Dance Moms Recap: Super-Sized Competition…Justice Is Served

Last night was the season finale of Dance Moms with an explosive competition.  Abby Lee Miller was meaner than normal, Candy Apple Cathy's laugh grated on my last nerve, and Kelly contemplated pulling her girls from the Abby Lee Dance Company for good. 

The girls are headed to Beverly Hills 90210 for Nationals.  I think the moms are more excited than the kids.  Melissa clearly wants some Brandon Walsh action!  The bottom of the pyramid is Paige, thanks to her injury and forgetfulness, Nia for not being sharp enough, Chloe for coming in sixth overall, and Kendall for being good, but not good enough.  Jill is livid.  Brooke is on the second level.  Abby touts her amazing job but calls her lazy.  MacKenzie joins Brooke for forgetting part of her dance.  Maddie makes her way back to the top of the pyramid.


The group dance this week is called "The Last Text."  It is described as both disturbing and scary.  I can't wait!  Both MacKenzie and Maddie will have solo numbers along with BrookeKendall, Nia, and Chloe will all learn the same choreography and compete for the final solo spot.  Abby reminds the girls that they are not friends, they are competitors.  The moms are not happy about this turn of events.  Melissa thinks its going to cause the three girls to lose focus.  The girls bust in and tell the mothers how creepy the group dance is.  It's basically a PSA about the perils of texting and driving.  Kelly is upset to learn that Paige doesn't move at all during the group number, but she knows complaining to Abby will get her nowhere.  When Paige questions Abby, Abby berates her for forgetting last week's routine.  Christi is putting major pressure on Chloe to perfect the solo choreography.

Cathy from the Candy Apples tweet that her troupe plans to kick the bums of the Abby Lee Dance Company.  Abby thinks that MacKenzie's solo is going to crush VivianKelly can't watch Paige in the group number because she feels so badly for her daughter.  Abby reminds Brooke that her technique is awesome, but her face isn't going to win any titles.  While Maddie is rehearsing her solo, Kelly mentions to Melissa that the other girls are not getting as much practice.  Abby assumes that the mothers are criticizing Maddie.  When Kelly clarifies, stating she hates her daughter came so far not to dance, Abby goes ballistic.  She yells that Paige forgot her dance last week, and for that to happen to an eleven-year-old, there must be something wrong with her.  Abby screams that Kelly should take Paige to the pediatrician to get to the bottom of her problem.  Yikes.  Kelly pulls Paige from the lesson, and the other mothers go to comfort her.  Abby was way out of line…again.  Holly and Christi offer their support.  Kelly takes Paige to do a modeling photo shoot to take her mind off of how hateful Abby was to her.  Paige is precious.

Kendall is getting very frustrated with her mom's pressure.  Jill reminds her daughter that she beat Chloe fair and square last week, and it's not fair she should have to compete for the solo.  Christi hopes that Kelly returns or else she's high tailing it as well.  Kelly comes back to be belittled by Abby…no surprise there.  Nia, Chloe, and Kendall are auditioning for the solo, and Abby wants to have their mothers judge.  Of course Holly, Christi, and Jill all pick their own daughters.  Abby calls upon Melissa to break the tie, and she chooses Nia.  Now it's Jill's turn to go crazy.  Abby then asks who would get the most points, and Melissa admits that Chloe would.  Kendall is in tears, basically saying that it was rigged.  Now, it's Holly's turn to storm out after Jill's meltdown.  Chloe has a bittersweet victory. 

All of the girls look very defeated.  Chloe wants to win her solo to make Nia and Kendall proud.  Christi feels like she needs to push Chloe a little harder.  She's worried that Chole's confidence has taken a hit after getting sixth place last week.  Abby keeps reminding Chloe that she needs to intimidate Justice from the Candy Apples.  Cathy arrives on cue.  Abby is livid that her girls aren't scaring the Candy Apples.  Across the hall, Cathy and "guest choreographer" Mitchell are chanting to Justice "Clean Chloe's clock!'  And that would mean…?  Kelly happens to hear the insanity and relays it to Abby's group. 

Cathy is a lunatic.  She busts into Abby's studio claiming that Abby has been lying about her moms being interested in the Abby Lee Dance Company.  When Christi starts talking, Cathy becomes irate, and I am worried that Abby is going to take off Cathy's arm by slamming it in the door.  Cathy's laugh is frightening.  Abby then goes to the Candy Apples studio and reveals that Justice's mom has been calling her.  Cathy is beyond angry and embarrassed.  Score one for Abby!

It's time for the competition, and Abby is confident they can beat the Candy Apples who, consequently, are cheering outside of the ALDC studio.  Abby instructs Maddie and Chloe to find Justice back stage and intimidate him.  Cathy warns Justice about their possible tactics…is he dancing as Rambo?  Maddie performs first, and she is flawless.  Justice also does a pretty stellar job…I think he should join Abby Lee's group next season, just for more drama.  The moms think that Abby is too preoccupied with Cathy to give their daughters any attention. Brooke knocks it out of the park with her solo.  MacKenzie is also as precious as well.  Chloe is a ball of nerves, as is Christi.  She shouldn't be—Chloe is amazing, and Holly thinks she deserved to dance the solo more than any of the girls. 

The Candy Apples perform their group number, and I am curious if Vivian ever actually dances.  Before the girls perform, Abby reminds them that beauty fades, and she follows it up with a snarky, "Right, Kelly?" before yelling at the girls not to screw up the routine and HER chance of winning.  Wowsers.  Christi is concerned that the group number may be too gory for Nationals.  It is a very, very dark dance.  Even Cathy can't believe how powerful the dance is.

MacKenzie wins first place in the petite solo division, and Brooke takes first place in the teen division.  Justice gets third place in his age group, and Chloe ends up beating Maddie for first by a fifth of a point.  I couldn't be more thrilled for her!  It's an Abby Lee sweep as the group number takes the top prize.  Cathy thinks the dance is brilliant, and she congratulates Abby before telling her McDonald's has a hamburger with her name on it.  Kelly isn't sure she will return, and all the girls and moms are super upset. 

The season ends with Kelly in tears…until Abby introduces Brooke's music video.  What?  This is too funny.   Wow.

Next week, it is the first ever Dance Moms reunion!  I can't wait!


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