Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus “Hates” Her Cast Mates And Wants Her Own Show

TLC promoted Breaking Amish as a show about five sheltered young adults, four Amish and one Mennonite, leaving their communities to experience life beyond the church. Millions tuned in to watch  Kate Stoltzfus, Abe Schmucker,  Rebecca Byler,  Jeremiah Raber,  and Sabrina High walk away from their family and friends to chase their dreams in New York. We felt sorry for these people for being exploited by TLC but the joke was on us! Almost immediately, Breaking Amish was proven to be a sham.

KateAbeRebeccaJeremiah, and Sabrina weren't as new to modern electronics, driving cars, and English clothes as they portrayed themselves to be on the show. For crying out loud, most of the cast had marriages, divorces, and children below their belts before TLC supposedly plucked them from the farm. However, there's no doubt in my mind that TLC knew all of this and coached them to "play Amish" for the sake of the cameras. I also think TLC hoped the viewers would figure it out, expose the cast's lies, and create a huge scandal. And that's exactly what happened. Does this bring us back to feeling sorry for the poor kids? For me, no, because most of them acted like jerks when their lies were exposed. 

Apparently, fake stories, liars, and misogynistic a**holes (looking at you, Jeremiah) sell, because Breaking Amish was a ratings success for TLC. There are rumors about a second season, but Kate reportedly doesn't want anything to do with Breaking Amish Season 2.


Kate, the Bishop's daughter who wants to be a model and brought practically zero lies to the show, isn't too fond of AbeRebeccaJeremiah, and Sabrina. I can't say I blame her. "Kate hates her cast mates from Breaking Amish," the source told US Weekly. "She has no camaraderie with them, she can't really relate anymore. She has big dreams and they aren't in line with everyone else."

Those big dreams include her own show on TLC, and Kate has hired people to make it happen. According to US Weekly's source, Kate's managers have advised her "not to participate in [any more seasons of] Breaking Amish." Instead, Kate's people have encouraged her to push TLC for a spin-off, focusing on her  failed attempt at a up-and-coming modeling career.

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While Kate is one of the more likable Breaking Amish cast members (that's not saying much), she is a little cray cray. Kate drinks too much, eats too little, lacks street smarts, doesn't play well with others, and comes across as bipolar. Kate is a little nice and a lot crazy, which, I guess, makes her perfect for reality TV. 

The source went on to suggest a few possible storylines for Kate's new show, including "visits to a plastic surgeon, more photo shoots, meeting with designers, a make-over." Wow… groundbreaking reality TV territory, no? (haha) Still, if TLC gives Crazy Kate a flip cam and places her in an apartment full of other aspiring models, it just might be another hit show for the network. Kate and her team have their "fingers crossed."


Photo credit: TLC / Twitter