Kim Kardashian Wants Her Own Sitcom; Will Kourtney Be Done With Scott If He Buys A Miami Night Club?

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami -- Season: 1

Guess what, y'all!?!  Kim Kardashian is tiring of being a reality star.  Isn't that the best news you've heard in a while from the Kardashian Kamp?  I shouldn't get too ahead of myself.  She still wants to be on television, it's just now she fancies herself an actress.  Thanks, Tyler Perry.  I blame you for this nonsense. 

Not only is Kim hoping to branch out, Kourtney Kardashian's beau Scott Disick wants to put his name (and cash–is it his or Kourtney's, I wonder?) behind yet another restaurant night club.  If you happen to be in Miami during the two to three weeks it's actually in business, please check it out and report back to me! 🙂


According to the Deccan Chronicle, Kim has been bitten by the acting bug after her role in Tyler Perry's Temptation.  She shares, "My character is pretty light throughout the film, so it's fun. It was interesting to work with people that I've liked for so long, and just to work with Tyler Perry was amazing and such a good experience.'

Kim adds, "I definitely do see myself branching off and maybe doing a sitcom or something other than reality."  Oh gracious.  Please tell me that's not going to happen.  Please.  Begging.

While Kim is thinking of new ventures, her sister Kourtney is hoping that her douchey boyfriend will stop looking for them…because his ventures are rarely successful.  Didn't his restaurant in the Meatpacking District just close a few months ago after being open for less than six months?

A source tells the NY Daily News that Scott has his mind set on opening a night club in Miami, revealing,  “Kourtney is furious. She says no way. Investing in another space in Meatpacking was his initial plan. But Scott and his old nightlife partner, Chris Reda, [owner of the Griffin in New York] want to buy a restaurant with a venue space for a club in Miami and have been talking big money."

The insider explains that this could be "the last straw" for Kourtney.  She is not on board with Lord Disick's new plan.  After Kourtney and Kim finished taking Miami Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Scott apparently stayed behind to scout empty spaces on Collins Avenue for his new club.  “He wants to invest 60% into the business, which is more money than Kourtney can bear to see him spend, considering his last venture was a total failure,” says the source.

Scott's no dummy (hahahahaha!) about the timing, and he was recently overheard telling a friend, “Now is a good time to make a move, since Kim and Kanye [West] are preoccupying the world with Kardashian drama.”

The source adds, “Buying a nightclub might fly under the Kimye baby radar if he does it now." 

It seems that Kourtney doesn't exactly trust the father of her two kids.  The insider tells the site, “She does not like him off on his own or in Miami alone."  Why am I not surprised? 


[Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/E!]