I guess we've been spoiled by Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family, and I'm certainly alright with that.  However, imagine my sadness when I realized that last night we were just treated to one new episode instead of the two to which we've grown accustomed.  Granted, it was hilarious, but I can always use a full hour of the Roberston boys.  Phil, Si, Willie, and Jase bring a balance to my week, and I'm forever grateful to them for it!

I have to say that Missy stole my heart when she decided that "Jason" (who's that? haha!) needed a wedding band.  We all know he'd never stray, she just wanted an outward symbol of their marital bond.  Can you blame her?  Of course not!  And when hilarity ensues (like it always does with the boys from Duck Commander), you've gained my attention!

Missy takes Jase to Grassi's Fine Jewelry determined to put a ring on it.  Beyonce wishes she were there too, without a doubt.  Jase likens ring shopping to fishing when you don't have a good lure.  He admits that he lost his initial wedding band over twenty years ago, but that's okay because when women see him, they run.  Unfortunately, that statement isn't a compliment to sweet Missy.  The pair look at bands, and Jase is hoping to find something that won't make him the laughing stock of the warehouse. 


Willie and Korie arrive after a shopping spree to check out the couple's progress.  Poor Willie ends up having to shop for Korie in the jewelry store while Jase decides on a wedding band.  Missy gifts Jase with a kiss while Willie gifts Korie with some gems.  All is right with the world.  I LOVE seeing this side of Jase. 


In the warehouse, Jase is playing with his new ring.  Both Uncle Si and brother Jep think Jase's actions equal trouble.  Si explains that if Jase loses this ring, the leash that Missy has on him will turn into a choke collar.  Jase then shares how he lost ring number one two decades ago.  The story involves frog hunting.  Of course it does.  The warehouse boys are planning a duck hunting excursion while Si teases Jase unmercifully about being whipped.  Willie arrives and is aware of what it's like to always be the butt of the boys' jokes.  However, he's so thrilled that he's no longer the punchline that he happily joins in making fun of Jase.  Si unsuccessfully tries to equate ducks to women.  Bless him.

In the duck blind, Si tries to convince his family members that he is comedy gold. We viewers know it, but he's making a very thin case.  Jase can't keep the ring on his finger because it feels so weird on his hand.  Willie thinks that Jase would be much happier if he'd just admit that Missy wears the pants in the relationship.  The guys fire off a few rounds, and Jase loses his new wedding band. 


Willie helps his brother look for his lost jewelry in the swamp.  Jase is starting to sweat knowing that he's lost boats in the same waters…and those vessels were way bigger than his ring.  Some of the boys head to Si's house to find a super powerful metal detector.  Si's shed is like my own personal treasure chest.  From Top Gun aviators to romance novels, Si has everything anyone could ever want.  Once the gang locates the metal detector, they head back to the swamp.

Jase never thought he'd miss the ring he never wanted to wear.  Willie suggests that he pretend to have contracted poison ivy so he can wear gloves around Missy until figuring out another game plan.  Si and the crew arrive with the metal detector, and Si suddenly realizes he's buried some 'Nam coins out in these parts.  He's rather find his fortune than help Jase find the symbol of his undying love for Missy.  Phil wonders where Willie's wedding band is, and Willie reveals that he got a tattoo on his ring finger so he'd always be representing for Korie.  Jase seems to consider the gesture, and a heavily tatted Willie finds it super funny that his un-tatted brother is thinking about getting inked to save himself from this conundrum.

A scared Jase decides that branding himself for Missy is the only option, so he accompanies brother Willie to the tattoo parlor. I am floored to learn that Jase is tat free, but it makes me adore him even more.  I flipping love this family!  Meanwhile, Si has Jep and employee Martin digging for his 'Nam spoils.  After digging waist deep, Jep uncovers a tin can filled with about forty dollars in quarters.  Si argues that old quarters have to be worth more than newly minted quarters.  Makes sense to me!  🙂


The tattoo artist shares some ink ideas with Jase.  When the parlor guy brings out some artwork touting Jase's love for "Misty" Jase thinks it's time to run for the hills.  Even better?  Before he can be branded, Jase finds his wedding band in his pocket.  Oops! 

At the close of the show, Phil prays for his family, thanking God for the women who are patient enough to put with his sons.  I.  Heart.  This.  Family.


[Photo Credit: A&E]

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