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Season three of Mob Wives has seen a good bit of change.  Women who were warring are now friends.  There is markedly less drama.  Renee Graziano even faced her own demons and checked herself into rehab for prescription pill addiction.  Is it possible that the ladies of Staten Island are maturing?  Nah, that can't be it.

After completing her program, Renee is trying to have a new outlook on life.  She's learning to forgive, although it's been difficult given all of the drama with her ex-husband.  Renee is focusing on staying strong and being healthy for her son A.J. who is still livid with his father's behavior.  She even claims to be much more vulnerable than viewers see on the show.  Of course, she's still proud of her edge!



Speaking with the Examiner, Renee opens up about her controversial (to say the least!) family, and a relapse that viewers didn't know they were watching.  Renee dishes on how blessed her life is and the one person she just can't seem to forgive…check it out below!

From the last season of the show, there have been many changes, what were some of the biggest changes for you?

The biggest change for me, was my recovery, which is no secret. When the show first started, I had just come off of recovery and then I relapsed unfortunately…In this season and in this time of my life, I have no love for my son’s father, but I have forgiven him as crazy as that might sound.

How hard was that process of forgiveness?

I was at the end! It was incredibly difficult…after all the damage and everything that we’ve went through, at times, I didn’t want to wake up.

Have you reconciled with any of the women that you had previous issues with?

I’ve had issues with Carla [Facciolo], and those are issues that will remain. I have a better understanding why she did it…but if she was to call me a “junkie” to my face today, I would just look at her and be like what’s your point? I’ve accepted the fact I was an addict.

What’s the biggest misperception about you and Mob Wives?

Biggest perception is that I will fight for my family, and it just so happens that I am fighting with everyone this season because of my family…also people see that I’m close with God, but I don’t think that they really understand how important my religion is to me. The biggest misperception is that some people, think that I’m a bitch…I think that because I come off very hard, people think that I am just a nasty and mean person, and that couldn’t be further than the truth, and the truth is that I am a loving person…I think Karen [Gravano] is the most rational person, but when she’s talking about something that really gets her upset, she can’t get the words out, and she becomes angry and people think that she is an angry girl, which is not the case, she’s so much fun. Ramona [Rizzo] , is very sweet…if she likes you, she’s going to be sweet…but if she doesn’t…you’re in trouble (laughs). Carla, everyone thinks that she’s so nice, but she’s so cold…if you go to a wedding and there’s an ice sculpture, it’s really Carla…to call someone a “junkie” who has been your friend for over 30 years, who you know is sick…that’s cold.”

What are you most looking forward to this year and this season?

Hopefully we’ll get another one, I think that the rest of the season fans will see that I’ve taken a totally different approach…I think people are going to be in shock, because I’m very calm…especially in the last episode…it’s so serious and for me not to have reacted, people are going to be surprised. It was actually refreshing to sit back and not be involved in a drama situation for once.

How much longer do you think you will continue with Mob Wives?

As long as VH1 keeps asking me to return…I don’t know if we have a season four yet, but if we do…I will be back!

Lastly, what message will you give to people who are struggling with addiction?

Call me! I highly recommend that they go to and visit Transitions in North Miami, Florida. My fans know that I talk to them on Twitter, and if they need me, just tweet me “emergency “and I will get back to them…I call my fans all the time. If you need help, ask for it, you’re not going to get it alone…I’ve tried for over 20 years…Don’t ever be embarrassed of how God made you, because God never makes mistakes.

I have to applaud Renee for being so open about her struggles with addiction, and it's good to see her reaching out for help.  While she still seems a tad (cough, cough) melodramatic, I think the ladies are much more fun to watch when they aren't trying to rip out each other's hair.  Renee likely won't have to worry about her fate in the event of a fourth season…after all, her sister in the show's producer!


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