Dancing With The Stars All Stars Finale: Who Wins The Mirror Ball Trophy?

Monday night on Dancing with the Stars All Stars, Kelly Monaco, Melissa Rycroft, and Shawn Johnson danced for the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

First, General Hospital star Kelly Monaco and the talented and delicious Valentin Chmerkovskiy danced the paso doble (29.5/30) and a recreation of Dirty Dancing's iconic "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" dance for their freestyle (29.5/30). Kelly and Val's combined score for the night was 59/60. 
The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft and deserves-to-win Tony Dovolani (he put up with Kate Gosselin!) chose the samba (30/30). The pair took a risk for their freestyle, dancing a contemporary dance. It's safe to say the risk was worth it, as Len was left nearly speechless. The breathtaking dance earned the pair another perfect score. Melissa and Tony's combined score for the night was 60/60.
Finally, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and the master of choreography Derek Hough revisited their we're-above-the-rules quickstep (27/30) and danced a fantastic but gymnastics heavy freestyle that incorporated the "Fierce Five" (30/30). Shawn and Derek's combined score for the night was 57/60.
For the first time in Dancing with the Stars history, three women and their partners go head to head for the trophy… not just any Mirror Ball Trophy… this is the All Stars Trophy! Who wins?

First, the final three pick their Instant Dances. Kelly and Val draw jive, Melissa and Tony pick samba, and Shawn and Derek draw cha cha. 

At one point during finale, Brooke Burke-Charvet says, "What can't we do on this show?" I answer, "Deliver timely results." Seriously! It's 80 minutes or so of losers dancing, losers talking, Brooke talking… it's mind numbing. Finally, after Tom Bergeron and Brooke remind us for the 17th time that the three finalists have had less than one hour to prepare these instant dances, it's time to get this show started… for real this time. 
Kelly and Val's Final Paso Doble
Kelly and Val's instant jive is full of energy and fantastic footwork and Val takes off his jacket… it's all good. Len says to Kelly, "You've been a revelation this entire season." Bruno adds, "You have the energy of two young, randy rabbits." (Side note: Don't Google that phrase. It's NSFW. Better yet, it's probably a good idea to never Google anything Bruno says.) Carrie Ann says, "I'm so impressed. You guys were absolutely in-sync the entire time."
In the sky box, Val breaks down, crying. He's absolutely beautiful… my heart melts. Brooke tries to get to the bottom of the "are they or aren't they" question. Kelly says what they have is "the foundation of an amazing friendship." Val says they share an unconditional love… put whatever label on that you want. Kelly adds, "A journey that will, I hope, continue for a long, long time." Clear as mud. 
Their instant dance score is 28.5/30, giving Kelly and Val a final score of 87.5/90.
Melissa and Tony's (almost) Final Jive
Melissa and Tony's instant jive is a little off but still great. As a huge Melissa fan, she can do no wrong in my eyes. Bruno tells Melissa, "You're turning into a South American siren." He also points out the the music isn't "as Brazilian as it should have been." Carrie Ann feels as if Tony and Melissa were at a disadvantage, having danced a faster jive just last night. Len says, "The interpretation wasn't quite as it was last night. Having said that, you have been my greatest pleasure to watch. You've been fantastic." 
Enduring the Brooke interview, Tony admits that the crappy song choice hindered their performance. An emotional Melissa says, "Tony and I both learned that we're stronger than we gave each other credit for … It kind of surprises you in the end." 
Melissa and Tony's instant dance score is 28.5/30, giving them a final score of 88.5/90
Derek and Shawn's Final Quickstep
Before Shawn and Derek's instant cha cha, a choked up Derek shares, "I couldn't have asked for a better partner. She's been a little light in my life. She has really inspired me and has given me confidence in myself again."
Their cha cha goes like this: fast footwork, crazy Shawn split thingy, fast footwork, crazy Derek's crotch knocks over Shawn, happy tears. Carrie Ann calls it a star-studded performance. Len says to Shawn, "You are the no-stress express." Bruno adds, "One thing is for sure, you're going out with a bang! That is a grand finale! Perfection!" 
In the sky box, Shawn says the finale has been both overwhelming and bittersweet. Derek ends with, "It's been a special season." The judges give Shawn and Derek a perfect 30 for their instant dance, bringing their final score to 87/90.
Finishing in third place are Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy.
Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough finish second.
Which means….
Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani are the Dancing with the Stars All Stars champions!!
Yay! Go Melissa and Tony!!
Melissa and Tony are definitely in shock. The sky box erupts. The pros obviously think very highly of Tony. (Not that they probably don't about Derek, as well, but he's been here, done this a few times over. Also, Kate. Freaking. Gosselin. Tony deserves this win!)
All of this season's stars and pros rush onto the dance floor. The Chmerkovskiy brothers lift Tony up onto their shoulders while Melissa bounces all around the floor. And, I can't see the rest through my tears, so watch the video. 🙂 


Photo credit: ABC

All Stars Finale Opener

Kelly and Val's Instant Dance

Melissa and Tony's Instant Dance

Shawn and Derek's Instant Dance