Flipping Out Recap: They’re Ba–ack!

Last night's was the season premiere of Flipping Out, and here's hoping it's as neurotic as ever!  We've even got some new characters to add in the mix, along with old favorites.

Jenni Pulos is back full-time with Jeff Lewis, and I love the banter between the two of them.  Jeff tells ZoilaChavez that she needs to plunge the upstairs toilet.  He blames the new design associate Vanina and her tampons for the clog.  Vanina looks mortified.  Zoila doesn't buy it…she knows it's Jeff's number twos that are the problem.  That Zoila has quite the mouth on her, and I love it.



Jenni is engaged!  She and Jeff are driving around, and they are talking about her wedding and engagement party.  Jenni pretends to be alter ego Deb when answering a call from party's venue.  She has Jeff cracking up with her deep voice and the fear she places in the heart of the poor caller when she promises to party hard with him at the engagement party.  That Deb…you can't take her anywhere!

The pair heads to Jeff's Gramercy house.  His light remodel has turned into a giant renovation, but Jeff is creating his dream house.  He and Jenni discuss moving an outside fountain based on lining up the faux genitalia on the fountain (which isn't even a peen…it's a just a spout!) with the spoke on a his gate.  It's all very mathematical.  Jeff sees this house as a labor of love, although he wishes he could move in sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately, this can't be his only project, and we are introduced to his other clients.  Gage Edward is doing most of the project management at Gramercy while Jeff tends to his other projects.  Now if only Jeff could decide on paint colors!  Gage isn't holding his breath.

At Jeff's current home, Jeff and Zoila get into a disagreement about the age of the vacuum and the amount of time Zoila spends cleaning.  When she was out with her plastic surgery, Jeff brought in Lupe to pick up the slack.  However, Lupe impressed Jeff so much that he decided to keep her on part-time…plus, he likes that it makes Zoila sweat a little bit!

With Sarah Berkman and Trace Lehnhoff gone, Jeff has hired Andrew as a design assistant.  Andrew is a thirty-something trust fund baby who has impeccable taste.  He also must have a job to collect his trust fund money each month.  Jeff loves that Andrew needs him more than he needs Andrew.  Let the hazing begin! 

Jeff is so over talking about Jenni's nuptials, which means she does it even more just to annoy him.  At his Spring Oak project, things are in high gear.  The owners are coming back in a week after months of renovations, and they want to actually stay in their home.  Andrew is charged with baby-sitting the crew at Spring Oak to make sure all the deadlines are met.  Good luck with that!

At Gramercy, Jeff decides to put in a generator because he doesn't ever want to lose power…who wants warm vodka and a cold jacuzzi?  Not Jeff.  Who remembers when this project was just going to be some new paint?  Also not Jeff.  Gage, however, remembers it like it was yesterday, even though it was months and months and months and months ago.  I hope this house doesn't break up the happy couple!  Jenni compares the tension between Gage and Jeff to be similar to she and her fiance planning the wedding.  Jeff is frustrated because he knows that both he and Gage have maybe taken on more than they can handle.

Andrew is pointing fingers and ordering around the Spring Oak crew to get the house ready as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, he didn't count on a mini-geyser in the bathroom, and he's thrown into a tizzy.  After calling Jeff to report that the situation is semi under control, Jeff and Jenni decide to pop in on the project to see for themselves.  Jeff realizes that things aren't dearly as dramatic as Andrew led him to believe, and he hopes that poor Andrew isn't going to be so high strung he ends up having a breakdown after one week of employment.  Or perhaps that would be entertaining to watch…

Back at the home office, Jeff wonders in front of both Andrew and Jenni why poor Andrew isn't invited to the engagement party.  Jenni uncomfortably tells Jeff that Andrew is invited to the wedding, but the party is just for a few close friends.  Andrew wonders if perhaps this isn't the most appropriate work conversation.  Always stirring the pot, Jeff asks Vanina if she will be attending the engagement party.  She is…awkward!  Jenni is totally flustered, and Jeff takes great pleasure in the entire situation. 

The owners of Spring Oak are on the way.  While it isn't furnished, the crew has made amazing progress.  The before and after of this home is phenomenal.  Now it's time to focus on Gramercy, and Vanina weighs in on generator-gate.  Luckily (or unluckily for Gage) a faulty sprinkler distracts from the generator.  Gage is tired of being bossed around, and Jeff needs to be a little less lecture-y in my humble opinion.  Gage has some serious patience. 

Jeff can find anatomy in anything, and he threatens to cover Zoila's wall with a vagina-esque (can y'all believe I just had to type that?) wallpaper.  Zoila passes, saying she'd prefer to look at a more penis themed wall covering.  I really secretly want to work for Jeff Lewis.  His former client Nancy is now serving as his house assistant after he replaced Jett with her.  Nancy swears that you can boost your immunity by taking a shot of apple cider vinegar every morning.  Jeff enlists his employees to join in this morning ritual (to cut down on sick days, duh), and hilarity ensues when Andrew can't keep his down.  He such a drama queen!

The owners of Spring Oak love what Jeff has done to their house.  However, they have decided to stay up north and sell this house that Jeff has worked so hard to complete.  Poor Andrew just can't seem to get things together.  Jenni thinks he may be better off working in a zen garden. 

Zoila can't wait to get her wine on at Jenni's engagement party.  Andrew managed to score an invite.  Unfortunately for Jenni, her fiance Jonathan Nassos is flying in from his home in Chicago, so he's a tad late for the shindig.  Jeff can't help teasing Jenni about her runaway groom.  Although he could never say it to Jenni, Jeff is super happy for his friend and assistant.  The couple shares very sweet toasts.

The sweet toasts don't do much to pacify the passive aggressiveness between Jeff and Gage on the Gramercy project.  Every tiny detail seems to be a major battle.  The pair decides to meet for lunch to discuss how they can fix their relationship.  Gramercy was supposed to be a fun project, but it's not anymore.  Jeff suggests that they buy Spring Oak and put Gramercy on the back burner.   Gage isn't keen on these decisions being made without his input.

This season, the normal antics ensue as do problems with current projects.  Zoila and Jeff come to blows, and he considers firing her.  Jeff thinks that Jenni's wedding planning is taking away from her work, and Andrew shows us just what a drama queen he can be with a dramatic exit.


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