Louise Roe Replaces Elle Macpherson as Host of NBC’s Fashion Star

As a lover of fashion, bad television, and all things post-Simple Life Nicole Richie, you would think I'd be all over NBC's Fashion Star.  However, I am not.  I just couldn't get into it to save my life…and this is coming from someone who plans to dress as Austin Scarlett from Project Runway for Halloween this year.  To be fair, there are only so many hours in a day, so much space on my DVR, and, in addition to ridiculous amount of reality television I watch both for blogging and pleasure (it's fab too when those overlap!), I am also addicted Law and Order: SVU, HIMYM, and Happy Endings.  It's A LOT of television.

I'm going to give it another chance though this season, and here's why: Elle Macpherson, the show's creator and former host has chosen Louise Roe to replace her, and I think it's an interesting change-up for the series.  Not that I don't like Elle (she had a great work-out video back in the late '90s), but she's just not made for hosting.  Sure, she's drop-dead gorgeous, but did you see her on Friends?  It's like watching paint dry.  Louise Roe has the fashion knowledge AND the hosting chops…not to mention she's just obscure enough to be intriguing. 

Who am I kidding?  Jessica Simpson is still on the show, and she hasn't been relevant since she divorced Nick Lachey.  I doubt I need to point out what a sad state of affairs it is when an ex-boy bander from a boy band on the fringe of legitimate boy bands makes one relevant, but I digress.  How did Fashion Star even get picked up for a sophomore season?


I kid, I kid.  I am sure it's a great show, although the mediocre ratings prove that most people aren't watching.  NBC is hoping Louise will be able to turn those numbers around.  After all, she has hosted a lot of awards show red carpet events for MTV International as well as the CW's Plain Jane.  Yeah, I've never heard of it either.  Louise was also on hand for E! as a correspondent for the royal wedding, and, let's face it, she could totes be a long lost Middleton sister. She looks just like Pippa!

Louise also serves as fashion editor-at-large for Glamor magazine, so her resume is stocked full of reasons why she'll be a great addition to the show.  Did I know any of this about Louise Roe before now?  No.  You know what I did know about Louise that automatically makes her amazing in my eyes?  Two words:  The City.  Y'all have to remember her from season two, right?  While she wasn't a huge presence, she totally made Olivia Palermo green with envy because she was so talented, likeable, and NICE.  Plus, anyone who gets to hang out with Whitney Port is golden in my book!

Deadline reports that Elle Macpherson feels the same way.  She reveals, “As executive producer of Fashion Star I’m really excited by our choice of Louise as host for the second season, I think her presence will energize and surprise."

Louise is thrilled as well, explaining that it's her "absolute dream job."  She says, “As a host I love working with a live audience, but I’m also looking to use my experience as a journalist and designer, to very much empathize with the buyers and contestants.”


[Photo Credit: Twitter]