Joe Francis Claims He Slept With RHOM’s Joanna Krupa…And Her Sister!

Ewww.  I guess I should know that if a post is going to involve Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, I'm not going to be writing about rainbows and kittens…unless rainbows and kittens are involved with whatever sexual escapade he's describing.  Of course, if that's the case, someone needs to call PETA stat.

This time around Joe makes a cameo on Real Housewives of Miami where he alleges that he slept with both Joanna Krupa and her sister Marta.  Again ewww.  How old is this guy again?  Oh, that's right!  He's thirty-nine…a perfectly acceptable age to still be bragging about sexual conquests like he's hanging out in his high school locker room.  Ewww ewww ewww.  Thankfully, we'll all get to witness the madness on this week's episode.

I'll be honest, when I first saw the headlines for this piece of gossip, I was more than slightly disturbed that Joe was implying he had a three-way with the sisters, but I am relieved that my assumption is incorrect.  Small favors, right?


Radar Online shares a sneak peek of the drama that ensues once Joe starts boasting about bedding the Krupa sisters.  In the scene he says, “How funny is it? I put Joanna on television for the first time… [When] she moved from Chicago with her sister Marta… I met her through a mutual friend like her first week in L.A.  Actually I dated both sisters too – Marta and Joanna.”  Funny indeed.  I wonder if he's insinuating that Joanna appeared in a GGW video?

In the clip he's questioned as to whether he slept with the ladies, to which Joe replies, “Yes…Go ask Marta. It’s true.”

Karent Sierra decides it would be a grand idea for Joe to confront Joanna face-to-face about his claims.  The good dentist takes Joe over to chat with the supermodel.  In another clip, Joanna can be seen screaming (she's good at that, isn't she?), “You’re a f***ing sicko.”  Notice she doesn't deny it though…

Not backing down–after all, his reputation for being a pervert is at stake–Joe goes a step further, stating, “And you gave me a [bleep] in a movie theater Joanna!”  Thanks for the TMI, Joe!

Joanna then shares the news with her sister, revealing, “Joe Francis is telling people we both slept with him. How embarrassing.”  Again, no denial, and yes, that is truly embarrassing.  Instead of getting as mad as Joanna, Marta simply hides her face and starts giggling, claiming she doesn't want to talk about it when Joanna asks if the two had sex.  Perhaps she and Joe are right at about the same maturity level.  Ewww. 


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