Dance Moms Recap: Love the Girls, Like the Moms…Abby, Eh

After a tumultuous but victorious competition in Chicago, Abby Lee’s dancers are back for more.  Last night’s Dance Moms proved to be even more explosive, with Abby and Kelly once again butting heads.  As much as she wanted to leave the studio, Kelly wants her daughters to get to enjoy dancing with her friends, so she has returned fully prepared to see her daughters on the bottom of the pyramid.

Kelly called it.  Both Brooke and Paige are at the bottom of the pyramid.  Not only will they not get solos, they have the word “probation” splashed across their head shots.  Brooke thinks it’s unfair that she and her sister are being punished for an argument that their mother had with AbbyChloe is also at the bottom for missing a rehearsal due to a doctor’s appointment.  Christi is livid.  MacKenzie is on the middle tier, with Abby citing she needs more ballet training.  Nia joins her, and Abby praises her trio.  Holly knows how excited this makes her daughter, so she is very proud.  Maddie is once again back on top.


The girls will be competing in Michigan.  Abby reveals that two studios will be dancing for the sole purpose of taking down her troupe.  Could one of them be Victor and Angel’s Stars?  What a crossover that would be!  The group number is called Silver Spoons…aka meaning flatware, or luxury, or country clubs.  Take your pick.  Chloe and Maddie are given a duet, while Nia is granted a solo.  MacKenzie will also be dancing a solo.  Maddie gets the Helen Keller solo.  What?  It’s an old routine that always wins for Abby.

Abby addresses Kelly regarding her behavior last week.  Abby doesn’t like the language that Kelly used.  Kelly doesn’t like the fact that Abby scared her daughter by throwing a chair across the studio while screaming.  Abby makes Kelly re-read her contract with the dance studio…specifically the clause on sportsmanship.  The moms want to know if Abby re-read the part of the contract where she promises to provide a safe and loving dance environment for her students.  Great point.

Holly is curious as to why Chloe was penalized for a doctor’s appointment.  Christi explains that someone, she isn’t sure who, told Abby that she took Chloe to a movie after her appointment.  Melissa reveals in her interview that she’s never one to rat out a ten-year-old, but…she was so tired of the moms thinking she was a rule-breaker.  She wanted to let Abby know that she wasn’t the only one.  When Melissa admits this to the mothers, Christi reminds her that Chloe’s doctor told her she couldn’t dance that day.  Christi wonders why Melissa is so hell-bent on getting on Abby’s good side.  We learn that  Maddie might have practiced with skipping music to make sure she’d be able to continue with her routine.  Melissa says she had no idea that Maddie’s music would skip during the actual competition.  Holly thinks something smells foul about the entire situation.  I do love me some Holly.

Chloe and her Maddie are practicing their duet.  I love that these girls are such good friends, regardless of what their mothers think.  Melissa interrupts the rehearsal to confront Abby about potentially cheating on her daughter’s behalf with the skipping music.  Christi thinks that she’s tattling yet again, as Abby will just call the other mother’s jealous.  Abby is floored.  She would never risk her reputation by sending out a dancer with a bad CD.  Melissa doesn’t want her daughter to get any sort of special treatment.

Abby is extremely unimpressed with the group number.  The dancers are forced to dance around with a giant heavy spoon.  It’s bigger than all the girls.  Abby has the dancers practice with a trophy which proves to be much easier.  Nia begins working on her solo, and Holly is shocked to see how different it is from previous dances.  It’s a very mature contemporary number.  After Nia messed up in Miami, Abby wants her to prove that she’s worthy of more difficult choreography.

Maddie is practicing her Helen Keller number.  She isn’t nervous as she loves to play a role.  MacKenzie is working hard not to repeat past mistakes.  Melissa thinks that MacKenzie is still too young to learn solos in such a short time.  Melissa wants to go to lunch with Holly to discuss the whole “Maddie practiced to skipping music” accusations, as she knows that Holly will be the one mom not to fly off the handle with her.  Melissa explained her conversation with Abby, and Holly admits that she only has the mom’s opinions to rely upon…and Melissa is in the same boat.  Holly is always the voice of reason, isn’t she?

Abby has found a much smaller spoon for the girls to utilize during their group number.  The moms watch as Abby screams at their daughters.  None of the mothers are impressed by the choreography…they think it is too easy, yet the girls don’t know it.  During costume fittings, Holly is excited to see Nia’s cutting edge outfit.  Melissa thinks MacKenzie looks precious in her Daisy Chains solo dress, but she’s worried that it won’t matter if she can’t remember her routine.

When the girls don their group number costumes, Abby doesn’t want Paige to stand out for being the only girl wearing green.  Abby makes Paige change with Chloe even though trading the dresses is a fitting nightmare for both girls.  While Christi would normally be happy that her daughter was highlighted, she thinks the entire thing is ridiculous.  She and Kelly both think that Kelly’s daughter should remain in the green dress.  Melissa wonders if these ladies ever aren’t complaining.  Chloe brings the green dress back into the viewing room.  Not only does she want to wear a costume that fits, she also wants her friend Paige to get some extra attention for wearing the special dress.  You have to love these little girls.  I also really love that the moms aren’t fighting.

The dancers arrive in Michigan for the competition.  Abby pretends to be freaked out by the “two teams that came to take them down.”  What is this, the Sharks and the Jets?  Chloe and Maddie perform their duet first.  These little girls are beyond talented.  Next up, the dancers dress for the group number.  None of the moms understand why Paige and Chloe must switch costumes.  Neither fits when the girls trade.  Regardless of the wardrobe snafu, the girls look like dancing porcelain dolls.  Chloe and Maddie score second place for their duet, and the group number places second as well.   Abby reams the girls for allowing the other studios to beat them.  Holly wonders what is wrong with second place.  Christi jokes that she hopes that Maddie’s music doesn’t skip.

Abby instructs the soloists to either win or lose big.  She isn’t putting up with any more second places.  Kelly is upset that Maddie is getting special attention from Abby that her daughters never receive.  Of course, unlike some Miami moms, Kelly doesn’t blame the child for the bad behavior!  Maddie amazes with her Helen Keller solo.  Holly is on the edge of her seat as Nia begins her dance.  She nails every last move.  Holly is in tears.  If Abby has anything to say, I may jump through my screen.  Of course, she says it was good, but not great.  I’d love for Abby to say that to all of Nia’s teammates who tackle her with hugs post-performance.  These little girls are so much sweeter than their teacher.

MacKenzie is up next, and Abby warns her not to forget her dance.  Melissa is concerned that Abby is psyching out her youngest daughter with all of her pressure.  Maddie watches her sister proudly.  She remembered all the choreography which is a feat being that she is so young.  MacKenzie places first in the petite solo.  Nia places ninth in the junior solos, with Maddie garnering fifth.  Thank goodness for MacKenzie, according to Abby, since her other soloists did such a horrendous job.  I am so glad that Holly and Melissa don’t fault their daughters for not winning first place.

Kelly decides to confront Abby about taking the green dress from Paige.  A hoarse Abby promises she wasn’t trying to hurt Paige’s feelings, but Chloe was the obvious choice to stand out in front of the judges.  Shockingly, Kelly walks away without much of a fight, but Abby insists she will no longer take Kelly’s accusations and disrespect.  Wait, did I miss something?  Abby addresses the dancers about how she would never sabotage a dancer with a skipping CD or a bad costume. The poor girls look terribly confused.  Can you blame them?

Next week, the girls will be attending the country’s largest competition.  Abby pulls out all the stops by enlisting PeytonBrooke stupidly asks Abby for permission to attend her first school dance.  Is she crazy?  Not only does Abby not care about anything outside of her studio, that goes double for any of Kelly’s kids.  Poor Brooke.  She should have stuck with cheerleading.