Flipping Out Recap: Happily Ever After

On last night's Flipping Out we were treated to Jenni Pulos' wedding extravaganza!  Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward, Zoila Chavez and crew headed to Chicago to watch a radiant Jenni walk down the aisle.  Of course, Jeff also managed to offend most of the guests. 

Jeff begins by ruthlessly teasing Jenni about her breast size and asking if she's lactating.  A shot gun wedding-not!  Jenni knows he will only get worse until the wedding is over.  The more irritated she gets, the more he needles her.  Jenni tries to distract him by giving him his tasks for the wedding weekend.  Jeff feels like she's become one of his clients. 

We're taken back to four years ago when Jenni was married to her first husband Chris who also worked for JeffZoila informed Jeff that Chris would lock himself in Jeff's office when Jeff was gone, so he installed cameras.  Jeff discovered that Chris was going through his files and talking to other women.  He was forced to tell Jenni what he'd learned and she was devastated.  He feels responsible for her divorce, but he always knew she'd find a much better guy. 


They are checking in with Laura at her Venice re-model.  Jeff knows Jenni realizes what a sacrifice it is for the business to close up shop for a long weekend, given how busy Jeff Lewis Design is.  The next stop is grandma Patty's.  He informs her that next year he'll be renovating her kitchen.  She's not onboard.  Later, Jenni, Gage, and Jeff dine with Jeanne Shaw.  She's by far by favorite client!  Her husband Tommy is the lead singer of Styx, and Jeff is floored to learn that Jenni has enlisted him to sing at her wedding. 

The teasing is intensifying, with Jeff referring to Jenni living with a female roommate after her divorce as her "lesbian phase."  He wants to bring it up in his toast.  Jenni is very worried that Jeff is going to offend Jonathan's family.  And rightfully so!  Jeff fake cries as Jenni leaves for Chicago.  She's nervous that she's overlooking some details having planned everything so quickly.  Andrew creeps out Zoila by practicing his dance moves on her, and Jeff equates Jenni's wedding weekend to a giant obligation…although he doesn't want to complain because he'd like to think Jenni would do the same for him. 

Jenni his helping Jonathan with his tux, and she senses his nerves.  The gang arrives in Chicago, and Jeff is prepared to support Jenni in all of her last minute decision making.  Meanwhile, Jenni and her sister Krisann are getting body wraps.  I so want one of those!

At the Welcome Dinner, the bride and groom's families are coming together.  Jeff opts out of the dinner to dine with his family who is also in town for the big day.  He asks Zoila about her marriage, and she reveals that she never got married.  Jeff teases her for having three kids out of wedlock, but she retorts that you don't need to be married to have sex.  Scott, the Lewis family attorney is in tow, as he travels everywhere with the family.  He loves to tell dirty jokes.  Jeff thinks its a good idea that the families had separate meals given that Jenni's family was probably praying while his family was drinking and telling condom jokes. 

Meeting with her wedding planner, Jenni is devastated to learn that she can't write a check for the wedding venue.  The hotel will only take a cashiers check or wired funds. That information would have been helpful to know before arriving in town for the festivities.  Both Jenni and her wedding planner are beyond stressed.  Jeff seems to find the situation rather humorous, and he's doing his best to make sure she is even more concerned about her wedding being canceled.  Luckily, the hotel is willing to make an exception and accept Jenni's check.  The gang trusts Andrew, who admittedly can't drive at all, to get them to the museum to look over the staging for the rehearsal dinner.  Jenni wants to get Jeff's advice.  She compares the head-to-head between Jeff and her wedding planner as "a gay bitchy smack down." 

Jenni is overjoyed about all of the people who have traveled to celebrate her special day.  She's getting teary getting ready for her rehearsal dinner.  Jeff arrives at the museum early to make sure everything is how he planned.  He enlists an overdressed Gage to mop the bathroom floors.  Jeff is beyond bored by the speech after speech after speech (after speech).  Jenni can feel Jeff's tension from across the room.  Jonathan gives a toast and thanks Jeff for being so supportive of his relationship with Jenni.  Jeff reminds him, by yelling out into the crowd, " Don't cross me!  You know what happened to the last one!"  Crickets.  Wow.  Even Jeff's family can't believe his comment.  Jeff believes it serves Jonathan right for putting him on the spot. 

The following morning, Jenni and her bridesmaids are having their hair and make-up done, and Jenni and Zoila share a touching moment.  Jeff, Gage and Vanina are giving the wedding planner hives as they swoop in to the reception venue and complain about how slowly things are coming together.  Jeff and Gage then head to Jenni's suite with a bullhorn, and she is getting more nervous.  She gifts Jeff with collar stays for all of his help and tells him she loves him.  Collar stays?  I'm with Jeff on this one…she could have at least done cuff links! 

It's time for the wedding!  Jeff is reflecting on how his relationship with Jenni will change now that he'll have to share her with her husband.  The church is gorgeous, Jenni looks stunning, and Jonathan is in tears.  To be honest, I may have gotten a bit misty myself.  The ceremony is a traditional Orthodox ceremony, and Jeanne teases Gage that he's getting ideas for his wedding to Jeff…he just wants an intimate ceremony on the beach.  Jenni and Jonathan are absolutely precious together.  I am so happy for her!

Jeff thinks the reception venue is breathtaking.  Tommy Shaw sings for the couples's first dance, and then an amazing party begins.  Scott tells another inappropriate joke, and then Jonathan's brother gets up to speak.  Jeff starts a drinking game at their table that each person must drink every time he says "God."  They are likely going to get wasted from this one speech.  More toasts ensue, and Jeff appears to be on his third drink.  Zoila is breaking down on the dance floor, and she realizes that she's sharing the room with a bunch of marrieds and gays.  Honey, I feel your pain!

A drunk Jeff fills in Jenni on his table's drinking game.  There is an incredible vodka fountain at the reception as well as Greek dancing.  I so wish I had been invited.  Jeff is overwhelmed with happiness for his friend, and he's thrilled he can go back to focusing on himself now.  Typical!

Next week, Jenni is back with a vengence, and things are going down hill with the Venice remodel.  Zoila and Gage are butting heads, so we've got another therapy session!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]