We're back after a one week hiatus of Flipping Out due to election day, and Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, Zoila Chavez, Gage Edward, and crew are just as out there as ever.  That's why we love them, right?  Not to mention, Grandma Patty was front and center in this episode, so that alone made it amazing. 

Last night's episode started with Jeff using his infamous mask to scare the bejeezus out of Andrew and Zoila.  If Andrew had jumped any higher, he would have hit his head on the chandelier.  Zoila comforts him, while Jenni scolds Jeff.  Gage thinks that the Andy/Jeff dynamic isn't appropriate for the work place.  At Gramercy, Gage, Jenni, Jeff, and Andrew are looking into planting trees.  Now that he's listed the house, one of the couples from a showing said that there wasn't enough privacy.  Gage is still pouting over Gramercy, and he's wearing on my nerves as the season progresses.  I adored him at the beginning.

Jeff decides to prank call his grandmother, pretending he's a roofer, but Patty totally hangs up on him. He and Jenni are on their way to see how her renovation is proceeding.  Jeff feels responsible for taking care of Patty, and he wants to discuss with her the fact that one day she's going to need a caretaker.  He really wants her to move to Spring Oak (do it, do it!), but she's not entertaining that idea.  Patty is such a spitfire, you can't help but love her. 


At Spring Oak, Andrew is in charge of making sure the backyard is properly landscaped.  The gardener won't stay, but promises to come back later in the week.  Gage jumps on Andrew immediately for being such a pushover.  Gage wonders why couldn't Andrew find him a ladder…and he takes matters into his own hands to get the trees trimmed.  Gage complains to Vanina, but she thinks that he needs to be more patient.  Jeff wants to put Andrew in control of Gramercy, but Gage just can't stop holding a grudge.  Andrew enters, but not before he's overheard Gage talking about him.  He's getting paranoid that Gage is trying to force him out of a job.  Don't be paranoid, Andrew–you're right on the money!

Andrew is sharing his landscaping ideas for Gramercy with Jeff.  They totally play out "balls" when talking about topiary plants.  There are only so many puns one can make.  Gage doubts Andrew's ability to landscape, but he is impressed at how Andrew can entertain Jeff…a trait Gage touts Andrew with for keeping his job.  At Gramercy, Gage and Jeff are moving in some pieces.  Gage hears running water, and he realizes that Andrew almost over flowed the pool.  Andrew is quick to admit his mistake, but Gage won't let him forget it.  Jeff has confidence in Andrew's abilities, but he hopes that having Andrew answer to Gage will perhaps help their relationship.

At Patty's, Jeff drops the bomb on his grandmother that he's going to be getting rid of her beloved cabinets.  Jeff assures her that they have already talked over the kitchen remodel.  He doesn't want her to think she's forgetting things, but at the same time, Jeff worries that Patty's memory is fading.  Jeff is also frustrated because his brother lives twenty minutes from Patty and rarely helps.  Meanwhile, Jeff is sticking up post-it notes to remind Patty about her prescriptions. 

Gage doesn't trust Andrew to work on his Gramercy baby.  Andrew is making more and more mistakes.  When Jeff chastises him about not placing a landscape order, Andrew is concerned that Gage will overhear (duh) and continue to be on his case.  Jenni and Jeff enlist sister-in-law Carrie to help convince Patty that she needs new cabinetry in her kitchen.  On the ride down, stories about Jeff's mother are shared.  Carrie seems to be siding with Patty, so Jeff's plan has backfired.  Carrie and Jeff argue about the positioning of the island and the stove in the kitchen, and now Jeff worries that Patty will be even more resistant of the remodel.

Andrew is working overtime landscaping Gramercy in hopes of impressing Gage.  Gage is not going to give Andrew any kind of compliments, and he micro manages Andrew as he tries to do his job.  Jeff is super exhausted and thinks he's spending too much time on Gramercy when he could be working on other projects.  He decides to have a one-on-one with Dr. Donna.  Jeff reveals that taking care of Patty is a huge responsibility, and he gets no help from his brothers.  He wishes they felt more obligated to her.  Dr. Donna tries to get Jeff to realize that he's upset with his brothers.  Jeff really does try to do what's right, you can't deny that.

In a last ditch attempt to get Gage to like him, Andrew approaches Gage about resolving their issues so that they can have a smoother business relationship.  Gage begrudgingly agrees to a "twenty minute" dinner.  In the mini-clip, Jeff convinces Zoila to put their trash in the neighbors' trash cans.  As soon as she gets the bags in the outside trash bin, Jeff yells at her as if he's the neighbor who owns the trash can.  She scoots away giggling and cursing Jeff's practical joke.  At the most awkward dinner ever, Andrew is awaiting Gage with a broken box of cupcakes.  I just don't know why Gage can't throw him a bone.  I feel like Andrew is really trying (yes, I remember the lies), but Gage isn't going to let anything go.  Gage wants Andrew to know that he's protecting the company.  Andrew wants to prove himself to Gage, and he wishes they could be friends.  Gage explains that he'll probably never like Andrew, but if he sees him working hard and doing a good job, he'll at least respect him.  That's a baby step at least.

Jeff, Jenni, and Gage are going to see Andrew's progress with the landscaping.  Jeff is beyond impressed, and even Gage begrudgingly admits it looks good…of course, it occurred under his supervision.  Andrew is floored by the praise.  Jeff believes that Gage is waiting with baited breath for Andrew to make a mistake.  Gage can't seem to get over himself.  At Patty's home, Jeff, Jenni, Andrew, and Vanina are putting the finishing touches on the decor.  Patty loves the remodel, save the blue throw pillows.  She like fall colors.  Duh.  Patty reveals to Jeff that when she dies, she wants his brother to get her house.  Perhaps Jeff should have opted for green pillows. 

After the great mask debacle, Jeff decides he's going to keep scaring AndrewDr. Donna told Jeff that he needs to focus less on money and more on what makes him happy.  Well, scaring the pants off of Andrew is what entertains Jeff.  He places a giant dead cricket on Andrew's laptop.  It's priceless.  Gage finally admits that he should at least appreciate Andrew for being able to make Jeff laugh. 

Next week, Jeff screams at Jenni about her lack of self-control, so of course the pair ends up on Dr. Donna's sofa.  She should be in the opening credits!


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