It’s reunion time for the Mob Wives.  Oddly enough I feel as if the season flew by, but when I see footage of past episodes, I realize I’ve been watching this show for what seems like forever.  Joy Behar is hosting the debacle, and I’m curious to see if she can keep the crazy in line.

We revisit the season, with special attention paid to Junior Pagan’s betrayal and Renee Graziano’s breakdown.  Renee and her sister Jenn Graziano, who is a producer on the show, are asked about their thoughts on Junior.  Renee is actually very calm, and sadly she reveals that she miscarried before everything went down with Junior.  Her sister discusses why she continued to film Renee during her dark times, and Renee admits that she urged her sister to document it.  Joy reminds Renee that Junior was wearing a wire in his watch which explains his reaction to Renee gifting him with a new watch for his birthday.  Both Drita D’Avanzo and Jenn are confused as to why Junior would want to be on a television show when he was trying to be so sneaky.  Renee and Jenn reveal that neither have spoken to Junior, and Renee has heard that he was rejected from the witness protection program.


There is a hilarious video about the woman’s favorite phrases including “I’m comin’ for ya” and “over it.”  Joy reveals her admiration for Big Ang, as she is the one who manages to stay out of the drama and bring the fun.  After a Big Ang montage, it’s unanimous…everyone loves Big Ang.  Joy introduces Ramona Rizzo as the other new mob “wife.”  Her first season is highlighted, along with her Lucifer nickname.  It find it totally funny when Ramona admits that she gave herself that moniker, not Drita.  Ramona laughs about calling out Al Pacino when he played her grandfather in Donny Brasco.  Joy wonders why no one ever “comes at her” as they seem to come at Ramona.  Looking at Drita, Ramona states it is a conversation that should probably be had off camera.  From the previews, we all know that will never happen!

Joy revisits the rift in Carla Facciolo and Renee’s friendship. Drita looks extremely uncomfortable.  I must say that the reunion up to this point has been civil, and all the women are very cordial…I’m worried that is going to come to an end.  Renee admits that regardless of the season, she and Carla are tight.  Carla laughs about how Renee was angered when Carla called her a bi-polar bitch.  Renee jokes that she hadn’t been diagnosed as bi-polar at that point.  These two are now thick as thieves.  No matter how much Joy tries to stir up drama, the ladies won’t bite.  Renee takes great pride in saying she is overly dramatic so she doesn’t think twice about anything Carla had to say about her this season.  Vice versa according to Carla.  The pair is great friends.

Joy brings Karen Gravano into the mix, and she’s forced to defend herself for talking out of both sides of her mouth.  Karen is talking a bunch of crap, but I am impressed to watch Renee and Carla talk through their problems and admit exactly what they said amidst the gossip.  The feud among Carla, Ramona, and Karen is revisited.  Carla has more of a story line on the reunion than she did on the show.  Joy asks about their friendship, and Carla states that she didn’t want to be around Karen and Ramona when all they did was gossip about Drita.  Karen and Ramona start in on Carla, and Carla wonders why they need to rehash this crap.  It gets so bad (I can’t understand a word they are saying) that Renee feels the need to leave the stage.

Renee’s party/aka the smackdown between Drita and Karomona is highlighted.  I am reminded that Drita throws the first punch, but I had forgotten that the other women ganged up on her.  Ramona calls the scene trashy, and Carla is still glad she wasn’t in attendance.  Drita admits that she should have never gone to that party.  Big Ang says that she was key in putting Karen and Drita together that evening, and she tells Joy that in hindsight she made a huge mistake.  Karen is yelling at Renee’s sister Jenn off-stage about when Drita did or did not want to speak with Karen. Shockingly, it seems to be Karen and Drita against Jenn.  At least these two are on the same page.  Or not…Drita is going crazy, while Karen keeps imploring Renee not to give her two cents.

Drita is adamant that she would have never fought with Karen had Ramona not joined in the fray.  Ramona is quick to say that the only reason she intervened was to make sure that, regardless of the fact she hates Drita, a fight never ensued.  Ramona claims that she only approached Karen and Drita’s heated conversation was to make sure that both mothers weren’t going to do anything that would cause them to get in trouble with the law.  Karen tries to intervene, but no one can talk over Drita and Ramona.  They both get off their respective sofas with Renee trying to keep them separate.  Others step in, and Drita exits stage left.  What just happened?  Drita and Karen seemed to be fine, so what is with all this backlash?  My voice is hoarse just listening to them scream!

Next week, Ramona and Drita are still going at it, and Renee is scolded by Karen when she tries to placate the situation.  Karen talks about having Karina move to New York, but she’s met with discord from Karina’s father.  Joe admits to cheating on Carla multiple times during their marriage.  Wow and wow.


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