turned on her immediately after their conversation.  Chelsea is pissed, and Kim is getting exhausted trying to play both sides.


The group meets up with Jeff Probst for the reward challenge.  They must race to turn a disk, dizzy-bat style, and then two more.  Once the three disks are collected, each tribe mate must put his or her disk together to form a decoder which gives them the combination to raise a flag.  Sounds easy enough, right?  The reward is a biggie.  The winner receives a trip to a yacht where he or she can shower, get fresh clothes, and enjoy a cocktail and three course meal at sunset.  Whoever gets the reward even gets to sleep soundly on the boat for a night.

Sabrina is leading the pack, and everyone is staggering around like a bunch of drunk people trying to unscrew their disks.  All of the survivors are neck and neck.  Chelsea is the first to try her combination, but it doesn’t work.  Christina and Kim solve their decoders, but they too aren’t able to get their combination to work.  Chelsea finally raises her flag and is overwhelmed at her reward.  She is allowed to bring two teammates, and she chooses her supposed alliance…Sabrina and Kim.

On the yacht, the ladies are in hog heaven.  They shower, they put on clean clothes, they drink champagne.  There is an actual kitchen and beds!  It’s amazing.  Chelsea feels like she and Kim are on a honeymoon.  Kim is just glad to be reminded she’s not a savage.  Back at camp, Christina and Alicia are livid.  They MUST get rid of Chelsea.  Their trio wants to force Kim’s hand…she says she’s on their side, but if they want Chelsea gone and Kim hesitates, they’ll know she’s playing both sides.  Tarzan works his mind game magic to make Christina and Alicia start to question Kim even more.  Back on the boat, Sabrina touts Kim’s ability to gain everyone’s trust.  It appears the lines are clearly drawn…beach combers against yacht goers.

When the women return from their reward, Alicia reveals to Kim that Tarzan tried to throw her under the bus by saying if she didn’t want to vote off Chelsea, they’d know she was a traitor.  After comparing stories, the pair realizes that Tarzan is a lot smarter than he seems.  He is totally trying to turn the “strongest” against one another.  Poor Alicia continues to be delusional about her spot on the totem pole…she thinks she is running the game, but I don’t think that is quite accurate.  In my opinion, the yacht girls know what they are doing.

At the immunity challenge, the players must use several fish hooks to gather bags of puzzle pieces…it’s very old school Barrel of Monkeys.  Once they have retrieved all the bags, they must assemble a puzzle of a fish skeleton.  It’s one of those challenges that sounds a lot easier than it looks.  Did I mention they each have one arm tied behind their backs?  Everyone is doing well, but Kim is the strongest contender, with Alicia not far behind.  Chelsea is dead last.  Kim loses her lead with a hook mishap, and Alicia takes the lead.  I can only imagine how this game will turn if Alicia wins immunity.  Please no.  Or yes…she manages to barely beat out Kim for a secure place in the final five.

Tarzan is quick to call Alicia a “b*tch” when she wins.  With her new found power (sarcasm), she can’t decide if taking out Tarzan is a better choice than taking out ChelseaSabrina dies laughing when Kim tells her that she’s convinced Alicia she’s a major player.  Kim and Chelsea discuss the possibility of Chelsea leaving, but Kim tries to convince her friend that she can swing the vote for Tarzan.  If she can’t, however, unbeknownst to Chelsea, Kim is prepared to vote off her closest confidante.  Chelsea approaches Sabrina stating that she hates that unworthy people like Christina will manage to stick around longer than herself.  Sabrina agrees, but she hopes that Chelsea will stick around.  She’s amazed at how good Kim is at getting people to trust her.  Alicia and Tarzan discuss how important it is to take out Chelsea.  He’s just hoping that Kim doesn’t convince Alicia otherwise.  Alicia is beyond confused as to who to trust.

At tribal council, all the dudes and Kat take their seat with the jury.  Kat can’t even look at the folks who blindsided her.  Tarzan plays dumb at tribal council…he claims he won’t win, as even he makes it to the end, the guys won’t vote for him as he helped get rid of them…not to mention who is going to want to give the Survivor money to someone who already has a ton of money.  Kat gets teary when she learns that Tarzan had her undies on his head earlier.  Christina and Alicia share their frustrations that they weren’t included in the reward.

As usual, I have no clue how this is going to go.  Chelsea gets the first vote, followed by Tarzan.  Oh wow!  Alicia apparently was intimidated by Tarzan enough to vote for him.  Kim is good at this game, for sure.  Wait, did Mike just flip Tarzan the bird as he snuffed his torch?  Drah Ma!  It’s a hen party from here on out, y’all!

Next week, it’s the two hour season finale.  The women are in it to win.  It airs this Sunday!