Kendall Jenner Invites Young Girl Battling Cancer To Fashion Show

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Sadly, it doesn't get the wide-spread recognition that it needs and deserves, however Kendall Jenner recently went out of her way to raise some awareness.

Kendall, who has been modeling this past week at Fashion Week in New York, invited one of her young fans to join her for Tuesday night’s Style 360 Tumbler and Tipsy show. Morgan Pierce was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in November 2008. Emily describes her nine-year-old daughter as a "little fashionista" who aspires be a fashion designer. Obviously. We're loving those boots, Morgan!

Emily shares, "Morgan's starting to understand the importance of spreading awareness, so being able to meet a celebrity like Kendall, and have her be interested in helping, is becoming more and more important to her."

Morgan and her family lives in Florida but travels to New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for treatment. "When I was told about Morgan and her dream to come to a fashion show, I wanted to do anything I could do to help make that happen," Kendall tells People. "Morgan was so sweet and excited to be at the show. I was honored to be part of such a special night for her."


Kendall gave the fashion-loving tween the VIP treatment, including a backstage tour, photo ops, and goodie bags. Morgan sat in the front row while Kendall took to the catwalk. Emily says Morgan was "really excited to cheer Kendall on." 

The special night was a "great distraction" for Morgan. "Morgan always had this passion, and she's very good. From a young age, she paged through fashion magazines, putting together the looks she loved and creating her own style." 

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Morgan's illness has been a challenge for the family. “We try to make this a part of everyday life, and raise our kids to understand that there are hardships in everyone’s lives, and that we just have to move forward. We’re going to deal with it and help as many kids as we can, " says Emily.

"It made it so special that Kendall was actually interested in September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month," share Emily. "It doesn't get a whole lot of recognition, so that's why we're just so appreciative to David [Manning] and Kendall for being so interested in what's going on."


Photo credit: Twitter