Is Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show Replacing Anderson Live?

Say it ain't so!  I was upset enough to hear that my Silver Fox's daytime talk show has not been renewed, but now there are rumors swirling that Anderson Live may be replaced with Bethenny Frankel's show.  Now, I don't have anything against Bethenny (that said, I have nothing for her either), but I do adore Anderson Cooper.  Plus, having seen Bethenny's show, it's not something I would watch on a regular basis.  Anderson, however, is a daily staple. 

While I feel slightly placated due to the fact that Anderson's show will stick around until summer of next year, there is another show already circling his time slot.  Before Bethenny fans remind me that she isn't personally responsible for Anderson's cancelation and she likely has little to do with her show taking its place, I totally realize that.  It's really not so much that I'm opposed to Bethenny's show becoming syndicated, I just really enjoy Anderson's show.


An insider who is close to both talk shows tells the Huffington Post, “Without any doubt, Bethenny’s six-week test did great. She found her voice, but more importantly she found her audience."

A veteran producer explains, “Syndication is a super tough market. You have a lineup of new shows waiting for current shows to get cancelled in order to take that slot. There are only so many hours of daytime TV each network has to program. It’s the survival of the fittest. If you think a new show is going to get more viewers and advertising dollars than an old show, the choice is obvious.”

Again, I know that it's not personal.  After all Bethenny and Anderson are actually close friends.  Everyone understands that it's a ratings game.  The shows are even produced by the same company.  The same source reveals, "Is she sad her pal’s show, or anyone else’s, had to get cancelled for hers to live? Yes. But that's how the business works. We are very excited for Bethenny's show."

I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.  I'm not saying I won't tune in to Bethenny's show…I just wish there was room for everyone in the daytime game.


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