As if y'all didn't already know it, Wednesday night is a beacon in my week thanks to the Robertson folks of Duck Dynasty.  I can't wait to see what Si, Willie, Phil and Jase have in store with their silly antics and good, clean fun.  Last night, of course, didn't disappoint.

We begin as the boys are making duck calls, when Si arrives with a taser.  He's armed and dangerous, and Jase is very afraid.  As he should be of course!  Willie arrives to invite the crew to a human resources meeting.  He's bringing in a professional to give a seminar because, as Willie states, "When your employees' standard response to problems is to shoot it, burn it, or blow it up, it pays to cover your butt."  Words to live by, I say.  Willie gets on Si for playing security guard with his taser and handcuffs.  The security kit was purchased after the break-in, although Si reminds Willie that it was Jase who broke into the warehouse. 


Kay is hanging clothes to dry on the line and telling Phil that they should get a trampoline in the backyard for their grandkids.  Korie and Missy show up and wonder why their mother-in-law hasn't invested in a dryer.  Phil isn't keen on his daughters-in-law pushing some new fangled appliance on his wife.  They joke that Phil likes to watch Kay bend over the line as she airs out their laundry.  They are such a precious couple.


At the warehouse, Jep is playing Jenga with some duck calls.  Si doesn't think that the ancient Egyptians had to build pyramids on a Saturday just because their boss wanted to host an HR meeting.  As if on cue (who am I kidding, it was totally on cue), Willie brings in the woman who has the sad yet hilarious task of lecturing the warehouse boys on workplace behavior.  Si barely lets the poor lady speak, and Jase tries to get him to pay attention.  Right away, the HR person calls out Jase for bullying his uncle.  Jase thinks it's more of comedic commentary…you know, like Seinfeld.  Si shares that he's tired of Jase making fun of him using Vicks Vapo-Rub on his hemorrhoids.  This woman doesn't know what she's gotten herself into with this bunch.  As she chastises Jase, Si handcuffs himself to Willie…and there are no keys in sight to free the pair.  The HR rep begs them to focus, but what does she expect from this group?

The woman realizes she's wasting her time as Si tries to file through the handcuffs.  Si and Willie look like a pair of Muppets.  Jase brings in the big guns with a giant saw, and while he realizes the blade couldn't cut through a paper towel, he's happy to prolong the ridiculousness that is this Saturday seminar.  Jep gets in on the fun with a blow torch, but he doesn't get very far.  Willie and Si exit stage left still attached at the wrist.


Phil and Kay head into town in search of a dryer.  Kay is excited about the adventure, which really translates into every woman's love of buying big new things.  She's giving Phil directions, and Phil thinks she's almost as bad as fancy navigational device–and neither work. "City life is a hoot, is it not?" opines a deadpanned Phil.

Also on the road are Si, Willie, and Jase.  Jase is loving the fact that his uncle and brother are stuck together, and Willie is having a terrible time trying to drive while Si uses both of their wrists to drink his ever present cup of sweet tea.  Jase thinks this could be the greatest day of his life, and it only gets better when Si starts complaining about how badly he needs to go to the bathroom.  Willie is having none of his uncle's antics.  Jase is milking the situation for all it's worth.  The guys pull over, and Willie and Si argue about which side of the truck to exit.  Still handcuffed to Willie, Si suffers from some pee anxiety. Jase documents the craziness with his camera phone.  It's official.  This is Jase's perfect day.  They load up back in the truck…Willie wants hand sanitizer and Si wants so tacos.


Phil is losing his patience on this citified shopping spree, but he's hoping he's going to get lucky for his efforts.  Kay convinces him to stop at a fruit stand, so he's going to have to wait a bit.  Meanwhile, Si, Willie, and Jase get to Kay and Phil's hoping for some reprieve.  Willie is upset to find they aren't home, but Jase is excited that Si may need to go number two before he and Willie are uncuffed.  Kay and Phil return home, and Willie begs for his father's bolt cutters.  Unfortunately, Phil remembers that Jase lent them out to a friend.  Jase smiles, and Phil wonders why his brother and his son are cuffed together.  Phil recommends calling a locksmith.

Once again, it's time for the family dinner.  Phil is praying over the food, and Si and Willie fight for rolls and sweet tea with their handcuffs.  This family is too, too cute!


[Photo Credit: A&E]

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