Flipping Out Recap: An HR Nightmare!

Last night's Flipping Out was all about AndrewJeff Lewis thinks that Andrew is really fitting into the office, both for his design taste and ridiculous personality.  As with everything else, they can manage to sexualize a towel rod.  While Gage Edward recognizes that working with such a cast of characters certainly makes the day more entertaining, he isn't quite sure it's how a business should be run.  After some tension and arguing in Chicago regarding Jenni Pulos' wedding plans, Jenni gives Jeff a heartfelt card in hopes of putting the negativity behind them.  Jeff appreciates the note, but he teases Jenni that he deserves more than a $50 gift card since he's walking her through life.  I want to remind Jeff that he already thinks Jenni is spending too much money on this wedding, so he should count his lucky stars!

Jeff's client Lisa can't get over how he treats Jenni.  Jenni, of course, just rolls with the punches.  Lisa is the senior executive producer of Extra, and she hired Jeff to do a few smaller projects around her new home.  In true Jeff fashion, he was able to convince her to do a total overhaul, and now she's concerned about the giant budget.  Like all of Jeff's clients, she does have fun with all the insanity. 

Gage is diligently working on Gramercy.  He really isn't onboard with moving into Spring Hill.  Jeff, meanwhile, is hoping to get Spring Hill finished and permits acquired so they can move in quickly.  Jeff likes that he doesn't have to micro-manage Andrew on all of these projects, although Andrew's comments around contractors and clients are worrying Jenni in her newly minted HR position.


Nancy is making margaritas for the staff, and Zoila Chavez can't wait to get her cocktail on!  Jenni addresses Andrew's inappropriate comments, and he promises to work on his comments although he knows it is going to be hard because it's just his personality.  Jenni is such a sweetheart, and she seems to be taking this new job title very seriously.  Bless her heart, she even has to worry about Jeff when he starts grilling her on what undergarments she is wearing.  Poor Jenni is then bombarded with questions about her weight gain and larger boobs.  She certainly has her HR work cut out for her!

Lisa and Jeff are still butting heads on the budget.  Jenni knows that this is one client that Jeff isn't going to be able to finesse into a higher amount.  Jeff becomes another human resources nightmare for Jenni when he announces to the office that Vanina leaves urine sprinkles on the toilet seat.  Jenni writes up Jeff and puts a note in his file.  Bwahahaha!  Jenni suggests that next time Jeff pull Jenni aside to discuss her bathroom habit.  After their talk, Jeff gives Vanina the task of looking up synonyms for the word "narc."  Man, I would so love to work for Jeff!

Jeff meets with Lisa to explain his need for more money.  He also doesn't want Lisa to think that he's just trying to bleed her dry. Lisa knows that Jeff has the best of intentions, but she's not going to budge on the budget.  Jeff begins to look for places where they can scale back, and while both want to continue to work with contractor Gill, he's going to have come down significantly on his estimate.  Jenni has the uncomfortable discussion with Gill, and he will do his best to reevaluate his bid.  Jenni offers to perform as a rapping lizard at one of his daughters' birthday parties as a major incentive to slash prices.  That's a fair trade!

Jeff wants Jenni to go over Gramercy issues with Gage.  Andrew makes a snide comment which then turns into a very disgusting comment about rancid tuna and a part of sweet Nancy's anatomy…oh, and licking.  As far as Jeff is concerned, his statement went way over the line.  Andrew's so far past the line, it's a dot from where he's standing.  Nancy doesn't find Andrew super humorous, and Gage finds him to be highly unprofessional.  Andrew gets confused as to where the line is with Jeff. 

Jenni and Jeff ask Lisa if she'll ask Extra's lawyer if Jeff has any legal recourse if he's sued by a contractor or employee for any of Andrew's sexually inappropriate comments.  Lisa wonders if Jeff has plans of firing Andrew.  Jeff is torn because Andrew is super good at his job. 

We really haven't seen enough from Zoila this episode.  She has injured her middle finger walking the dog.  I think she should file an employment claim!

Jeff gets upset with Andrew for leaving early for a pet-sitting gig.  Andrew tries to explain that he didn't have a choice as his friend had to go out of town.  Um, what?  Yeah, most employers would find that to be a valid reason to check out early.  Jeff doesn't think Andrew is taking his job as seriously as he should.  Andrew seems to check out of the conversation once he gets disciplined.  When Jeff calls him out on making a mistake on his list, and Andrew starts going through his daily lists to see when the mistake originated.  He's totally implying that it was an oversight on Jenni's part.  Jenni admits that she probably did make the mistake, but Jeff is livid when he attempts to throw Jenni under the bus.  He should spend more time making sure his list is correct than pet-sitting!  Gage can barely contain his glee as Jeff lays the smack down on Andrew.  When Andrew finally admits his fault, Jeff eases up on him.

Jenni thinks that Jeff was too hard on Andrew, but Jeff doesn't want him wasting his opportunity.  Jeff and Jenni head to Spring Oak for the final inspection.  Andrew forgot to tell Moses to pick up the rocks that Jeff requested.  He has Jenni call Andrew to bring him the rocks.  This isn't good considering that Andrew has the dog he's pet-sitting with him.  He zips the poor dog into some kind of carrier.  Gage can't believe he's brought the dog to work.  Jeff is beyond furious, but he isn't going to lose his cool in front of the inspector. 

Back at the office, Jeff takes Andrew aside for a chat.  Jeff is very calm, but Andrew is in tears.  Gage and Jeff think that having a yapping dog at the job site was very unprofessional.  Gage is not at all sympathetic, but Jeff assures him that he'll be keeping his job.  He just wants Andrew to look at this situation as a long term career.  Jeff also wants Andrew to scale back on the joking.  Who knew Jeff was such a softie?

Next week, the office celebrates Zoila's birthday with a night out on the town, and the crew is learning that Andrew may not be what he's portrayed.  They are catching Andrew in several lies. 


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