Married To Medicine Recap: Mistress Of Medicine Comment Ruffles Some Feathers


Bravo's set up of Married to Medicine: Dr Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore each juggle life as a wife, mother, friend, and OB-GYN while the doctor's wives, Mariah Huq, Quad Wedd-Lunceford, Toya Bush-Harris, and Kari Wells, show us that sacrifices must be made when you're married to medicine. 
Last week, Kari, Toya, and Quad's drama ruined Mariah's birthday party. Now, Mariah hosts a Doctors on the Dock party, and she hopes that the other ladies are able to act like proper doctor's wives in the presence of their doctor husbands. The party starts well. Then, Quad shows up, and she proves that she doesn't have a refined bone in her body. Mariah's little pet is out of control.
Quad arrives late, which the other wives find to be tacky, and then she greets everyone but Toya. Quad says Toya can "catch fire and go to hell" and turns her attention to Kari. Acting innocent, Quad asks Kari if she or her husband were ever married to other people, and Kari admits that she met Duncan while he was still married to his first wife. DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!

According to Kari, Duncan's first wife married and divorced for money, leaving him with nothing. Kari, on the other hand, met and fell in love with Duncan when he was broke. Quad could not care less about Kari's love story, as it doesn't matter to her agenda, so she zeros in on the timeline of their relationship. Once again, Kari admits that she met Duncan while he was still married, but she stresses that he was separated and living alone. Quad points out that separated means still married and calls Kari a medical mistress. When Kari walks away, Quad sweetly says, "Where did she scurry off to? I was just talking."
Kari finds her husband, to vent, and he concludes that Quad must be insecure about her own marriage. Meanwhile, Quad justifies her actions by reminding us that Kari was picking on her (are they in preschool?) at Mariah's party, adding, "Did she think that I was going to stand by, idle, while she tore me down?" Toya tells Mariah to remove her pet from the party and teach it an etiquette lesson. Mariah goes to Quad, yes, but it's Simone who steps up. Simone implores Quad to bring it down a few notches, saying, "You are going to clean up some of that shit that is coming out of your mouth!" Needless to say, Quad thinks Simone is cray cray. 
Kari and Quad exchange a few more pleasantries before the end of the party. Kari tells Quad that she has no place judging her marriage since her she has only been married for 12 weeks. And, let's not forget, Quad's marriage almost didnt even happen. Quad's like, Oh Kari, look at your feathers! Your feathers are ruffled. Why don't you fly away? Kari attempts to counter with, "No one can make mistakes? Your husband is a psychiatrist. He knows people make mistakes." But all Quad hears is something negative about her psychiatrist husband, though this week it has nothing to do with a botched title. "He went to Duke, honey," Quad says. "Catch that dirt, baby." And this is relevant how? When Kari suggests Quad misunderstood her intent, Quad insists she never misunderstands anything. 
Kari mocks Quad, "Oh, you ruffled your feathers, baby. Fly south! Fly baby fly!" The other ladies think this entire exchange is hilarious – it is – and they're practically rolling in the grass. Then, Quad says she doesn't want to fly anywhere because she's already on the moon, adding, "Where are you? Standing in somebody's anorexic clinic?" Party is over – figuratively speaking – and there's dead silence. The only person who finds this funny is Quad. She's quite proud of herself, actually, and she brags to the camera about making strikes and dropping bombshells.  
Quad tells Kari that she's worried for her. Kari is like, all you need to worry about is how pretty I am, to which Quad says, "Oh, I'm gorgeous, honey. Slim in the waist and cute in the face. Yasss, honey!" At this point, Mariah pulls Quad away from Kari, and Quad repeats "winning!" the whole way back to Mariah's house. If you say that expression – I instantly can't stand you – just FYI. Once again, Quad insists that she never puts anything on anyone that they don't rightfully deserve, adding, "Every dog has its day. Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun." Simone is right – Quad needs a muzzle – and maybe a shock collar. 
Finally – moving on, Toya and Eugene are out to lunch and talking about the business they're trying to get off the ground. Well, Eugene is trying to get it off the ground, and Toya's support consists of telling him that he needs to do what he needs to do to afford vacations in Dubai and Bora Bora.Eugene, who refers to himself as the Louis Vuitton of medicine, plans to offer medical emergency house calls to the elite. That said, Toya urges Eugene to consider adding Botox injections as one of his services. He refuses, adding, "If you're coughing, fine. I got you." Botox emergencies are very real, insists Toya, and Eugene laughs. 
Meanwhile, Jackie visits Simone, to further discuss the rules of etiquette, because we haven't quite heard enough yet. Simone feels as if Jackie's obsession with presenting a positive public persona is unrealistic. Simone doesn't think it's their place to pass judgment on others, though Jackie insists that she's not judging but merely correcting. Unswayed by Simone's argument, Jackie daydreams about a world where doctor's wives ride sparkly unicorns and follow a perfect code of conduct.
Next, we take a much needed break from the drama to learn a little more about Mariah, Simone, and Quad. Mariah and Aydin discuss their marriage and Quad over breakfast. Mariah wants Quad to close her mouth, sit back, and be cute. In a roundabout way, Aydin points out that you can take the girl of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto our of the girl. Mariah and Aydin's relationship seems really sweet. I find Mariah much more tolerable when she's being real and not playing the part of reality star
We get a brief look at Simone's home life. While she finds the work/home balance to be a daily struggle, she wouldn't have it any other way. Doing his homework, her son boast, "I love you because you have a good job, you're smart, and you're not ghetto." Cecil, Simone's hubby, jokes, "Not ghetto?! You don't know your mama, son!" Then, Quad tells us that she's better than the other doctor's wives, saying, "I have my own job. I'm not waiting for a man to take care of me." Quad calls herself an account executive (she looks like a drug rep to me) for the largest home health agency (so her "drug" is pushing her company's services) in the country, adding, "I'm in the top 10 and coming for number 1." 

Kari comes to the conclusion that she can't bear to spend another second with Quad. So, acting like a mature, rational adult, she sends her a nasty text message. Kari tells Quad, as long as she acts like a low-class whore instead of a doctor's wife, she can consider herself uninvited from Duncan and Aydin's birthday party. Considering Kari is co-hosting said party with Mariah, Quad's BFF, this is a pretty ballsy move on Kari's part. Later, Duncan is horrified to learn about Kari's text. When he asks if Kari really plans to kick Quad out of the party, Kari deadpans, "No. I'm not letting her in." HEHE. Duncan hates drama and begs Kari to make it right.

Kari and Mariah meet to plan the party; however, Kari fails to mention the fact that she uninvited Quad from the party. Instead, Kari says that Quad's shrink of a husband needs to medicate his wife while Mariah insists that Quad means well. The scene cuts to Mariah and Quad going for a walk. Quad spews more of her "who me?" nonsense, saying, "I gave Kari a platform to tell her story. I did not come for her like she came for me." To the camera, Mariah moans, "Quad needs to learn how to navigate through this social circle." 
Quad maintains that she didn't do anything wrong – Kari lashed out because her questions made her uncomfortable. End of story. Whatever. I get the feeling that Mariah thinks Quad purposely pushed Kari's buttons and went too far with it, so she asks for her best behavior at Aydin and Duncan's birthday party. Quad is like, Check your email! I've been uninvited, and Mariah is like, Hell to the no! Quad plays it off, saying, "If I come to a party, it is by popular demand, honey. I'm not gonna beg." 
Next week on Married to Medicine, Mariah and Kari drink wine and discuss (always a great combo) Quad's revoked party invitation, Kari and Quad attempt to smooth over their differences, and Jackie reveals a shocking secret. 
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