American Idol Elimination: And There Were Four…Soon To Be Three

There are four very talented artists left on American Idol.  Viewers are reminded that the final three get the homecoming of a lifetime.  The event is marked with stellar judge and past winner performances.  It’s almost time to crown the nation’s newest star.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Equally exciting?  Ryan Seacrest seems to be feeling much better.  The audience even gets treated to tickets for the upcoming tour.

The final four perform a Mamas and Papas tribute.  It’s great, and reminds me again how badly I wish I could sing a note.  Product placement abounds, and a Ford video is shown.  The final contestants are excited to be in a commercial…it’s electric!  Everyone touts saving the environment with Ford’s new electric car.  It’s a cute video, but let’s get to the results please!  Phillip Phillips is the first to face the music (literally).  He sang “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and gains mad praise from the judges.  Randy Jackson calls his performance pitchy to start, but he certainly comes into his own.  Jimmy loved it.  His next time on stage, singing “Volcano” Randy touts that he’s listen to it all day long on his headphones.  Jimmy is beyond impressed.   Ryan sends him back to sofa to wait it out a little longer.  Of course he does…


Hollie Cavanagh is up next, and her first song on Wednesday was Journey’s “Faithfully.”  It’s a big song for such a little girl, and she pulls it off in spades.  Steven Tyler calls it “beautiful.”  Her second choice “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (one of my favorites) gets mixed reviews from the judges.  They thought it was too dramatic.  Jimmy thinks she sang a song out of her experience range, calling it a “crash and burn.”  I think that was a bit harsh.

David Cook debuts his new single, and I have always felt he was an Idol before his time.  I adore him, but he doesn’t seem to the following of Idols past.  His new song is great though, in my opinion.  I’m just thrilled to see him perform.

Ryan calls Joshua Ledet to the stage.  His “You Raise Me Up” brought embarrassing tears to my eyes.  Jennifer Lopez loves the dramz he brought.  Jimmy, however, wished he’d been able to talk Joshua out of this song choice.  His second showing, a James Brown tune, made Steven say he could go home happy, he’d seen enough.  JLo had to speak in Spanish she was so taken by the performance.  Jimmy can’t say enough about it…in fact he’s worried that AI will be hard pressed to find an original song for Joshua (should he win) that creates such magic.  I just think he’s so darn cute, I don’t care what he’s singing.

Last up is powerhouse Jessica Sanchez.  Her “Steal Away” makes Randy call her “ridiculous”, stating she “could sing the phone book” and he’d listen.  Jennifer is equally impressed.  Jimmy is a hard sell.  Perhaps they should make him an actual judge next season as he’s the only one who ever seems to have criticism for the contestants.  The judges just want a love fest.  I was floored by her “I’m Not Going” which I thought was risky as it draws the comparison to former Idol alum and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson.  Jimmy thinks she was flawless.  I tend to agree.

It’s time for a JLo performance…”Dance Again” from the matriarch of the American Idol family.  She’s got the voice, the look, the moves, and the body…I’ll give her that.  While I think she’s a great celebrity personality (and sometimes–“sometimes” being generous–a good actress), I have yet to be blown away by any of her music.  I’m probs just jealous that she has the voice, the look, the moves, and the body.  I’m only human.

It’s time to find out who gets to enjoy the hometown reception.  The judges throw praise onto each contestant, remembering how far each of the young, talented singers have come.  The judges even rail on Jimmy’s critiques.  The four are brought back to the stage to hear their fate, and Jessica is the first one who makes the final three.  She is followed by Joshua which brings lots of cheers from the judges.  It’s between Phillip and Hollie, and sadly Hollie has to say good-bye.

I am sure it won’t be the last we see of her.  She’s too cute and talented not to be in the tabloids.  Remembering her very first audition (that didn’t garner her a golden ticket) makes me remember why I love this show so much.  She’s come such a long way, and I know we’ll see her again.  Her competition cries as she sings her final song, and the judges all rise to their feet to shower her with hugs.  Oh AI…always so emotional!