Flipping Out Recap: Monkey Business

It's the season finale of Flipping Out, y'all, and the drama from last night's show is palpitating.  Poor Monkey the cat is sick, and Jeff Lewis thinks that maybe he should take his pet to Dr. Donna so they can work out their issues.  I mean, I think the cat is the last living thing at JLD (save for Vanina who never talks) who has yet to meet the therapist.  Gage Edward and Zoila Chavez are surprised to learn that Jenni Pulos hasn't given Jeff the apology he so desperately needs for Cabo-gate.  Sure, she's said she's sorry for hurting his feelings or sorry for not telling him…but she still isn't sorry she used the house.

For once, Gage encourages Jeff to try to work things out with Jenni, and Zoila is worried that Jenni is going to get fired.  Jeff takes Andrew and Vanina to Gramercy while chatting with his realtor on the phone.  He thinks Gramercy isn't selling because it's not furnished.  His plan is now to sell Spring Oak, move to Gramercy, and then try to sell it again once he's furnished it.  Gage is beside himself, and he is hopeful that once they move in, Jeff will change his mind about keeping Gramercy on the market.  If they stay in Gramercy, Gage is convinced that they will be able to finally start a family.

Meanwhile, Monkey's vet makes a house call.  Jeff tells him of the emergency surgery that yielded nothing in his stomach but gas bubbles.  The poor cat is then diagnosed with herpes of the eye.  What?  How does that even happen to a cat?


Jenni makes her first appearance of the episode, and things are still tense between her and Jeff.  Jeff is still mad, and he thinks that they are spending too much time together.  Jenni gets teary saying she wants to repair their friendship even if it means they no longer need to work together.  Jeff doesn't seem phased by her tears or her admission.  At Dr. Donna's, the pair is at a stalemate.  Jenni refuses to admit that taking the Cabo house when offered was wrong.  Jeff wants her to realize that those favors always come with strings attached that he has to fulfill. 

The pair is talking over one another, so Dr. Donna institutes a tissue rule.  Whoever is holding the tissue is the one who gets to speak.  Jeff allows Jenni to have the tissue first, although she can barely get out a sentence before he tries to rip it out of her hand.  Donna then substitutes the tissue for the tissue box which is harder to rip apart.  Jenni promises that she will never take a favor from a client or potential client again. 

While he accepts her promise, it's still not the apology he wanted.  Jeff continues to think Jenni is lying when she says taking the house wasn't wrong or else she wouldn't have been so secretive.  Jenni reminds him that she was only secretive with him…she told everyone else.  She then accuses Jeff of feeling left out of the loop.  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Jeff admits that his real issue came when Jenni announced she was trying to get pregnant, and in his head, he had to break up with her before she could leave him.  Dr. Donna suggests that the pair part ways for good…oh, she's sneaky!  Jeff can't do that because he loves Jenni, and Jenni is touched to hear him say that.  Jenni loves Jeff as well and doesn't want to not have him in her life.  Dr. Donna has them agree to leave Cabo in the past…although Jeff has to get in the last word that he still knows Jenni is lying about thinking it was okay.  Whatever. 

Back at the office, Jeff is back to joking with Jenni as they administer pain medication to Monkey.  The gang heads out to Dunn-Edwards (what is Jenni wearing?) to discuss the colors, advertising, etc., and Gage is worried that Jeff is going to offend the yet again.  Nick from Dunn-Edwards is shocked that Jeff hasn't brought along any samples or color swatches or drawings.  Jeff isn't going to work like that…he needs to be personally invested in every color, and they aren't going to stunt his creative process. 

Now that Jenni and Jeff have gotten to the root of their issue, Jeff is obsessed with Jenni's cycle and when she'll be ovulating.  Jenni knows that he will be all over her about pregnancy weight gain and symptoms that she isn't going to tell him that her period is already late.  Jeff teases about Jenni writing in her diary about how she plans to seduce her husband during ovulation.  I'm glad to see things are getting back to normal with these two!

At Gramercy, everyone is prepping for the big move.  Jeff asks Gage to text himself a reminder to see if the kitchen fan is working.  Less than a minute later, both Jeff and Gage have forgotten what it was Gage was supposed to do, and Jeff flies off the handle that Gage didn't write it down when he said it.  He admits that he's super stressed, and Gage's forgetfulness is merely one tiny drop in the bucket.  Thankfully, the AV guys have an attention span of longer than thirty seconds, so they are able to remind the pair about the fan. 

The next meeting at Dunn-Edwards goes much more smoothly, and Nick is actually visibly pleased with Jeff's first palette of color.  Jeff can see that Gage is finally calming down his concerns about Jeff blowing the deal with his crudeness, so he decides to announce that the name of his first color shall be "foreskin."  That's exactly what I'd want in my dining room.

The JLD group is working hard on the move to Gramercy.  How many overall shorts outfits does Jenni own?  One is too many!  The staff is like a well-oiled machine with the move…as they should be.  They do it enough!  Jenni believes that she is a lot like Gramercy.  At first, Jeff loved her and then he got sick of dealing with her, but now he's back in love again.  We are reminded of how much work has gone into the house in the last year.  It looks phenomenal.  How could Jeff not want to live there forever?  Jeff makes fun of Zoila for being such a diva, but she thinks Gage has her beat in that department.  If Zoila doesn't think she's a diva then she certainly won't mind if he puts her portrait in the laundry room.

Now that Jeff is totally moved into Gramercy, he invites a witch/psychic medium over to bless the house.  He's got quite a spread with wine and sushi.  Jenni and Jonathan arrive, and I'm already foreshadowing Jenni giving up her secret because she can't eat or drink anything Jeff has to offer.  Jonathan is trying not laugh as the witch discusses her good magic, and Gage and Jeff's brother Todd are making faces when the lady pulls out a knife and a flowered headdress and starts wandering around the house.  Todd seems to take his job of ringing the chimes very seriously.  Gage is frightened.  The group then begins a scary chant.  I totally missed the mark with my food/wine prediction.

Jeff now is less motivated to sell Gramercy, and he's open to the idea of starting a family.  He and Gage are going to talk to Dr. Sophy who touts himself on this Bravo show as being an "Adoption Specialist" as opposed to his RHOBH role of "Conductor of the Taylor Armstrong Train Wreck."  He wears many hats, this guy!  Dr. Sophy suggests that the pair consider foster parenting, and Jeff doesn't think he could handle that.  Gage wants to adopt because it believes it is silly for them to create a child with a surrogate when there are so many kids who need a healthy home.  Gage thinks that Jeff is going to be a phenomenal father.  Jeff thinks the timing is perfect now that they are in Gramercy…plus, he doesn't want Zoila to get too old to be his nanny.

Monkey is still not doing well, and Jeff and Gage are taking him to the vet with Zoila and Jenni close behind.  Everyone is tearful in the waiting room as they decide to put him down so he will no longer suffer.  Seriously?  You're making me watch them put down a beloved family pet!?!?  I never thought I'd get teary watching Flipping Out.  Thanks a lot, Bravo!  Jeff feels the support of Jenni, Gage, and Zoila, and I'm glad to see that sweet Monkey brought everyone back together.  At Gramercy, everyone (Jenni included) toasts Monkey's life with a round of margaritas.  All is right with the world.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]