Journey’s Neal Schon Proposes to RHODC’s Michaele Salahi!

"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she took a town car to crash the White House correspondents dinner…Just a city boy, born and raised in Oklahoma (I googled it!), he stole a faux cheerleader from a swindling wine maker."  I know the guys from Journey are devastated that they didn't enlist me to help them write their songs.

Sometimes I miss seeing Michaele Salahi and her gnome ex-husband Tareq in the tabloids.  They provided so much entertainment during their stint on Real Housewives of D.C.  There was that minor national security issue, coupled with Michaele claiming (among other things) that she was a former NFL cheerleader and suffered from M.S.  The quintessential cherry on top, however, was when Michaele ran off with Journey member Neal Schon right under her husband's nose, leading him to think she'd been kidnapped.  You just cannot make up this stuff!


Well, it seems that true love has triumphed once again, with the couple who rocks out to tribute tours making it official.  TMZ is reporting that Neal has popped the question to Michaele with a giant diamond sparkler.  Poor Tareq.  He never had a chance, did he?

According to the site, last night Journey was performing a benefit concert for the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center when Neal called Michaele to join him on stage.  He then proposed to the shocked former reality star with an 11.42 carat ring.  Good gracious!

In true fairytale fashion, Michaele screamed and jumped up and down–after accepting, of course–while the band started playing its hit "Faithful."  Forgive me, but I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.  Do y'all care to wager and over under on: 1) how long this will last; and 2) how long it will take for Tareq to speak to the media about it.  His divorce from Michaele became official back in August.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]