Dance Moms Recap: Out With The Old, In With The Screwed

dance moms

There was a coup on last night's Dance Moms, and it was amazing.  Abby Lee Miller plans to replace the entire ALDS company after the moms go AWOL in an attempt to bring back Kelly.  The star this season seems to be Scripty McFauxdrams.  Unfortunately for Abby, only one of her super group performs to her highness' expectations.  The original girls don't care…they attract enough attention at their own event!

Christi, Holly, Melissa, and Jill are trying to figure out how to scheme Kelly's way back into the studio.  Abby can't believe how strangely the mothers are acting when they all head into the restroom together.  The moms have decided to have a stand-off with Abby.  They refuse to take part in the pyramid, and they plan on sitting silently in the lounge area.  Hard core!  Abby is getting a freeze out whenever she attempts conversation.  The girls are no where to be found as well.  Abby calls Melissa and leaves her a threatening voicemail.  Does Melissa really want to jeopardize her daughters' future for Kelly and her girls?  Abby is now solely focusing on Ally's solo, and Shelly is curious as to the missing moms.  Ally is overwhelmed by the pressure that Abby is putting on her in light of her troupe's absence.

The moms seem to be staging a sit-in in the studio parking lot.  Abby is getting the cold shoulder, and no one will look at her nor will they respond.  Abby is berating the mothers, and I have to say that these women are getting to be better actors as the seasons continue…because that is clearly what they are doing.  Abby decides to take matters into her own hands and calls the police.  She's got trespassers, y'all!  Abby is laughing maniacally at her diabolical plan as the officers swarm the parking lot.  Yes, the moms' behavior is childish, but I so love to see them working together for a common and unselfish goal.


dance moms

Jill decides to drop in on Cathy at the Candy Apples.  Jill fills in Cathy about the chaos with Kelly.  Cathy lectures Jill about being a studio hopper and sends her on her way.  I am proud of these ladies for being able to remember their lines, because someone clearly wrote this for them.  Perhaps production assistants are holding up big cue cards out of sight of the cameras so they know what to say.  Abby has assembled a whole new team to compete at the upcoming show in Indiana.  I'm not sure if I should bother remembering the names of the new dancers or their moms since they are likely only here for one episode to teach the original moms a lesson. 

The moms (Kelly included) are enjoying cocktails instead of sitting at practice.  It's so much more relaxing!  Christi has the brilliant idea (and it truly is) to have the group set up a pop-up recital and advertise it on social media so that people will see the talent that Abby sent packing from her studio.  The moms realize that they can't use any of Abby's choreography, so they decide to enlist their daughters to create a routine. 

Meanwhile, an overly tan, super-excited mom calls Abby to talk about the upcoming competition.  It's Yvette from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition!  Her daughter Hadley didn't make the cut on the show, and Yvette thinks that Abby tried to tear down Yvette by being so ugly to Hadley.  Abby called Hadley roadkill.  Are you kidding me?   That is so horrible!  Abby tells her new team that they are waiting on one final dancer…Sophia.  Sophia is a prodigy, and she's danced on television.  Bye-bye, Maddie, hello Sophia.  Abby is cold!  The new moms are appalled at that announcement.  I guess they are getting to see how Abby really works.  Sophia and mom Jackie arrive in a black SUV.  I can't be sure, but they may have secret service detail.  Abby greets the pair with hugs and a "Maddie who?"  The new moms are already territorial when Jackie joins them in the viewing room.  Wait, was Sophia the voice of Stuart Little?  Abby calls her out for her Minnie Mouse cadence, and Jackie is taken aback.  According to Abby, Sophia's dancing is fabulous, but Sophia's talking is headache inducing.  She plans to not only teach Sophia to be a star, but she also plans on giving her voice lessons.  Abby is certainly a jack of all trades!

The following day, Jackie continues to alienate the other newbies whose daughters don't have solos.  Abby refers to Sophia as her ace in the hole.  Sophia is rehearsing her contemporary solo entitled "My New Reality."  Jackie brags that it's based on Abby's new reality of having a new team.  The other mothers visibly bristle.  Mom 1 looks at Mom 2 and wonders why she brought her daughter all this way to compete in one group number.  Mom 2 agrees.  Mom 1 reveals that she wants her daughter to be a dancer, not part of some great revenge plot against Maddie and Melissa.  The group dance is a lyrical number where Sophia is once again featured.  Abby isn't winning any fans among these new women, that's for sure!

The original moms are gathering at Kelly's house, and the girls are so thrilled to see one another.  The mothers announce the impromptu performance, and the girls are excited about the challenge.  Melissa keeps receiving texts from new mom Shelly that Sophia has arrived, and all of the girls are being replaced.  Christi can't even be bothered by it.  Back at the studio, Abby informs the new crew that a mom hellbent on revenge thanks to Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition has a troupe that will be competing against Abby's new team in Indiana.  When Abby explains that she compared the woman's daughter to roadkill, the new mothers are floored.  Run while you can, ladies!  Abby reminds the new girls that they could be household names if they are up to par…or they could be taken out with the trash if they don't exceed her expectations. 

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Holly and crew are getting ready for the girls' great mall performance.  They are like a bunch of mini-Tiffanys and Debbie Gibsons utilizing the mall.  I realize I totally just gave away my age with that comparison.  "Running just as fast as we ca–an!"  🙂  Abby is clueless of her former team's mall revue.  All she can do is focus on her new troupe's performances in Fort Wayne.  Walking into the competition, Abby runs straight into Yvette and roadkill Hadley.  Abby compliments Hadley profusely, but I think she's just trying to get in the poor girl's head.  Meanwhile, Abby's veteran dancers are practicing the routine they have created.  Despite their mama drama, I love how well these girls work together and enjoy dancing with one another. 

The new girls doesn't seem to know what to expect from AbbyAlly is getting a ton of pressure placed upon her for being the only one to have danced with the OGs.  Mom 2 is plotting to get her daughter a solo.  Clearly she's never watched this show.  Mom 2 sneaks to the front desk to sign up her daughter for a secret solo.  Her daughter is rightfully afraid of Abby's wrath.  Abby is telling Sophia that she needs to kill it against Hadley.  Comparing her to Maddie and Chloe, she reminds Sophia that her former girls would never been intimidated by the likes of roadkill. 

Ally's solo is beautiful, and Abby feels slightly vindicated.  Roadkill Hadley is up next.  She's a feisty little thing, that's for sure!  Sophia makes it her mission to show up them both as Yvette cries in the audience.  The new team moms are equally downtrodden that their girls aren't being coveted.  Sneaky Mom 2 signs up her daughter for a solo to show Abby what a dancer she is.  Uh oh.  Mom 2's deviant behavior quickly gets back to Abby, and Abby tells Mom 2's daughter that she's off the team if her mom gets her a solo.  Mom 1 has a crying daughter because she thinks she's the only one who won't have a solo.  If I were Abby, I'd take the crazy I know over the new crazy any day of the week.  Abby is preparing her uber-squad for the group number.  Losing is NOT an option.  It's the first time viewers are shown the competition, and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  Like her original troupe, Abby's new girls are beyond talented. 

When it's time for awards, Ally takes second place in the teen division.  Abby isn't surprised…Ally didn't deserve to win.  What?  Poor Ally looks like she wants to cry.  Yvette's daughter takes the second spot in the junior solo category, while Sophia (channeling her inner Maddie) places first.  Abby is visibly disturbed when her girls take second place in the group dance, with Hadley's crew securing the top spot.  Abby is mortified.  Abby and Yvette exchange passive aggressive compliments backstage.

At the mall, Abby's original girls have amassed quite a fan base.  They are spot on with their routine as adoring little girls look on, cheering and videoing with their phones.  The moms are beyond proud.  I have to admit, I like to see them working together against Abby's ugliness. 

Back in Indiana, Shelly is urging the new moms to keep quiet with their opinions of Abby's teaching methods.  If looks could kill, half the staging area would be dead when Abby arrives.  Second is not good enough for the Abby Lee Dance Company.  Shelly can't handle the heat, so she grabs Ally and hits the road.


Next week, the new dance moms are sent packing with the exception of Jackie and daughter Sophia.  The original moms continue to take a stand.


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