Dance Moms Recap: Birthdays and Blowouts

It was the birthday party from H-E-double hockey sticks on last night’s Dance MomsAbby Lee Miller doesn’t only have some of her dancers in tears, but some of the moms as well!

The bottom of the pyramid is Paige because of Kelly changing her choreography.  While Abby is proud that she beat her Candy Apple counterpart, perhaps she would have beaten her even better with Abby’s moves.  MacKenzie joins Paige on the bottom, followed by Brooke who is finally off of probation.  The middle rung Nia and MaddieChloe takes the spot for landing her solo in the top ten and winning the overall best costume award.


This week, the girls will be heading to Atlanta.  Chloe has a solo entitled “Trouble.”  Maddie is back in the game with a lyrical number.  Paige, Nia, and MacKenzie will be performing a trio.  The group number is called “All Kids Go” and it’s about growing up and leaving behind childhood.  Due to the more mature nature of the dance, MacKenzie will not be participating.  A Snooki pouf sporting MacKenzie says she’s bummed not to be dancing with the big girls.  Abby is putting Payton in the number, so Leslie will be joining the moms.  Lifetime Abby is sending a casting video of the girls to Drop Dead Diva to play a young dancer.  Holly thinks it is pretty unfair that Payton is a visiting dancer yet she’s featured.  All the moms are curious to see the dynamic between her and BrookeLeslie arrives and immediately starts angling for a solo for Payton.  Eye roll abound in the viewing room.

Over in Ohio, Cathy is regaling in the news that Jill has decided to pull Kendall from the Candy Apples.  She is super excited to announce a casting call for Drop Dead Diva.  The show treats us to a mash-up of auditions between Abby Lee’s girls and the Candy Apples.  Not surprisingly, Maddie is really good.  Also not surprisingly, Cathy is totally coaching her daughter through the video session.  Paige would love to get to the part so she could be on a television show.  Newsflash, Paige…

Holly, Melissa, Christi, and Kelly meet for cocktails (over lunch, of course) to discuss Kelly’s upcoming birthday party.  The other mothers are giving Kelly a hard time for inviting Leslie to her shindig.  I think that Melissa is quietly excited that someone else has taken over the role of punching bag, and Leslie as the bag actually punches back, making it much more fun to watch!  Christi reveals that Chloe won’t be at that evening’s rehearsal because she has allowed her to go on an overnight school field trip.  That should go over really well with Abby.  Abby is livid, and she accuses Christi of being a sneak and a liar and knowing about the trip much farther in advance.  You know what?  She probably did, but it’s a–say it with me–school field trip.  Then Abby crosses the line and calls Chloe dumb.  Melissa looks like she’s on the verge of tears and it’s not even her daughter.  Leslie thinks this is the perfect opportunity to ask if Payton should have a solo.

Abby is speechless over Maddie’s solo.  It’s exquisite.  The trio, on the other hand, is leaving much to be desired according to Abby.  Kelly yells at Leslie about vulturing a solo, and I am also wondering why she invited her to the party.  While Christi is glad that she allowed Chloe to go on the field trip, she hopes that her daughter will easily pick up what she missed at rehearsals.  Kelly confronts Abby about shy she is giving Payton a solo while her and Holly’s girls work hard every weekend and are rarely granted a solo.  Chloe returns to the studio and she is beyond nervous to talk to Abby.  Abby puts extra pressure on Chloe to remember her solo, but she’s secretly impressed that Chole performs it so well.  Of course she doesn’t tell Chloe that.

The women are drinking up a storm to celebrate Kelly’s birthday.  Check that, Kelly is drinking up a storm for her birthday.  Holly breaks in between Christi and Leslie’s bickering to mediate calmly as she always does.  Who doesn’t love some Holly?  Of course, she can’t get in another word when Leslie calls Christi a drunk.  Christi shoos her from the party, but not before Leslie throws a wine glass across the rooms.  Quick, someone call Evelyn Lozada!  Leslie clearly needs some major lessons in cocktail chucking.

In Atlanta, Christi and Kelly meet Leslie in the hallway, and immediately the women pick right back up with their yelling.  Bring on the dancing please!  Christi is thrilled that Chloe is able dance her solo, and even Abby admits she was wonderful…thanks to all her years of training with Abby.  Maddie’s solo is flawless.  She receives a hug from Chloe as soon as she walks off stage.  I say it every week, but these women could learn a thing or twelve from their daughters.  The trio was better than I expected, but MacKenzie is off beat.  Nia falls on her front aerial.  After their performance, all the girls lament about how they messed up worse than their counterparts.  Again, how kind are these little girls to one another?

Payton is worried she isn’t well-enough prepared for her solo.  She does a good job, but even Leslie says Payton did well for having less time to rehearse.  Abby’s screaming has Leslie moved to tears.  I hate these girls have to watch the adults act like such idiots.  The group number was phenomenal, so Leslie no longer has to worry that if they perform poorly the moms will blame Payton.  Chloe’s solo garners fourth place, while Maddie takes the top spot in her age group.  Payton places second among her peers.  The trio even scores fifth place, which I think totally surprised everybody.  The group number takes home the top prize, vindicating Abby after last year’s competition.

Next week, one of the girls potentially wins the Drop Dead Diva role.  Melissa is mortified that Abby makes Maddie show off her crowns to the other girls for fear her daughter is being alienated.  Abby threatens to pull Paige from the group number, and the soloists costumes go to the wrong city.  Chloe suffers an injury.