Shahs Of Sunset’s GG Gharachedagi Dishes On Anger Issues, Drinking Entire Bottles Of Whiskey And Getting Kicked Out Of 10 Schools


Golnesa GG Gharachedaghi Shahs of Sunset
What do you get when you take a petite heiress with a penchant for extensions and then add a couple shots liters of whiskey?  Why GG Gharachedagi of Shahs of Sunset fame, of course!
Without question, GG is my favorite star of the Bravo hit, and that's not just because she could take me in a street fight.  Sure, she's a loose cannon, but she's also loyal to her friends.  I think she has adopted the tough exterior to mask just how vulnerable she can be on the inside.  However, if you listen to what GG is saying lately, she doesn't want you to believe she is a total softie.

In an interview with Fox News, GG discusses her issues with anger and her tolerance for hard liquor.  Even as tiny as she is, I certainly wouldn't want to cross GG when grain alcohol is involved…or even when it's not!  GG explains, “I definitely have to say I’d probably try to suppress a lot of my emotions because of the cameras being there, and I don’t want them to think I’m a total whack job…But maybe just a minor whack job."
Discussing her onscreen behavior, she blames her ability to drink like a fish, saying, “The situation where I kind of had a huge fight with another cast member, I had drank a whole bottle of whiskey that day.  I have a high tolerance, I guess. I don’t know. I was drunk. I lost control and it happens to everybody, everyone gets to a point where they lose control when they’re drunk, and people do it in different ways.”
Citing anger issues that started as a preteen, GG reveals, “My parents have always told me, ‘Get your anger in check,’ my whole life.  I’ve been kicked out of 10 schools growing up just fighting everywhere I went."  Ten?  Really?  I am guessing that may be a slight exaggeration…
GG continues, “I created this hair company called GG’s Extensions partnered up with Effortless Extensions.”  Adding, “You know, I did wait a long time to get my act together, and people have every right to say what they say about me: ‘Oh, spoiled brat.’ I am a spoiled brat, and I’m always going to be a spoiled brat.”  Hey, at least she's honest!  About this any way…I'm not so sure about 10 schools and an entire bottle of whiskey!
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