Last night was the season finale of Mob Wives, and one never knows what is going to happen with this rowdy group of women…especially since there’s a dreaded meeting between to women who have a penchant for beating the poo out of each other.

Renee Graziano and Drita D’Avanzo meet for cocktails to discuss everything that has been going on in their lives.  Drita relays the news that Lee will not be transferred to a prison in Brooklyn.  Renee outlines her father’s plea deal, and she is relieved that the other people that Junior affected didn’t get much time.  Renee has also scheduled the meeting between Drita and Karen Gravano for the following day.  Drita is willing to go so the pair can move forward, but she doesn’t want Karen rehashing the past.  Good luck with that!


Big Ang and AJ spend some mother-son bonding time at the tattoo parlor.  AJ is wearing a shirt that has “Crime Pay$” emblazoned across the front.  Really?  Ridiculous.  Jobs pay.  Big Ang is having “Omerta” tattooed across the back of her neck.  It means “code of silence” to remind AJ that they are not a family of snitches.  Here’s an idea, don’t do things that would get you in trouble, and it won’t matter if someone talks about what you’re doing!

Karen is sharing the “meeting” plans with Ramona Rizzo.  Ramona’s face is priceless.  What did she do to her eyebrows?  Ramona isn’t too keen on anything coming from this meeting, and Karen seems to be gearing up for a fight.  She wants Drita to own up to her lies, and Karen is prepared to go to jail if this doesn’t go how she hopes.  Seriously?  What is up with these women fighting all the time?  Do “ladies” have multiple fist fights when they aren’t being filmed for a VH1 show?

Renee takes her son AJ go-cart racing.  She reveals that she’s going to have someone come and cleanse the house of it’s negative energy.  AJ thinks it’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard.  Meanwhile, Ramona goes to a psychic to get guidance.  She is upset about the fact that her boyfriend was denied bail.  The reader tells her that there is a man who loves her, but he doesn’t want her to wait on him.  That could be accurate, but it only makes Ramona love her boyfriend even more.  The psychic also tells Ramona that her grandfather is very proud of her, and her estranged father will eventually come around.

Over dinner with Renee, Carla Facciolo shares the news of Joe’s new girlfriend.  Renee can’t understand why Carla isn’t fighting to stay with her ex-husband.  Um, maybe because she wants someone who is faithful?  Carla knows he’ll be hopping to another woman soon, so she’s trying not to think about it.  Renee talks about her house cleansing, and Carla may think she’s a tad cuckoo.  They both are concerned but hopeful for the dreaded meeting between Drita and Karen.  Renee is worried that Carla will be put off if the two make up, as Drita is Carla’s biffle.  On the contrary, Carla wants them to make up so she can be in the same room with both and not have to worry about dodging thrown objects.

Wisely, Drita heads to see her behavioral specialist for anger management before meeting with Karen.  He hooks her up to a machine that shows her anxiety while they role play about Karen.  It is beeping out of control as she’s attempting to maintain her cool.  Her doctor doesn’t understand why Drita gives Karen the power to make her feel that way.  After their appointment, Drita is even more worried about how this meeting is going to go.

It is the witching hour for Drita and Karen.  Way to go, VH1, put them in a room full of wine botttles!  What if one of them decides to go all Evelyn Lozada on the other?  It starts out calmly, but it quickly becomes all about Lee the definition of friendship.  Karen brings up the past altercations, and even though Drita looks like every muscle in her body is tightly clenched, they manage to talk without really raising their voices.  Of course, there is a lot of cussing.  Karen then wants to know why Drita went around bragging to people that she put Karen in the hospital after their first smack down.  She even has brought paperwork to prove that she hasn’t been to the hospital on Staten Island since a mid-1990s ear infection.  I honestly think Drita is going to lose it.

Even though Karen doesn’t believe Drita’s assertion that a nurse started the rumor, she’s willing to accept it so the pair can move forward.  She’s so gracious, that one.  Drita makes some good points–why would she brag about something that’s so embarrassing?   What grown woman is proud of beating up their friend?  Drita’s not proud, she’s ashamed.  I tend to believe her.  Finally both women seem to be actually listening to one another.  They call a truce, citing motherhood as a good reason to not want to bash each others’ skulls.

Urban shaman (how does one get that gig?) Mama Donna arrives at Renee’s to help her cleanse the home.  Renee’s biggest concern is a grainy pattern in the marble countertop that she thinks looks like a face with empty eyes.  Yeah, she lost me on that one.  She and Mama Donna are going around the house using blue balls and spray bottles to spread holy water everywhere while burning incense and fanning the smoke into every crack, corner, and crevice.  AJ and his girlfriend Sidney show up just in time to see the end of the cleanse.  Renee thinks that energy in the house is already so much lighter.

Drita tells Big Ang about the truce.  Drita says that she felt badly hearing how much it bothered Karen that Drita could put her hands on her.  She also is super proud that she was able to keep her cool while Karen was bringing up all the things Drita didn’t want to rehash.  Big Ang is going to be throwing a dinner party the following night, and she’s excited that Drita and Karen can both be civil.  However, Drita changes her tune when she finds out that Ramona will be attending.  There is no way she’ll ever reconcile with Ramona like she did with Karen.  Drita will go to the dinner, but she refuses to even look at Ramona.

The women and their children arrive at a classic steak house for Big Ang’s.  I think it was a great idea to bring kids in the mix, because surely these ladies won’t do anything in front of their offspring.  Carla has plans to regulate if anyone tries to start smack in front of her precious little ones.  No worries, as Drita and Karen manage a half hug.  When Renee asks how the meeting went, both say it was terrible, but they are at the dinner out of respect for Big Ang.  Renee is crushed that her plan failed until both Karen and Drita burst out laughing at their lie.  Renee is beyond thrilled that things are better, and the two even reminisce about their crazy youth over dinner.  Ramona watches them with disdain, while Carla watches Ramona suspiciously.  Why can’t we just all get along?  The kids are all giving toasts, and everyone is laughing.  The season ends with dancing and togetherness…until the reunion.

One part one of the reunion next week, Ramona and Drita go after each other with Renee trying to intervene.  Joy Behar quickly loses control over the situation.