Flipping Out Recap: The Secret Life of Andrew Coleman

Andrew Coleman's web of lies unraveled last night on Flipping Out, and I must say it was much more dramatic than I anticipated.  You know, I thought Andrew was funny the first couple episodes, but his attitude is horrendous.  I do think, however, that it was the best show of the season so far!

Andrew seems a little sullen after his tongue lashing from Jeff Lewis, but he is willing to do Jeff's grunt work.  Jeff insists he isn't trying to punish Andrew….he just want him to prove that he really wants to the job by being willing to do anything…even if it's cleaning the outside range. 

Jenni Pulos and Jeff are going to meet with Lisa.  At Lisa's office the pair trade off wearing Kangoo boots and racing down the hall, crashing face first into walls.  They get scolded by en EXTRA! employee like two children.  It's hilarious.  Jeff has countertop samples for Lisa, but all she sees are rising dollar signs.  He had better keep this budget in check!


Andrew is working hard to clean the range.  Gage Edward is very wary of Andrew, and he makes Andrew nervous.  Gage makes sure to call out Andrew when he leaves, chastising him for forgetting to recover the range. 

Jenni and Jeff have too much fun getting gag gifts for Zoila Chavez's birthday.  Long underwear, anyone?  Jenni and Jeff decide to wear ski masks on their ride home, asking random pedestrians where the nearest bank and/or Seven-Eleven is.  It is flipping hilarious!  One helpful gentleman points out a liquor store around the corner for the pair to rob.  Andrew finds himself under fire again for neglecting a bathroom fixture inventory.  It seems that the more attention that is focused on Andrew, the more mistakes he makes.  He desperately needs to stop making so many excuses, that's for sure!  Andrew keeps forgetting what he's told, and Vanina suggests he write things down.  She always keeps a list, and she never makes mistakes.  Andrew thinks he's become the office punching bag.  Jeff and Vanina have him take the fullest garbage can down to the street, and it's so heavy it topples on top of him.  Poor Andrew.  If he weren't being so whiny and pissy, I may feel a bit badly for him!

At Zoila's birthday dinner, tequila shots, Tijuana teen antics, headshaking and whistling abound.  I could never handle a mouthful of tequila while getting whiplashed by Jeff.  Andrew likes feeling like part of the work family, Zoila attacks her birthday treat like a porn star.  It's awesome.  Jeff surprises Zoila with a Mercedes SUV.  It is so sweet to see her overwhelmed.  And I'll say again how much I'd like to work for Jeff!

The progress at Lisa's house is amped up big time due to some insurance issues.  She and her husband must be living in their house in a week in order to renew their homeowner's policy. Jeff had hoped for five more weeks to work before the family moved in it.  They are going to have to make sure the home is able to be occupied in a week, and Lisa and her family will have to live there while it's completed. 

Andrew tells everyone in the office that he has been subpoenaed for the fire.  Jeff (everyone for that matter) is baffled.  Fire?   What fire?  Andrew explains that a fire in a neighboring condo caused damage to the one he shares with his boyfriend, and he has been subpoenaed in the case.  He's acting like a disgruntled employee and requires another Jeff pep talk.

Gage, Jenni, Andrew, and Jeff are eating lunch, and they are questioning Andrew about his past.  He reveals that he and his boyfriend incurred a ton of credit card debt so his parents kicked them out of the family's big home.  Now the couple lives in a small condo.  Andrew's all "Responsibility, wha?"  It's the perfect attitude to have with your boss.  Gage can't hide his disdain for Andrew on his perfectly sculpted face.  Jenni comes to Andrew's defense and scolds Gage and Jeff for continuing to haze him.  Andrew wants more responsibility, and Jeff needs a lot of help with Calabasas.  At least Andrew is finally writing things down!  Jeff and Jenni are making the rounds of clients, while Andrew heads to Calabasas.  Contractor Gill isn't nearly as concerned with how much more work needs to be done as Andrew is.

Back at the office, Zoila talking to the plants.  Jeff thinks her craziness is absolutely presh.  In Calabasas, Andrew is helping the electrician because he is cute and has a French accent.  At least the work is getting completed.

Jeff, Jenni, and Vanina are driving around, and none of Andrew's addresses are making sense to anyone.  He told each of them he lives in a different place.  They all have also heard different occupations for Andrew's boyfriend.  They go to the one address they have, and it's not a place Jeff thinks a trust fund kid would live.  Jenni is concerned about where she should send her wedding invitation.  Jeff can't believe how she can bring everything back to her wedding.  They have a potential sociopath on their hands, and she's talking about her wedding.  Meanwhile, Andrew is trying to call with a progress report but no one is answering.  His office mates are too busy comparing all of his multiple stories.  It's odd because the lies Andrew is telling are so insignificant, so why would you tell them? 

Jeff starts in on Andrew's multiple lies, first questioning why Andrew has a handicapped sticker on his car.  When Jeff brings up the many addresses, Andrew looks like a deer in headlights.  Jeff questions Andrew about whether he owns or rents his condo.  Andrew chokes out "rent" as Jeff reminds him he said he owned it before.  Andrew is very defensive, and he tells Jeff that it isn't any of his business.  Jeff makes the valid observation that if he's lying about something so minor, what bigger lies is he telling?  Andrew throws a tantrum, rips off his microphone and quits.  He then peels off down the street leaving the entire office (and this viewer!) totally flabbergasted.

Next week, Andrew calls and wants to talk to Jeff, and Gage is concerned about his mental state.


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