Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson To Write Tell-All Book; Shawntel Newton’s Big News

Courtney Robertson and Shawntel Newton are two well-known, albeit very different, women to come out of the Bachelor madness. 

Their occupations and personalities:

Courtney is a model, mean girl, and villain. She cuts throats. Shawntel is a funeral director, quirky girl, and fan favorite. She embalms bodies.

Their Bachelor history:

Courtney "won" her season of the Bachelor. She just ended her engagement to her "prize" Ben FlajnikShawntel was rejected by Brad Womack. Later, she crashed Ben's season, but Courtney threatened to leave if Ben kept her. Shawntel was sent home by Ben. Shawntel just announced her engagement to a regular guy.

Their writing style:

Courtney plans to write a juicy tell-all book about her sorrid past relationships and Bachelor experience. Shawntel wrote a tasteful autobiography about her career and Bachelor experience.

Did you catch that? In an interview with Celebuzz, Courtney reveals she's writing a tell-all memoir. I know you're excited, but you cannot pre-order your very own copy yet… so please calm down.


Still bellyaching about her Bachelor edit, Courtney says, "I left from filming the Bachelor and I was engaged and happy and in love. Never in a million years did I think I gave them the material to edit me as the villain." 

"I was shocked that happened. That was really hard," Courtney shares. "To be honest, I didn’t even watch the show. I couldn’t. There were things that were way taken out of context. And I wasn’t in a position to stand up for myself … I had to accept it."

When asked about what she has learned from the Bachelor, Courtney says, “Sometimes love is not enough.” She adds, “You can try so hard to make something work and at the end of the day love is not enough.” Courtney insists she put her all into her relationship with Ben, saying she "never fought harder for someone." Where do things stand with Ben? Courtney says they haven't talked since they broke up via phone, though they did text a few times after the split.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Producer Secrets Revealed!

Courtney says writing the book has been a good distraction for her. The books covers life in general, moving to L.A. at 19, dating, and the Bachelor. About her past relationships, Courtney says, "I think it can be pretty steamy… I’m not gonna lie. It would be like 100 Shades of Grey." 

"No… just about love," Courtney adds. "I’m a hopeless romantic. That’s been the main theme in my life. I’ve had great relationships. Work is work, but I am happiest when I’m in a healthy, happy relationship."


I loved Shawntel during Brad's season, but I questioned her judgment when she pursued dirty hair Ben. Now, I'm so happy to hear she's engaged to her boyfriend Paola Poidmore. No famewhores for Shawntel – Paola is an orthodontist.

Shawntel tweeted:

"I said YES! We are engaged!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!! #Love #Happiestgirlintheworld."

Paola tweeted:

"She's beautiful, funny, easy going, smart, and most importantly she loves Jesus!"

Here's a recent picture of the couple with their adorable pup Bailey:


Photo credit: ABC / Twitter