Dance Moms Recap: The Zombie Apocalypse

Oh Abby Lee!  You are livin’ on the dance floor…that’s for darn sure!  First off on last night’s Dance Moms, Abby reminds her girls that they are every bit as sluggish and boring as they were at the competition.  B to the O to the Ring were these little ladies last week…according to the all-knowing Oz Abs.

Shockingly, Maddie is at the bottom of the pyramid.  Melissa thinks that her daughter’s place is not okay, but she’s willing to let the other girls have their position at the top.  Joining Maddie is McKenzie who placed tenth.  In case you didn’t know, Abby doesn’t do tenth.  Paige rounds out the bottom of the pyramid for missing a step.


Brooke is on the second tier of the pyramid with Nia.  Brooke isn’t giving it her all.  Nia is responsible, and didn’t talk Abby’s ear off while learning her routine.  That’s a major plus in Abby’s eyes.  Chloe lands on top for her amazing solo, but of course she is chastised by Abby who wanted more.   The troupe is heading to Chicago this week.

Nia and McKenzie will have a duet while Paige scores a solo.  Abby is quick to tell Paige that her solo isn’t a reward…she’s just not going to dance with others and mess with their mojo.  Brooke also gets a solo.  Chloe will have a solo as well, but if she misses class, she’s pulled from the solo.  Apparently Chloe missed a lesson due to a doctor’s appointment.  While Abby doesn’t want to give this lazy pile of children a group routine, but since she must, the theme will be zombies…as that is what the girls look like.  Mom Holly gets the coveted role as costume provider.  She is beyond thrilled.  #sarcasm

As the girls begin rehearsals, the mothers convene in the viewing room.  Paige is being called out by Abby left and right.  Melissa is disturbed that her daughter is at the bottom of the pyramid.  The other mothers wonder if Melissa not kissing Abby’s bum is the reason her daughter is low on the totem pole.  Christi thinks that Abby is used to Melissa being at her beck and call.

Paige is revisiting an old routine that she’s never gotten to perform in competition.  Brooke’s acrobatic/lyrical routine is tough according to Abby.  She talks to Kelly about Paige’s props.  Paige needs a chair that has pads on the bottom, and Abby wants her mom to get that together.  Abby also wants Brooke to take voice lessons at the studio.  Brooke needs to sing!

Melissa meets with Abby about the fact that Maddie hasn’t had any private lessons with Abby due to her lack of solos.  Abby reminds Melissa that Maddie has no confidence.  Abby jumps at the chance to offer Maddie private lessons so she can get into the young girl’s head.

McKenzie is excited about her acrobatics duet dance with Nia.  It’s a circus themed number where Nia will play the lion tamer while McKenzie will be the lion.  Brooke is now taking voice lessons.  She’s got a voice…and lyrics for her own songs.  Abby reminds Brooke that she doesn’t need to be ruined by her momager Kelly.

Holly is working overtime to get the zombie costumes just right.  She enlists the other mothers for help and inspiration.  I do like that these moms work as a team as opposed to the ladies of Miami.  Chloe is chastised during the group dance.  Abby gets on the girls for not having animated expressions, but the mothers wonder about just how animated zombies are supposed to be.

Oh no!  Kelly hasn’t put pads on the bottom of Paige’s chair because she got so caught up in helping Holly with the zombie costumes.  Abby then throws the chair (sans stoppers, of course) across the studio.  After belittling Kelly for not helping her daughter be her best, Abby then turns to Paige and asks why her mother would use language that truck driver’s use.  It’s tacky.  With a quick flick of her hand, Abby dismisses a tearful Paige due to her mother’s behavior.

Kelly is livid–so livid the cameras can’t even keep up with her.  You go, Kelly!  I do think she crossed the line with the whole Abby’s too fat because she can’t stop eating tirade, but that’s just because I’m trying to remain politically correct.  Kelly’s temper is way overboard, but I do think she was pushed to the limit with Abby’s antics.  Kelly pulls both her daughters from the competition.  Paige is bawling, saying she just wants to go home.

The following day, Kelly appeases her daughters by taking them back to the studio.  She doesn’t want them to let down their team. Kelly vows to stay in the parking lot to work on the zombie costumes.  Abby is fine letting Paige and Brooke rejoin the group.  The moms bond over spray painting apocalypse attire.

Chloe is being pushed to the limit with her jazz solo.  She is feeling the pressure of being at the top of the pyramid two weeks in a row.  Holly feels like she really brought the costumes this week…with the help of her dance moms.  Abby knows that Melissa can’t stand that Maddie isn’t the center of attention this week.  That said, Abby is happy is to oblige and remind Maddie about when she ran off stage after forgetting her routine.  Melissa comes into Maddie’s lesson crying about how disrespectful the other moms are to Abby.  Maddie is embarrassed by her mother’s dramatics, and she exits stage left…literally.

The dance troupe is heading to Chicago, and Abby is thrilled to learn that Kelly has opted to drive her daughters and herself separately.  Kelly, Paige, and Brooke are running late.  Christi wonders what her friend is thinking not getting to the competition online.  Melissa takes her daughter into the bathroom to encourage her to be her perky self.  Taking her mom’s advice, Maddie approaches Abby about getting a solo.  Abby calls her out on doing her mom’s bidding, and she accuses the young girl of being afraid of Chloe.  When Maddie starts crying, Abby agrees to let the crybaby (her words, not mine) dance a solo so she’ll know what pressure feels like.

Kelly and crew arrive at the competition.  Holly feels awkward being submerged in the Kelly/Abby tension.  Abby ignores Kelly’s daughters like the plague.  Kelly is concerned about how Abby’s behavior is affecting her daughters.  When Kelly learns that Maddie was granted a solo, Kelly vows to pull her girls’ dance numbers.  No offense, Melissa.  None taken.  Both Paige and Brooke are a scratch.  There are gasps all around.  Abby Lee Miller feels like she looks like a failure.

Chloe’s solo is off to an amazing start.  It finishes strongly as well.  Chloe is beyond proud of her performance.  Maddie is up next, dancing the same number that caused her to flee the stage last season.  She nails it until the music begins to skip.  What luck!  Maddie is able to keep dancing despite the snafu.  And the crowd goes wild! Chloe is the first one to congratulate her teammate.  Again, why can’t the adults be as mature as the dancers?  Chloe places third in the solo round, while Maddie garners second.

The other mothers are curious as to whether Kelly will let her daughters dance the group number.  She doesn’t want her daughters to let down their team even though she is beyond pissed at Abby for her actions.  Holly vows to support Kelly whatever her decision.  Kelly is in tears as she decides to allow her daughters to participate in the group number.  Christi thinks it is a good call, considering how Abby holds grudges.

Nia and McKenzie’s duet is adorable.  The zombies are preparing for their final number.  Holly is beyond impressed with her costume abilities.  She should be—the costumes look amazing!  The group number is phenomenal.  McKenzie and Nia place first for their duet.  The group number takes the top prize.  Abby touts her choreography for the win.

Kelly is concerned about Abby’s reaction for her pulling her girls’ solos.  The children exit the staging area before Abby decides to rip her a new one.  Kelly and Abby get into it, but they are both too hoarse to scream really loudly.  Abby reminds Kelly that she was at the hospital when Kelly’s husband ran over her daughter’s foot.  Apparently that warrants poor treatment.  Duh.

Next week, Abby threatens to expel Kelly’s girls due to unsportsmanlike behavior.  Melissa wonders if she’s taking heat from the moms because Abby cheated so that Maddie could get ahead.