Last night was the season finale of Mob Wives which focused on a throwback party for Drita D'avanzo.  Not surprisingly, the women went out with a bang–and of course, a brawl!  When it comes to Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Carla Facciolo, and Renee Graziano, I think the women have grown a bit since seasons past.  For me, Big Ang is always on point with her advice.  As for Love Majewski, she seriously frightened me when she said she wanted to go "bath salts zombie face-eating" on Carla.  Chills!

Ramona and Karen are shopping for some '80s clothes for Drita's birthday bash.  While looking through the acid-washed jeans and sequins, they rehash Karen's pre-nup party.  Karen promises her friend that she wasn't trying to bash her wedding with the party, and the two become concerned that Love is going to beat up Carla at Drita's party.  Karen thinks she'll be able to wrangle her friend so the night won't end with someone in an ambulance and someone else in handcuffs…and she knows how bad a night like that is from experience!

Carla is meeting with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Joe so they can discuss their divorce proceedings.  She's not as concerned about their break-up as she is about Love's gossip.  Joe is floored to find out that Love thinks he and his father stole her angel wings logo.  Carla tells him about Drita's birthday party, and he urges her not to get involved in the ladies' cattiness.  After all, she's a mother!  Joe gives good advice, but I'll be surprised if Carla actually heeds it.


Drita is very excited.  Although Lee isn't able to attend her birthday party because he's still in the halfway house, he'll be out for good in two weeks.  The two discuss the difficult transition of letting Lee move back home.  Drita is worried about how volatile their relationship can be, and she hopes that he will be able to keep the promises he's made to her.  She doesn't want Lee to let down their daughters.

At a bridal salon, Ramona and her friend are searching for the perfect wedding dress.  Ramona wants to go all out with this wedding since her first ceremony was at city hall.  Her gay best friend is helping her narrow down the options, but the dresses are making Ramona think about her friends not being supportive and her fiance being locked away.  Meanwhile, Ang is gearing up for Drita's big night by having her hair styled in full 1980's glory.  Crimp and tease! 


Karen and Ramona are preparing for the party with a make-up artist, and Love texts Karen that she's punched a wall and thinks she's broken her knuckles.  Karen calls to check on her friend and learns that Love has broken six bones in her hand…better that than Carla's face, right?  Love starts to go off that she is ready to face Carla.  Karen hopes that Drita can keep Carla from being snippy, and she plans to try to calm Love in the event she gets heated.  This is going to be bad.  No wonder Mob Wives has given Love the boot!

Carla and Ang are the first to arrive at Drita's birthday party, followed by Karen and Ramona who look awesomely '80s.  A sour Carla didn't dress up, and she's already putting up a tough girl exterior.  Renee is nervous about seeing Carla for the first time, but she's hoping that she can just ignore her.  And ignore her she does…by talking about the fact that she doesn't see anyone she doesn't want to be and pretending that Carla isn't standing mere feet from her.  Carla is over Renee's middle school behavior, and she does her best to avoid Renee.  Love arrives, and everyone is thrilled to see that she's in a good mood.  Of course, her friends are surprised to learn that she broke her hand in a fit of rage.


Suddenly, Love starts laughing kind of crazy, and Ang is worried that she's morphing into a crazy person.  Love tells Karen and Ramona that she isn't behving…she's just waiting for the right time to pounce.  Love wants to wait until Ang has exited stage left.  Karen is wearing a grin that screams the cat that ate the canary when she goes to fetch Carla for a chat with Love.  Love threatens Carla, and Carla says she wants to ask Love a question.  At that point, Love loses her cool and goes for Carla's hair.  Once the fight is broken up, the party escalates into a wrestling match with everyone separating Carla from Karen who claims she wants to apologize.  Carla is bleeding, and Drita is livid.  Even Renee feels badly for her arch nemesis.  It's Carla against a pack of cray!

Karen goes searching for Love who is speeding off into the night.  She approaches Love in her friend's car, and she understands why Love is mad.  What?  Drita feels horribly that her friend was jumped, and she is mad that Love ruined her party.  If Drita had been there, no one would have touched Carla.  Karen approaches Carla in the bathroom, promising she wasn't trying to set up Carla.  Karen tells Carla that Love was mad about her asking why Karen needed to be present.  Um, did Carla actually say that?


Renee is on the scene searching for a first aid kit to help Carla.  She's pouring vodka over Carla's cut to sanitize her injury, and the women give each other a half-assed apology for their behavior earlier in the season.  At least Renee is the bigger person, and she seems to have learned a lot through rehab.  Drita and Renee decide that birthday parties should be banned from this group, and Ang isn't keen on Love's behavior.  The season ends with the ladies celebrating Drita with an '80s cake.


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