I've been wondering when the drama was going to explode on Mob Wives, and last night there was certainly a glimpse of the craziness ever present in seasons past.  Love Majewski goes into full psycho mode at Karen Gravano's party…but it's not on Carla Facciolo (surprise!), but rather one of Ramona Rizzo's friends.  Drita D'avanzo and Renee Graziano are (shockingly!) able to stay out of the fray…clearly they are learning a thing or two from Big Ang!

Love is meeting Karen for breakfast, and Karen shares that she's thinking of hosting a pre-nup party.  I'm sure Ramona is super touched by her friend's gesture given her upcoming bail-out bridal situation.  Karen hopes that Ramona doesn't think her party is about her because it's a party that Karen has wanted to have forever.  Of course, Karen is going to have a hard time convincing Ramona that this get together isn't a dig considering that the ladies spend they rest of their breakfast talking smack about their friend's upcoming wedding.

Drita is interviewing potential employees for her make-up salon.  Lee is proud of her new endeavor, and she's thrilled that she's making such good progress.  We're treated to comic relief when one guy's nudie shot makes it's way into his online portfolio.  Another make-up artist hopeful tries to remain calm when Drita explains that trust is important to her because she's married to a criminal.


Ramona and her daughters are baking brownies, and the girls are chatting with their mom about her upcoming wedding.  Her oldest daughter thinks her mother is making a bad choice by marrying someone who may be spending a lot of time in jail.  Listen to your children, Ramona!  Ramona wishes her girls were supportive of her love, and I wish she'd consider her kids' opinions.  She takes a phone call from her fiance, and she hopes that he'll be able to make bail ASAP. The couple has to keep their conversation to a minimum because Ramona wants there to be available phone time if she gets good news from his attorney.


Big Ang goes to visit Carla, and Carla has prepared a healthy feast for her friend.  Ang is excited that Carla will be attending Drita's birthday party.  Carla fills in Ang on all things Love…like the fact that Love befriended Carla's boyfriend's ex-wife.  The ex-wife told Carla about the crazy situation and revealed that Love never shared she also used to hook-up with the woman's ex-husband.  The friends are interrupted by a knock at the door, and Carla is served with divorce papers.  Ang is happy to see that Carla isn't upset by this turn of events, and Carla is ready to move forward with her life.

Renee is diving head-first into her shoe designing endeavor.  Ramona joins her in looking at the competition, and she questions why Karen has invited them all to a pre-nup party.  While Renee doesn't think that the party is a dig from Karen, she understands why Ramona could take it that way.  Ramona agrees that knowledge is power, but she isn't keen on Karen's timing of the shindig.

Karen visits Drita at her new space, and Drita is excited to finally be opening her own business.  What a difference a year makes with this pair!  The girls are giggling and hugging as if they weren't trying to rip out the other's jugular just a year ago.  Drita thinks the pre-nup party is a brilliant idea, and she promises Karen she'll be in attendance.

Renee heads to Ang's house and the ladies compare overly swollen faces.  Renee isn't happy that her son A.J. is planning on getting another tattoo and essentially sleeving his whole arm.  Ang's son A.J. is doing well in rehab, and she's hoping that he'll be able to come home very soon.


Karen is hosting her pre-nup party, and Ang finds the entire concept to be hilarious…she spends all the marital money, so she doesn't think that there should be any money left in the event of a divorce.  Ramona and her friends show up, although she isn't convinced that the party isn't a dig at her situation.  Love arrives and needles her friend about not calling her to tell her about the engagement.  It's a fabulously passive-aggressive exchange.   The poor family law attorney who is hoping to share her knowledge is dealt with confrontation from Renee and Ramona who remind their friends that court and contracts and divorce aren't a part of their "lifestyle."

Carla is having cocktails with a friend, and she's thankful that she wasn't included in Karen's pre-nup party.  She knows that this crowd can get violent at a moment's notice.  Carla breaks down the dynamics of the crew, and she thinks that things will come to a head between her and Love at Drita's birthday party.

Drita is a little late to Karen's party, and Love starts grilling Ramona for not calling her to tell her about her engagement.  Ramona believes that once Love heard the news, her friend should have sent her flowers.  Ramona's sharp tongue then starts going off Karen, and Karen starts yelling that she only has the best interest of her friend in mine.  Karen then starts spilling all the crap Ramona has said behind Love's back.  Ramona's friend then begins to start saying things about Love, and Love totally loses it.  Oddly enough, Ramona doesn't seem to be concerned that her friend is on the receiving end of Love's wrath.  Karen tries to placate Love.

Karen, Renee, and Drita meet up for drinks to gossip about the pre-nup party. Who knew that these three would ever laugh and joke about how they used to hate each other.  Drita shares that her birthday party theme will be late '80s, and I am appreciative of the photo montage of the girls in high school.  Although Drita is worried that Renee won't want to be around Carla, Renee promises that she is fine ignoring Carla for the duration of the party.  All three women think that Carla should be very concerned for her safety after seeing how loony Love went at the prenup party.


Renee's son A.J. wants to have a chat with his mom.  He begins by telling her how proud he is of her, but he's ready to move out on his own.  This news is met by laughter and eye-cutting.  Not only does A.J. plan to move out of her house, he has secured a job in Florida.  Renee is floored and upset by this news, but I think that A.J. needs to have his own life.  He seems like a stand-up, responsible kid, and Renee shouldn't rely on A.J. for support as much as she does.  In the end, Renee knows that she can't control her son's decision, and she hugs him.

Next week on the season finale, Drita and Lee are arguing, and Ramona tries on wedding dresses in anticipation of her maybe one-day wedding.  Love attacks Carla at Drita's birthday party.


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