Flipping Out Recap: Springing Forward, Moving Back

Even though I was excited about meeting Jeff Lewis' grandmother on last night's Flipping Out, I have to say this was a very depressing episode.  I hate seeing any of my favorite neurotic design team sad or sullen or in a tizzy!  However, I will say the Spring Oak finished product looks ah-maz-ing! 

Jeff is preparing to move to Spring Oak, so he teases Zoila Chavez about cleaning it before they move.  He's ready to be back in a party house where everyone can relax and not be on top of one another.  Currently he feels like he and Gage live in an office space with a bedroom.  Nancy is taking orders for lunch, and Jeff takes it upon himself to order a salad and direct weight gain digs at the bride-to-be Jenni Pulos.  He says it will definitely be Jenni's Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Zoila comes to Jenni's defense saying that she herself is fat as well, and Jeff devises a plan to have Zoila stand next to Jenni during the ceremony to make her look thinner.  Jenni is so good natured about the teasing…probably because she knows she looks great.  Plus, she's hired a trainer.


Jenni and Jeff are heading to his grandmother Patty's house for a remodel.  I can only imagine what Jeff's grandma is going to be like–I'm sure she's fabulous!  Jeff reveals that she is his mother's mom, and having lost his mom when he was eighteen, his grandmother has taken care of him.  He now wants to return the favor.  Jeff suggested that she move with him to Spring Oak, but his grandmother insisted she would die if she had to move.  Jenni is spot-on when she says that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  She is very outspoken and opinionated like Jeff, even threatening to slit any workers' throats who let her dog out during the remodel.  Yikes!  It does make me ponder Jeff as a senior citizen though, and I'll admit that I got caught up in that thought process for a lot longer than I'd like to admit!

Jeff shows his sister-in-law and another realtor Gramercy, and he's considering putting it on the market.  Gage Edward is NOT going to be happy about this.  Wasn't Spring Oak just supposed to be the stepping stone between their current residence and Gramercy?  Although Jeff designed Gramercy as his dream home, he explains he wants to keep his options open.  Jenni was admittedly shocked when Jeff discussed listing the house, but she knows that his first love is the flip.  That's what got this whole thing started, right?  Gage arrives at the house and overhears Jeff talk about selling Gramercy.  He's less than thrilled, to put it mildly. 

Gage and Jeff are trying to figure out the layout at Spring Oak.  Well, okay, Jeff is trying to figure out the office layout while Gage is sulking.  Gage reveals in his interview that there is something Jeff is avoiding with Spring Oak–starting a family.  He purchased Gramercy because it would be big enough for them to have a child.  However, Spring Oak isn't the family friendly house Gage envisioned.  There isn't room for a baby.  When Gage gets very snippy, Jeff tells him he's welcome to find an apartment of his own.  Ouch.

Jenni takes Zoila and her sister to try on their bridesmaids dresses.  Jenni and her sister are identical except for their haircuts, and I have to say, I love the dresses that can be worn several different ways.  Zoila wants to show a little cleavage in her dress.  She's adrobs.  Back at the office, Jeff is still giving Jenni a hard time about her weight, but she knows he's just jealous he isn't the center of attention with her wedding.  Andrew Coleman is back, and Jeff teases that Jenni should send her wedding invitation to all three of his alleged addresses.  Andrew doesn't care, he's just thankful to have his job back.  Jeff is happy as well, as he needs all the help he can get with his move.  Jeff loves to purge, and Jenni feels like a professional mover.  Gage is getting his first taste of the Jeff who house hops.

During the move, Gage is having a personal pity party and everyone is suffering.  Jeff even gives him what was supposed to be Zoila's bedroom to use as a large office.  Zoila adores Gage, but she thinks he's being a giant diva.  I couldn't agree more.  I normally love Gage, but he needs to get on board.  Zoila and Jeff continue to make fun of sullen Gage, and I die laughing when Zoila calls him "Barbie."

Jeff is taking Andrew and Vanina to meet his grandmother.  Andrew brings flowers because he is understandably terrified of her.  Patty is showing them some fabulous childhood pictures of Jeff who threatens to put her in a home.  Patty is very set in her ways, and she isn't thrilled about getting all new draperies and furniture in her den.  Meanwhile, back in L.A., Jenni meets with her wedding dress designer.  I think her dress is going to be gorgeous, and I couldn't be happier that Jenni gets to have her special day just the way she wants it!

Someone is itching to start flipping houses again.  Jenni, Jeff, and his sister-in-law are looking at Malibu properties to potentially purchase if he is able to sell Gramercy.  Gage, of course, isn't happy to learn that Jeff is looking for a new home.  Gage does soften a bit when he's invited to go furniture shopping at Spring Oak, but he won't shut up about Gramercy.  He needs to talk to Jeff about what is bothering him.  In the car, Jeff lays into Gage for being so negative, and he explains what life is like with Jeff Lewis.  Gage asks about starting a family, but Jeff seems deftly avoid the question while opining about what life is like in his world.  It's almost like a father talking to a child.  I have my doubts about their relationship weathering this storm.  Thankfully, we are treated to the comic relief of Zoila and Jenni working with a personal trainer. 

There is a lot of tension at Spring Oak, and Jeff and Gage's argument spills over into the office meeting.  It's terribly awkward.  Jeff shares his frustrations with Jenni, and the two find humor in searching for male blow up dolls on the Internet to serve as Jeff's next boyfriend.  The duo arrives at Patty's to move out her old furniture. She is hellbent on keeping her drapes, but after a vicious battle, she give into Jeff regarding new window treatments.  On their way back to Spring Oak, Jeff goes of on Gage on the phone for not getting everything completed at the new house.  It's ugly.  Back home, Jeff is trying to swallow his pride and be quiet and kind.  Gage still can't be happy with the house, but he does make the effort to hang the paintings neglected by the contractor.

Jeff is excited about the move, and he wants to have a serious talk with Gage.  Gage revisits his question as to where a child fits in at Spring Oak.  Jeff admits that he wants to put a family on hold, but his desire to wait doesn't have anything to do with Gage or their relationship.  Right now, he is too involved with work.  They discuss selling Gramercy but are still at an impasse.  Regardless, Jeff is going to do what Jeff wants to do.

Next week, Jeff unveils Lisa's house, and he and Zoila butt heads causing them to head to therapy together.  I can't wait!


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