Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Opens Up About Upcoming Season And Her Harsher Teaching Tactics

She's back and larger than life…and before you get on me, I'm talking about her over-the-top personality.  Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller is no stranger to controversy or ridiculous statements targeted at her young dancers, but isn't that why we watch? 

The sharp-tongued studio owner and choreographer is back, with her show's newest season premiering in January of the new year.  I've been watching this show since it started, and several things remain the same.  The moms are still crazy, Abby's teaching style is still incredibly offensive, the young dancers are still as precious and talented as ever, and the more popularity the show gains, the more scripted I'm convinced it's becoming.  But again, isn't that why we watch?


Lifetime knows when it's got a cash cow (I think the network is still kicking itself for missing out on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!), and Dance Moms is the network's major meal ticket.  I've included a snippet of the new season's teaser below, so I'll let you judge whether you think the show has morphed from a reality show about an intense group of dancers to a flashy, well-produced scripted show that now focuses more on the faux mama drama and less on the talented girls in Abby Lee's studio.  Don't get me wrong, the show remains one of my guiltiest pleasures, and there isn't an episode I watch that I don't thank my lucky stars that my mother had the foresight to pull her gawky, awkward daughter from ballet to focus on swimming and running.  It was bad, y'all…rull bad.

Inside Pulse recently interviewed the tough choreographer, and what follows is equal parts amazing and ridic.

Abby explains, "I'm funny, I guess.  I crack myself up everyday.  I have to have laughter in my life or I'd probably go insane…like the moms."

She continues, "If I could put common sense in a bottle, I would."  It's clear from the back-and-forth that Abby isn't all for giving kids trophies for participation.  Abby thinks that parents need to be tough on their children and not reward them for the smallest of accomplishments.  I have to agree with her one hundred percent on that one.

Abby reveals that the MacKenzie is a big crier on the show…and she needs to get over it.  She's eight.  It's time for her to stop her babbling.  Kelly is the second biggest crier because of her failing at life.  Kelly once worked at the mall, and now she's just a crying dance mom.  Whoa.  Abby clarifies that Kelly was never her friend, only her student, and Kelly has such an issue with Abby because Kelly knows that Abby is always right.

"I wasn't a studio brat," Abby continues.  She admits she wasn't supposed to be the best dancer, but she knows she is amazing at putting together music, choreography, and costumes to make the best troupes ever.  Please make sure to watch her interview in its entirety below.  Abby hopes to become executive producer if Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition is picked up for a second season.

Of her infamous pyramid, Abby believes that her infamous ranking scale is the best for the girls.  When asked about her favoritism for Maddie, Abby argues that she loves each of her students differently.  Maddie just has the drive Abby's been looking for throughout her career.  Good gracious.  Abby is something else, isn't she?  She concludes with "everyone is replaceable."  Not by Miami!


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]

Here's Abby's interview followed by the season 3 teaser.  Enjoy!