UPDATE: Jenelle Evans And Taylor Lewis: Battle Of The Audio Recordings


Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers respond to Taylor Lewis' claim that Courtland is using Jenelle for money, fame, and free drugs in 3…2…1…

Around 5:30 this morning, Jenelle reactivated her Twitter account and tweeted, "About this whole Taylor situation…. Courtland has told Taylor to please leave us alone and she gets all mad and posts tweets. That's all! I have NOT been staying at my moms either I've been living with him and been there everyday so no Court hasn't seen her at ALL, lmao. And I hate that f-king c-t dude… Idk why she says we 'get along' and 'I'm being played' becuz she wants the D. It's immature… Stop."

Jenelle added, "if there was a video it would of already been posted. She's mad cuz we recorded her on the phone and told her lmfao."

This afternoon, Taylor tweeted, "Y'all will see the video chill I'm not a lair i always back up what i say" and "Okay I'm upload something right now one of the recording i got." 


WARNING: videos contain bad language, so you may want to watch without bosses and small children within earshot!

Taylor promised more but she claimed to need an adapter of some sort. "I'm post the rest where he telling me he loves me and he's using Jenelle" and "Also i have stuff where Jenelle saying i have Jace today so we can't ride around and sell drugs or do anything." 

Courtland tweeted, "@memory232323 u need to stop doing all of this I got that thing that can make u look horribleeeeeeeeeeee and will give me my daughter back."

Taylor challenged, "@courtyb11 dooooooo it keep making up lies. I'm post of the videos…also the one with Jenelle taking about selling drugs she might lose Jace."

Jenelle responded, "All yr recordings are in our hands now" and "Today on our lil videos we r making of her recordings with drug dealers and selling pills hahahahjHhjjhhha … Courtland will def get full custody … The real Taylor u will see … There are 77 recordings of her drug deals."

Taylor wrote, "haha yea right tell them to post it…he doesn't have shyd."

Jenelle tweeted, "She's mad cuz we recorded her on the phone and told her lmfao."

Jenelle shared, "TLs sister begging Courtland to not post these recordings and how Taylor is refusing to take down anything posted."

Jenelle to Taylor's sister: Kristen I'm sorry yr sister is doing this to us and my family and I like u. We have no problem with u, promise! 🙂
When a follower challenged Jenelle to post the video, Jenelle responded, "we r heading to Dustin Sullivan's office now with it lol."
Taylor tweeted, "Here is a screen shot of a video i got he pulled me to sit in his lap i can't post the videos just yet."
Jenelle shot back, "u notice how he has a beard now on his chin and in this pic his face is clean cut… Lmfao that shit is old."
To which Taylor responded, "haha look at the white coat he has on and look at the white he has on in that picture he took with Jenelle on new years" and "also i just dyed my hair blonde [she did show off her newly blonde hair on Dec. 27] and bought that blue hoodie."
One of Jenelle's fans wrote, "@memory232323 it takes a sick person to try to keep a mother from her child @PBandJenelley_1."
The cherry on top of this drama sundae, Jenelle answered, "I kno like this is what I deal with the first day back on twitter?! Like she wants court soooo bad lol."

Jenelle tweeted, "Check this conversation out Taylor begging for the recorder." 

Jenelle's final statement (for the next ten seconds) on all the drama: "I [love] my husband and we r married. I'm not believing any rumors. We r happily married and everyone wants us together and make this work."

Taylor's last tweet: "Who wants to upload some videos for me???" Hahaha. I guess she's not done. Meanwhile, Jenelle and Courtland are getting legal advice from Babs (Barbara Evans). My guess… Jenelle's lawyer follows her Twitter, saw she was on her way, and entered himself into the Witness Protection Program. We're (not so) patiently waiting for Taylor's video. Stay tuned. 

UPDATE: Taylor's video:

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