Flipping Out Recap: Second Chances

I have been waiting on pins and needles to learn the darker side of Andrew Coleman!  I don't think we even hit the tip of the iceberg with the most recent episode, but I can't wait to hear what y'all think!

Last night's Flipping Out resumes with Andrew schreeching out of the parking lot.  Gage Edward enlists Nancy to help fill the gaps.  He's very excited to see Andrew hit the road.  Jeff Lewis is floored, and he's scrambling to figure how to take over the projects Andrew was handling.  He really thought Andrew was an asset to the office, so he's confused as to what has happened.  Zoila Chavez does her best impersonation of Andrew storming out which Gage finds hilarious.  Too soon for Jeff though.  Too soon.

Jeff questions Jenni Pulos as to whether he should have seen some signs.  What else did Andrew lie to him about?  Jeff seems be hurt that things ended the way they did, and Jenni tells him not to beat himself up over the situation.  He declares he's going to start doing back ground checks and checking references.  Too little too late for Andrew!  Jeff reveals that he followed up with Andrew's resume after he quit and it was a total embellishment.  Someone really wanted to be on Bravo. 


Calabasas is coming along very nicely.  Construction is done, and Lisa and her family are settling in as Jeff handles finishing touches.  After hearing about Andrew, Lisa believes that it is probably for the best given he's not very trustworthy. 

Jeff is teasing Jenni about her husband moving in after they have gotten married given that the pair has never lived in the same place.  He thinks that Jenni is going to scare him off because she's such a pig.  You've got to love Jeff…and Jenni for putting up with him!  The pair heads to the Venice job site, and he takes his client's daughter a Hello Kitty.  I guess that makes up for the fact that the project is taking two times longer than scheduled.  Jeff is having issues with their contractor because there are so many things not happening at the Venice loft.  The remodel seems to be going to hell in a handbasket because the contractor is milking Jeff's client for all she is worth.  Jeff and Jenni revisit the job site and learn that contractor Roberto isn't there, and the supervisor has no clue what is going on with the scheduled work. 

Back at the office, Gage is interviewing a replacement for Andrew.  He wants someone who actually knows his or her stuff, not someone who is there purely to entertain.  Meanwhile, in the midst of teasing Jenni about her weight, Jeff receives a call from a morose Andrew requesting a meeting.  Jeff obliges as long as Andrew promises not to throw anything at him.  Vanina thinks it's a bad idea, and Jenni agrees but is willing to hear what he has to say.  Jeff calls Gage who is concerned that Andrew may show up to office with firearms.  This is why I love Gage.  I would be thinking the same thing!

Back in Venice, Roberto has messed up the dimensions in the master bathroom.  He shifts the blame to Vanina who totally calls him out on his mistake, and she has the documentation to prove it.  Roberto then tries to throw his subcontractor under the bus.  Jeff deals with Roberto's ridiculousness with a lot of humor instead of anger.  He is such an enigma!  Over lunch with Lisa, Jeff and Jenni share that Andrew is coming back into the office.  Lisa warns Jeff that if he lets Andrew return to work, he will only have himself to blame if things go wrong.  Jeff realizes this but truly feels sorry for Andrew. Who knew Jeff Lewis was such a bleeding heart?

Driving around town, Vanina giggles while Jeff and Jenni compare their sex lives to sky miles.  Jenni totally makes a funny.  She says her sex life is probably sitting in coach while Jeff would warrant a full tour of cockpit.  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!  The trio arrives at Venice, and Roberto is once again missing in action.  If only the client had hired Jeff to manage the project instead of letting Roberto handle it.  I am thinking that Jeff shouldn't keep working with Roberto in the future.  Roberto is totally trying to rip off the client. 

Jeff has recruited Nancy, his house manager and a former police officer, to do background checks on all his employees.  He finds it hilarious to learn that Zoila has had some issues with her green card in the past.  Jeff jokingly threatens to have her deported, and she calls out Gage for non-existent DUIs to take the heat off of herself.  I know I say it every recap, but I so want to work there!

Jenni is now in charge of staying on Roberto.  If he talked to me the way he was talking to Jenni, I would be livid.  Jeff decides to make a surprise trip to the Venice site to see if he's there.  Jeff has made it his mission to get this job finished even if he's not getting paid to manage the project. 

Andrew will be visiting the office later, and Jeff wants everyone to be present.  Gage is not on board with making any kind of contact with Andrew.  Dun dun duhhhhhhh!  Gage appears to have gotten hives while anticipating Andrew's arrival.  A scraggly looking Andrew knocks on the door, and thankfully he seems to be gun-free.  Right off the bat, Jeff reminds Andrew that he was never planning on firing him.  Andrew quit on his own accord.  All Jeff wanted was the truth.  Andrew doesn't even seem to know where to begin.  He says that his lies go much deeper than they could imagine, and they stem from being abused by his father's business partner.  Andrew made up the person he wanted to be.  He really wants to come back to work, but Jeff needs to be able to believe him and rely on him.  Jenni says that she is wary about Andrew returning.  Gage thinks that it's admirable of Andrew to share his story with them…of course, he doesn't think this story is true either.  He equates Andrew to the boy who cried wolf.  Gage tells Andrew he doesn't think it would be a good fit, but Jeff says that he believes in second chances.  Gage is floored, and Andrew is crying. 

Next week, Jeff is remodeling his grandmother's home, and she is a pistol!  Gage is less than thrilled about moving into Spring Oak. 


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