VIDEO: Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano Admits She’s Suffered From Addiction For A Long Time

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On the latest episode of Mob Wives, Renee Graziano let a not so shocking bomb drop when Carla Facciolo accused her of being a junkie.  Instead of threatening to shank her former friend (I'm sure that will come later in the season), Renee admitted that she had been struggling with addiction.  We all know as well that Renee checks herself into rehab this season.

In a recent interview with Joy Behar, the outspoken, ridiculously dramatic Renee chatted about her situation with ex-husband Junior Pagan, her struggle with prescription pills, and her over the top personality. 


In the quick exchange, Joy questions Renee about the previews for Sunday's show when she receives a letter from Junior.  Renee remains coy (you've got to watch the episode, people!), but she admits, "Getting the letter was very upsetting and frightening to me," adding that it was "reading the content" and not just getting the letter itself. 

Joy wonders if Renee knows anything about Junior's whereabouts, but she has absolutely no contact with him.  Joy asks if she would ever consider taking AJ and going to reunite with Junior.  Bwahahaha!  Can you imagine Renee in witness protection?  Renee laughs at the idea, saying, "I would never leave my father.  Furthermore, I would never go along with him for the tattling." 

Don't think Renee doesn't get called out for her use of the word "tattling" when referring to Junior's actions.  Renee explains that she is trying to be less abrasive about her ex for the sake of their son.  She realized now how hard it was on AJ to see what was going on between his parents and how hatefully Renee spoke about his dad.

Joy assumes that Renee's addiction was a product of all of the Junior drama and the pain pills she got after her botched surgery, but Renee reveals that isn't the case.  She shares, "I actually have been an addict for longer than that." 

Explaining the Xanax was her pill of choice, Renee continues, "I've suffered from addiction for a long time.  I'm in recovery now." 

Watch the interview in its entirety below!


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