Flipping Out Recap: Couples Therapy

Last night's Flipping Out showed a break down in the relationship between Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez, and they head to therapy after some tense fighting.  Jenni Pulos and Gage Edward are very secondary on the episode, with Andrew barely making an appearance.  He's certainly toned it down, hasn't he? 

Jeff sees Lupe as a long term employee, and he wants her to come on full time to help Zoila.  He has Zoila translating for Lupe since Lupe speaks very little English and Jeff knows zero Spanish.  He admits that he probably should have found another translator because as far as he knows, Zoila could be telling Lupe to hand over half of her salary.  Zoila will be Lupe's manager, a title she clearly loves, but Jeff still needs to stir the pot and encourage some friendly competition between the two maids.  Gage unveils a portrait of Lupe (seriously?  I have got to work for this man.), and you can see how threatened Zoila is. 

We learn that Jenni lives across the street from Jeff's brother Todd and his wife.  Todd has become such good friends with Jenni's fiance that he will be planning the bachelor party.  He and Jeff tease Jenni about strip clubs and hookers.  Jenni is a tad worried about the party where Todd is concerned, but she really doesn't listen to Jeff…it's not like he knows what goes on at bachelor parties!  Jeff, Jenni, and Vanina are meeting with Extra producer Lisa to pick out tile and back splashes for her home.  They are not having much luck finding something that Lisa likes.  When they finally do, Jenni raps to celebrate.  On the way home, Jeff chides Jenni about her pre-marital counseling.  Jenni reveals that the priest thinks she interrupts too much, and Jeff is thrilled that someone else has finally noticed.


Back at Spring Oak, Jeff realizes that since Zoila's promotion, she's not cleaning as much…she's just delegating her work to Lupe.  She mouths off about how heavy the vacuum is, and Jeff is clearly irritated with her excuses.  They have totally blurred the line between employer and employee, and it's not going to end well!  Jeff continues to spark competition between Zoila and Lupe, but it's obvious that he doesn't like to see Zoila slacking off when it comes to cleaning.

After Jeff's ribbing to Jenni about the compatibility test that she and her fiance took, she suggests that Jeff and Gage take a similar test.  The three of them are heading to dinner with client Jeanne and Jeff's realtor sister-in-law.  Jeff is trying to convince Jeanne to go bigger with her remodel, but she's not totally on board.  The conversation quickly changes to Jonathan's bachelor party, and everyone is telling a naive Jenni that the strippers will be rubbing themselves all up and down her fiance.  She's shocked to learn that the strippers will touch him.  Jeff crassly tells her that she's given her fiance permission to have sex with his clothes on with some Vegas dancer.  Jeff misses the fun Jenni…he's ready for this prudish one to go away.

Zoila wants to go spend the night with her daughter.  Jeff is very supportive of her spending family time…as long as she's back at 6am the following morning.  Zoila is not happy to hear this news.  She wonders if the morning routine is so hard that he can't handle it without her just one day.  Jeff reminds Zoila that he hired her to do it for him, regardless of whether he can handle it…he pays her so he doesn't have to do it.  She makes some snide remarks as she leaves to help Nancy walk the dogs. 

At Lisa's office, Jeff is requesting more money for accessories.  Lisa isn't having it.  Jeff requests $15,000, but Lisa is only willing to give him five thousand.  If I were Jeff I'd count it as a victory!  At home, Jeff is asking if Zoila would like to leave a little early on the day she plans to go to her daughter's house.  Zoila is pouting, and she reveals that she won't be visiting her daughter since she'd have to leave so early to be back at Spring Oak.  Jeff explains once again that the morning is the busiest time of day, and he's not paying her to have Gage pick up the slack when she's not around.  Zoila tells Jeff she has no plans to go anywhere after he cried and cried and cried for her to be a work at 6am.  She is being very passive aggressive, snarking to Jeff that he needs to go on meds.  A fight is brewing, that's for sure!

Jeff does enjoy teasing Jenni about her upcoming wedding, although he just can't wait for it to be over.  The pair take Vanina shopping for Lisa's accessories.  Jeff finds it incredibly challenging to find pieces that will fit inside his tight budget, but Jenni is willing to dance for store employees for an additional discount on the items.  Jeff returns home to find that Zoila hasn't yet made his bed and it's past four in the afternoon.  He can't  worry too much about it though because he needs to accessorize Lisa's house.  Once Lisa stops laughing at the garden veggies displayed on counter, she is floored by the transformation.  Her house looks amazing.

At Spring Oak, Jeff is livid to find cat poop in the litter box.  I'd assume that's better than finding cat poop not in the litter box, but what do I know?  Zoila wonders if Jeff expects her to just spend her days waiting for the cat to use the bathroom so she can scoop out the litter box immediately after.  Jeff doesn't appreciate her tone, and he reminds her that many people would kill for her position.  Jeff is to tired of her attitude…he pays her a giant salary, got her plastic surgery, provides free room, and board, not to mention he bought her a Mercedes SUV and covers her car insurance.  Where do I apply?  Zoila wishes he'd stop rubbing in her face all the things he does for her.  She needs to stop talking and start scooping. 

For comic relief, Andrew is teaching us about Manx which are man Spanx.  It is far too much information.  Jeff takes Lisa to lunch to check in with her renovation.  She reveals that after two nights in the house, she's ready to flip it.  Lisa is terrified that the house is haunted.  Jeff is worried about his reputation.  What if people think she's selling it because she didn't like his design work?  He and Jenni offer to spend the night in the house to see if they hear the same noises. 

Jeff wants to have a one-on-one talk with Zoila.  He explains to her that she is very important to him, and he has been trying to make accommodations to make her happy.  However, Jeff feels like no matter what he does Zoila is still unhappy.  He would really like for her to go see a doctor.  This is clearly a suggestion he's made before.  Zoila refuses to go to the doctor, so he decides that the pair needs to go to therapy together.  She is willing to try it.

Jeff and Jenni arrive at Lisa's for a sleepover.  Jeff puts on a terrifying mask and goes and lurks outside Lisa's bedroom window.  After Lisa's screamfest, the trio has a good laugh about it.  The following day, Zoila and Jeff head to therapy with Dr. Donna.  Zoila tells the therapist that she doesn't like when Jeff loses his temper and screams at her.  Jeff admits that he often belittles her because he sees that as a punishment in lieu of suspension or firing.  He sees Zoila as more of a mother figure than an employee.  Zoila reveals that when he yells at her, it's more personal than just her job.  Jeff knows she takes great pride in her work, and he doesn't want to make her feel inferior.  Dr. Donna urges them both to talk things out before it escalates to the yelling and passive aggression. 

Next week, Jenni is worried that Jeff is going to do something at her wedding to offend Jonathan's family…and she should be!  We are also treated to Jenni's big day!


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